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House of Cards

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"House of cards": el despiadado Frank Underwood en 10 frases. ALFREDO ESPINOZA FLORES @Alfred_Espinoza Frank Underwood es sin duda uno de los personajes más maquiavélicos de la historia de las series.

"House of cards": el despiadado Frank Underwood en 10 frases

De hecho, es el anti-héroe del streaming. Netflix soltó en febrero la segunda temporada completa de "House of cards" y para algunos, entre quienes me incluyo, la continuación superó a la primera parte. Nuevamente vimos al personaje de Kevin Spacey acabar con todos los que lo rodeaban para alcanzar su más preciado objetivo: la presidencia de los Estados Unidos. Aunque, siendo más exactos, ese sillón no es más que el símbolo de su verdadera obsesión: el poder absoluto para tener a todos a sus pies.

En la tercera temporada tendrá que ser aún más despiadado para cerrar los cabos sueltos. "Y la cacería comienza... " Hagamos un repaso por su personalidad y sus acciones con estas frases. 1. Frank deja de ser congresista y es nombrado vicepresidente. 2. Francis ya tenía claro su objetivo desde el juramentación del presidente. 3. From Watergate to 'House of Cards': Journalists not always true-to-life on film. Zoe Barnes, played by Kate Mara in "House of Cards.

From Watergate to 'House of Cards': Journalists not always true-to-life on film

" SPOILER ALERT: If you're not caught up on the current season of House of Cards, mild spoilers ahead. Much has been written about the portrayal of journalists in the Netflix series "House of Cards. " For the most part, the show's fictional reporters are examples of what not to do; they sleep with sources in exchange for information, contact shady computer hackers (whose portrayal is a whole other level of fiction) to help them break the law, and promise to print whatever a source tells them, among other things.

One older editor even decries the rise of blogs and Twitter (he's actually a slightly more realistic character, a version of whom a few print reporters have likely come across). As any reputable journalist knows, most of the antics of HoC's girl reporter Zoe Barnes would get a real reporter fired. Not the sexiest job in the world. Which newsroom-based movie is your favorite, and who's your favorite fictional reporter? 10 Movies Every Journalist Should Watch. There are a lot of great movies out there that journalists should see... of course you have some of the well-known journalism stories that every journalist has seen, like "All the President's Men," so I tried to stray away from those. I tried to choose films that, in conversation with other journalists, I came to find that these somehow managed to go under the radar.

They are in no particular order. 1. Salvador "Salvador" (1986) is one of Oliver Stone's earlier films. James Woods embodies a Hunter S. In the trivia for the film, Oliver Stone notes that Hunter S. This film also has some great bonus footage, really delving into wartime journalism, including a 62-minute documentary called "Into the Valley of Death. " This film is based on the real events of 1980 military dictatorship and civil war in El Salvador. 2. I love Connelly in this because she's incredibly brave and will do anything to get the story about conflict diamonds out to the world.

Maddy Bowen: I'm a print journalist... Why are all the House of Cards journalists so bad at journalism? (Warning: this piece contains multiple spoilers for House of Cards season two. If you haven’t seen episode five yet, you should probably come back later.) Journalists have a guilty pleasure. In fact, we have several. But the relevant one for now is that we enjoy seeing ourselves portrayed in TV and films far more than we should. Reporters are a gift to a writer in a hurry: they have a ready excuse to stick their nose into whatever’s going on, to upset or threaten protagonists, or to dig up some old secret from the past. House of Cards has no fewer than four journalists as fairly major characters. We do this so that they might improve, should they decide to stop being fictional.

Lucas Goodwin Oh Lucas. You’ve even, as you tell us once every five minutes, done some Serious Reporting on corruption in the DC police force. But oh man, it has gone downhill. Did you think to perhaps look at her phone bills? Prognosis: Lucas, you’ve got a few years to work things out. Janine Skorsky Really, Tom? From Watergate to 'House of Cards': Journalists not always true-to-life on film.