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Artificial intelligence can’t solve every problem in the media, but it can take care of these. Francesco Marconi, Manager of Strategy and Corporate Development at the Associated Press in New York focuses on media strategy in Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Data.

Artificial intelligence can’t solve every problem in the media, but it can take care of these

He will be part of the panel ‘It’s raining bots: Four best practices to make the most of automation’ with co-panelists David Alandete, Managing Editor of El País, Robert Unsworth from News Republic, with moderator Noriko Tagikuchi of, discussing the involvement of machine learning in personalised news, at the GEN Summit 2017 in Vienna, 21–23 June. How do you see Artificial intelligence and immersive technologies shape the future of news? YouView taps Amazon’s Alexa for voice controls. June 9, 2017 YouView is piloting Amazon’s Alexa voice service in a bid to bring voice controls to its connected set-top boxes.

YouView taps Amazon’s Alexa for voice controls

YouView claims to be one of the first developers worldwide to work with the new Alexa Video Skill API, and said it aims to make it easier for viewers to interact with YouView’s content and apps. Apple presenta HomePod para competir con Amazon y Google. Apple ha presentado este 5 de junio nuevos productos en la WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC) en San José, el epicentro de Silicon Valley.

Apple presenta HomePod para competir con Amazon y Google

Uk.businessinsider. The slow and steady rise of AI for news – Global Editors Network – Medium. Artificial intelligence and automation have recently crossed over into mainstream territory, carving an ever-growing space for themselves into newsrooms, allowing journalists to produce articles with highly shareable content and, putting the newsroom and its content at the forefront of social media platforms, in the quest for answers to the questions: How to bridge the gap between the print audience, the website audience and the highly-coveted eyes of Gen-Z and millennials on social media?

The slow and steady rise of AI for news – Global Editors Network – Medium

We talked to Zohar Dayan, co-founder of Wibbitz to try and understand how AI and automation are helping publishers. GEN: How have AI and automation evolved in newsrooms recently? Arsenal launch new Alexa skill. We've become the first Premier League club to launch an Amazon Alexa skill that allows fans to stream live matches.

Arsenal launch new Alexa skill

Skills are Alexa's in-built capabilities that enables users to interact with devices, like Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, using voice. In this case, the Arsenal Skill for Alexa allows fans in the UK and US to access live commentary and real-time match stats plus pre-match build-up, line-ups, score updates and post-match analysis. You can start a conversation with Alexa by simply saying, "Alexa, open Arsenal. " Our head of marketing, Charles Allen, said: "It is fantastic to be able to offer our supporters another digital channel to access all the club news.

It is an easy, efficient and innovative way for fans with Alexa devices to keep up with the team and bring the matchday action to their own homes. " The Arsenal Skill can be enabled via the Alexa app. Donald Trump, un polémico empresario para dirigir los Estados Unidos. Google Home vs Alexa – Startup Grind – Medium. A year ago, my boyfriend got an Amazon Echo.

Google Home vs Alexa – Startup Grind – Medium

I remember first using the product, dazzled at its ability to process requests from across the room. Alexa, play us some music. As the year progressed, the wow factor faded quickly. The product features continued working to their full effect, but I felt very unsettled. ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Has Become Meaningless - The Atlantic. In science fiction, the promise or threat of artificial intelligence is tied to humans’ relationship to conscious machines.

‘Artificial Intelligence’ Has Become Meaningless - The Atlantic

Mashable. It's hard to talk about the Google Home without comparing it to the Amazon Echo and Alexa — the two speaker systems are tied together as they compete to take the top spot as the dominant smart home hub.


But Amazon has held one big advantage over Google from the start: You can order just about anything online just by asking Alexa. Starting today, Google is taking steps to close the gap. The search giant is rolling out a new shopping feature on the Home using Google Assistant so you can make quick purchases via voice command. 2017 Voice Report. 5 ways popular Alexa skills keep users coming back. It’s still early days for intelligent assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa.

5 ways popular Alexa skills keep users coming back

Little is known about user habits, but it turns out that the churn rate for skills or actions made by third-party developers is pretty high. According to the 2017 Voice Report, only three percent of all Alexa skills and Google Assistant conversation actions see usage by return visitors a week after the service has been activated. Some, however, experience outsized success, where about 20 percent of their users return after one week. Here’s what skills with high retention have in common, according to voice analytics company VoiceLabs, which compiled the report. VoiceLabs is a launch partner of Actions on Google, a Google Assistant platform launched last December for the creation of third-party experiences and services. 1. Skills that are able to maintain over 20 percent retention after a week regularly offer users new content. Amazon Echo Dot review: as good as the Echo for one-third of the price. The Amazon Echo Dot is essentially all the bits of an Amazon Echo that make it interesting, but without the speaker beneath it – and so it costs just one-third of the price.

Amazon Echo Dot review: as good as the Echo for one-third of the price

The Dot is one of three Alexa-enabled products from Amazon that puts the company’s voice assistant front and centre. Only two, the Echo Dot and the Echo are available in the UK: the third, the portable Bluetooth speaker called Amazon Tap, is only available in the US. Forbes Welcome. Echo: Los dispositivos inteligentes que siguieron las órdenes de un presentador. Amazon sabe muy bien que facilitar las cosas a la hora de procesar un pedido desde la perspectiva del cliente dispara las posibilidades de que éste se materialice, y eso se nota, y mucho, en la cuenta de resultados. Hace unos días, los padres de una niña se llevaron un buen susto en Estados Unidos al descubrir que había pedido la friolera de 250 dólares en juguetes sin su conocimiento.

En aquel caso, la huella de su madre -que en ese momento estaba echando la siesta- y un par de pasos más le sirvieron para confirmar el cuantioso pedido. La voz como interfaz universal » Enrique Dans. Todo indica que Amazon está logrando configurarse como el gran ganador del CES 2017 de Las Vegas gracias a Alexa, la interfaz de voz de su Echo, y a su integración con cada vez más productos de todo tipo.

Why 2017 is the year of the bot. The biggest feature in Amazon’s Echo speaker is a voice-recognition system, Alexa, which can control Pandora, Amazon Music and Prime Music services, as well as give information on news, weather and traffic. (Amazon via AP) Google avanza hacia el hogar conectado con el asistente de voz Home. Sábado, 5 de noviembre del 2016 - 10:07 CET A simple vista parece un jarrón minimalista o un ambientador de diseño, pero en realidad es un dispositivo inteligente capaz de responder a órdenes sencillas de voz, como "pon la última canción de Shakira", "dime qué tiempo hará mañana" o "activa el cronómetro 20 minutos".

Eso siempre que alguien le interpele antes con la expresión "Ok, Google", que son las palabras a las que responde el Google Home, el aparato que el gigante de internet acaba de lanzar al mercado, de momento, solo en Estados Unidos. Un reportatge de TV sobre Alexa d'Amazon provoca compres a distància. Forget Clicks And Views, The Future Is All About Listening 01/06/2017.

LAS VEGAS -- We are all now indisputably part of a connected world. Everything we desire — from entertainment to news to instant social interaction — is literally right at our fingertips. This pervasive connectivity is thanks in large part to the rise of mobile ubiquity. A mobile phone is not just a third screen; it is akin to a third hand, indispensably and obsessively attached to our bodies.

A July 2016 dscout study showed that the average person touches his or her mobile phone over 2,600 times per day (inclusive of each type, swipe, tap or click). Depending on the specific demographic and region, people are spending crazy amounts of time across screens looking down versus up — almost half of their time in some countries in Asia. Someone asked me about 2016 and 2017. This is what I said

Every year Nic Newman asks a bunch of people for their reflections on the last 12 months and their anticipations for the year ahead. Here’s what I’ve said this year — as always, to be taken with significant doses of salt. What surprised you most in 2016? Perhaps the sheer number of significant developments (compare the posts for 2015 and 2014). It was the year when bots went mainstream very quickly, and platforms took further significant steps towards becoming regulated as publishers.

Walls have ears: the balance between convenience and privacy. More than five million homes in the United States already have an Amazon Echo virtual assistant, and many more are expected to be purchased over the Christmas season.