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Cartilage Consortium. D e a t h o f t h e l e f t u n f i n i s h e d. This is What I Call Minimal 80s! Vol. 05. MUTANT SOUNDS. Tommi Stumpff - Zu Spät Ihr Scheißer,hier ist...,LP,1982,Germany. Tommi Stumpff (born 1 February 1958 in Düsseldorf) is a former German musician. He emerged as one of the notable artists in German EBM (electronic body music) scene during the 1980s.Stumpff spent his childhood with his family in Paris and Brüssel before moving back to his birthplace, Düsseldorf. In the late 1970s he formed his first punk band, Der KFC, being the lead singer.His solo debut album Zu spät Ihr Scheisser was released from Schallmauer-Records of Dusseldorf. Its total sales was disappointing, reached only 3000 units.The following single Contergan Punk was released from another label, Giftplatten, in 1983.

It was produced by the legendary sound engineer, Conny Plank. Radio Berlin - Dance The Youth E.P. (1982) Nice 7" from the United States here.

Radio Berlin - Dance The Youth E.P. (1982)

Radio Berlin was formed in 1981 by members of the band Futurisk (from my home state of Florida ;D). They released this 7'' and the track "Go Down" on a local compilation before dissapearing. Analog CyberPunk. Old punks web zine The Analog CyberPunk Page 1 There are 100 editions of the Analog CyberPunk series.

Analog CyberPunk

Darksynthesia - obscure sounds. Bastian Void - Ported. Wiel's Time Capsule (in an Electric Storm) The wake - here comes everybody lp. The postpunk 80s underground Saturday, May 23, 2009 The wake - here comes everybody lp.

The wake - here comes everybody lp

We Love Punk. Monday Featured Artist - The Three O'Clock. One of the brightest lights of new American pop psychedelia, LA's Salvation Army debuted with an album that was liable to inspire young bands all around the world to join in the fun.

Monday Featured Artist - The Three O'Clock

The trio's melodies have the ethereal quality of a young Syd Barrett; the music is a blend of all the most colorful '60s sounds, showing the influence of such groups as the Byrds, Move, Hollies, Music Machine and others. Following legal action by the real Salvation Army (concerns over musical competition?) , the group changed its name to the Three O'Clock. (Three years later, Frontier cleverly repackaged the original album as Befour Three O'Clock.) The five songs on Baroque Hoedown have poppier vocals and equally engaging music. PVAc to 44.1 kHz. [Fallait que ça sorte] Les Pourvoyeurs de Powerpoptimisme #3.

Ozzie Music Man. GAPULEROS BLOG. The Short Wave Mystery - Pilots 12" Well, I figured that since a copy of this 12" recently fetched $910 on eBay, why not share the record so everyone could hear what the hype is all about?

The Short Wave Mystery - Pilots 12"

Some people are trying to sell bootleg copies of this for hundreds of dollars as well... I have managed to track down two of the original members of the group, including Greg, the songwriter/singer. Here is what he had to say about the group: "We never again pressed anything else under the moniker Short-Wave Mystery but there are more songs that I have on tape, from that era. Most of the tracks on that record were written and recorded by myself when I was attending Santa Barbara City College down in Isla Vista, CA around the 1985-1986 time frame.

Sexy folies : émission du 28 mai 1986, vidéo Sexy folies : émission du 28 mai 1986, vidéo Divertissement Humour - Archives vidéos Divertissement Humour. 1983. The Voyagers - Distant Planet (1984) Music ruined my life. This is NOT a record label. Power pop criminals. Here are The Boyfriends, not the same Boyfriends, but the U.K.

power pop criminals

Boyfriends who were lucky to release three 7" singles - one more than the U.S. Boyfriends. Pat Collier, the former Vibrators bass player, so went on to form the Boyfriends and released those 3 singles on United Artists, produced by Martin Rushent, of Buzzcocks fame. The U.K. Boyfriends were not very successful but the three singles were enjoyable. VINYL GOLDMINE - Lost New Wave & Power Pop Gems. Foxhole. The M.A.S.T.E.R. C.O.N.T.R.O.L. Source. English Hello user!


Log in or Sign up FilesTube - Download everything Close. Systems of Romance. MUTANT SOUNDS. FLASH ATHLETIC. Iamnosuperman. NEONBABIES (Inga Humpe) Awesome Tapes from Africa. Brobots! - The Girls - "Jeffrey I Hear You" Ok…Time for some Boston props!

brobots! - The Girls - "Jeffrey I Hear You"

“Jeffrey I Hear You” is a lost art-punk classic from the criminally underrated Boston band The Girls. Their one and only single, produced by Pere Ubu’s David Thomas and released in 1979 on the Hearthan label, is an art-fuck cannon blast of truly epic proportions. Boston has had no shortage of great bands over the years, but it truly boggles the mind as to why The Girls were somehow ignored by the punk world at large. FRA LIPPO LIPPI. Their pop music legacy is a sublime comedy of errors, a series of brilliant misinterpretations.


"Country:NorwayGenre:Electronic, PopStyle:New Wave, Minimal, Synth-pop, Experimental,Downtempo ,Pop Rock Members:Øyvind Kvalnes - Keyboards(1984-1985)Morten Sjøberg - Drums,keyboards (1980-1985) (later joined 3rd Man (1982-1986)Per Øystein Sørensen - Vocal,Piano,Keyboard (since 1983)Rune Kristoffersen - keyboards / gitar / bass (1980-2002)Bjørn Sorknes - keyboards / gitar / vokal (1980-1981,1984 as a guest musician) (later joined Holy Toy (1982 - 1984), 3rd Man (1982-1986) and When (1999)) VIDEO "Shouldn't Have to be Like That (1986)" Requiem pour un twister. The Last Days of Man On Earth. Slabs of the Tabernacle. Slabs 135 - Brian d'Souza posted by brian “This mix is a combination of my last two Slabs sets, the first at the Bells of our NYE party before David Vunk, and the second closing the Lone night when he had to postpone at the last minute.

Slabs of the Tabernacle

All vinyl, the mix includes italo party bangers from the likes of Lime, Azoto, The Immortals and Brian Auger; Chicago numbers from Steve Hurley, Fast Eddie, JM Silk; and the odd electro, Detroit and acid track thrown in. Girls in the Garage - Vol. 1-2-3-4-6-7-8-9-10. Late For The Sky 3. Radio Berlin - Dance The Youth E.P. (1982) Free Music Archive. ALTERED ZONES. Love Inks : Delicious Scopitone. Analog CyberPunk. Music from web. A Viable Commercial. No longer forgotten music. HAPPY NEW WAVE. Le Musicassette › Fokkawolfe.