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Osx - How to restore .bash_profile on a mac? None of my unix terminal are working. Web Services Sign In. PHP - Tools and How2s. Boto 3 Documentation — Boto 3 Docs 1.3.1 documentation. Web Services Sign In. Amazon Web Services Sign-In. Source Code Control Management. Internet of Things (IOT) MapReduce Tools. Mortar Help & Tutorials. How Users Sign In to Your Account - AWS Identity and Access Management. After you create IAM users and passwords for each, users can sign in to the AWS Management Console for your AWS account with a special URL.

By default, the sign-in URL for your account includes your account ID. You can create a unique sign-in URL for your account so that the URL includes a name instead of an account ID. For more information, see Your AWS Account ID and Its Alias. The sign-in endpoint follows this pattern: You can find the global sign-in URL for an account on the IAM console dashboard. You can also sign in at the following endpoint and enter the account ID or alias manually, instead of it being embedded in the URL: Tip To create a bookmark for your account's unique sign-in page in your web browser, you should manually enter your account's sign-in URL in the bookmark entry.

Data-Processing Tools

Monitoring AWS Events and Incidents How2s. Inspector - Security Agents. Chef - Configuration management and automation platform. Security Technical Instruction Guides (STIG) for Cloud. Cloud Languages. Command Line Interface (CLI) goodies. AWS Unix-Maintenance. AWS Marketplace Implementation Tools. Design and Systems Documentation templates. Testing Tools. Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) & Operational Tools.

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AWS-SOAP Factory. Business Intelligence (BI) Simple Workflow (SWF) Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) - Virtual Private Network (VPN) tool. Architectural Cloud Design Tools. Data Visualization and Tableau. AWS Semantic Web. Personal Identity Verification (PIV)

Netfilx AWS Tools. Software Development Kits (SDKs) JSON-Rulebase Engines and tools. Apache-Drill - Universal Query Interface. Apache-Kool-Tools. Building & Disambiguating Rules. A-D - LDAP - SSO Tools for AWS. Application and Web Servers. Akka-Activator-Play Tools. Serializers Tools. Cross System Language Frameworks.