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7 safe destinations for solo women travelers. In this age of women empowerment, it is unsurprising that our lady travelers are also going on solo trips to various places in India and abroad.

7 safe destinations for solo women travelers

But, there are still so many female travelers around us who are willing but do not want to go for a solo trip and explore. The reason is safety! 6 must do activities in The Maldives. The Maldives is known for its heavenly coral islands scattered across the Indian Ocean.

6 must do activities in The Maldives

To make your friends feel jealous, just arbitrarily drop ‘I am planning a vacation in the Maldives’ into a conversation and see how they react. Your visit to this chain of about 26 islands boasts of sandy beaches, bright blue waters, and dreamy overwater bungalow resorts. On the activities side, from scuba diving to windsurfing to sailing on the ocean, there are plenty of things to do in the Maldives that can make your vacation both laid-back and yet an activity packed affair. Things to keep in mind while traveling to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a beautiful and exotic destination brimming with natural beauty, wildlife and welcoming friendly culture.

Things to keep in mind while traveling to Sri Lanka

Located just south of India, Sri Lanka is neither quite like India nor like the rest of Asia, leaving it in somewhat of a curiously mysterious middle ground. From the Buddhist temples and palaces of Kandy to the delectable local food and right to the world’s largest gathering of Asian elephants, Sri Lanka has enough reason to take your breath away. The surreal beauty of “The pearl of Indian Ocean” will stick in your memory and be an international affordably close vacation to remember. Now, Sri Lanka, after 10 months of lockdown has officially reopened for tourism. 9 Mistakes you should not be doing while solo traveling. We all love to travel with family, friends and our better halves but traveling solo is incomparable.

9 Mistakes you should not be doing while solo traveling

For those that indulge in them, solo trips are without a doubt one of the most rejuvenating experiences! You learn new things about the way things work and grow as a person by discovering yourself. Traveling solo is a positive life changer to your confidence and independence. Traveling solo for the first time can be daunting but once you succeed, it’s like a reprieve that keeps calling out to you. It should be mentioned that solo adventures comes with its own share of issues and you need to solve them yourself. 5 popular places to visit in gujarat on weekend with your friends and family. Gujarat, located on the western coast of Maharashtra and Rajasthan, also known as the western jewel of India.

5 popular places to visit in gujarat on weekend with your friends and family

The legacy of it’s heritage includes remarkable architecture, temples, palaces and mansions. The state also has some rare wildlife and a handful of bird-watching sites. It is worthwhile to take some time and get away from the hustle and bustle of the major cities to explore some beautiful and authentic places because every destination in Gujarat carries a different story to tell about different cultures. Often you must have heard Amitabh Bachchan campaigning – “Kuch din to guzaariye Gujarat mei (Spend at least some days in Gujarat)”. Well, he is right, Gujarat is full of surreal natural beauty with Rann of Katcch and Saputara Hills to adorn the state.

Out of the 42 islands, the only ones that visitors are permitted to visit are Narala and Pirotan Island, located in the Arabian sea near the shore of Gujarat. Gopnath Beach is approx 70 km away from the city Bhavnagar. 5 Cool Sydney Markets You Wouldn't Want to Miss! When it comes to shopping, Sydney has no dearth of options.

5 Cool Sydney Markets You Wouldn't Want to Miss!

From old world grand arcades to glitzy malls and gleaming shopping centers, the city has it all. But an integral part of Sydney’s shopping scene that’s often missed by travelers, is its markets. It is Sydney’s myriad eclectic markets that distinctly set it apart. Best Tourist Spots in Himachal. The world came to a standstill after the pandemic and it created havoc.

Best Tourist Spots in Himachal

People locked behind their own walls and adhering to lockdown guidelines. Last 3 months was quite a rollercoaster ride. Hangout With Friendly Iguanas On This Cool Bahamian Island. 10 Stunning Destinations That Will Set Your Instagram On Fire! Gone are the days when we waited till the end of our travels to share our amazing photos with our loved ones. 21st century travellers are tech-savvy and use Instagram as the ultimate way to log travel memories in real time and show off to their buddies.

10 Stunning Destinations That Will Set Your Instagram On Fire!

A quick peak into this new-age photo album for travellers is enough to set you wanderlusting. But there are some places that call out to you and demand to be Instagrammed! So, from Time Square to Machu Pichu, here’s our list of the world’s most Instagram-worthy places. Brace yourself for a heavy dose of wanderlust. 1. Cinderella’s Castle straight from the fairy tales © Josh Hallett / Flickr A land where dreams come true, Disney World is loved by children and adults alike. 2. The universally loved symbol of Paris, Eiffel Tower. Top 5 Cities to celebrate New Year in India. The year 2020 hasn’t been very kind to people, especially to the passionate tribes called ‘travelers’ and ‘wanderers’.

Top 5 Cities to celebrate New Year in India

Covid19 in a way has both made this year a little difficult to remember and way too memorable as well. We all know this is just a part of our journey, simply a stop and better times lie ahead. There is hope amongst people, and this hope comes in the shape of the 2021 New Year. With the Covid19 restrictions going on and keeping the necessary precautions in mind, here is a list of five places you can visit, to mark the beginning of this hopeful gleaming and fresh, New Year.

Goa There is a reason, Goa becomes a part of the discussion when it comes to both wacky parties or a close family trip. Bangalore If you are looking for open spaces with parks, pubs, cafes, entertainment centers and luxurious escapes then Bangalore is one of the best places in India to celebrate New Year. Wine Lovers, These Corsican Vineyards Are Calling You! This Town In The Australian Outback Lives Underground! - Blog. In This Romanian Village Every Wall and Egg Is A Masterpiece - Blog. 5 Californian Road Trips Every Wine Lover Must Take At Least Once! - Blog. Picture this – balmy Californian sunsets, an endless lush Napa Valley vineyard, and you enjoying this breathtaking landscape with a glass of wine.

5 Californian Road Trips Every Wine Lover Must Take At Least Once! - Blog

Can life get any better? Yes, when you can go on a wine lover’s road trip that takes to you California’s best wineries through its most scenic routes. Here are five classic Californian wine routes that never fail to impress. Don’t forget, no drinking and driving, folks! Silverado Trail – Napa Valley California © A couple of hours drive away from San Francisco, American Wine has been synonymous with the iconic Napa Valley since the mid-1970s. Ventura Country Wine Trail. 6 Must-Visit Treasure Troves Of Art And Culture In Reykjavik - Blog. 5 Eclectic Markets In Amsterdam That Shopaholics Must Not Miss! - Blog. The #1 thing that holds people back from traveling. It isn't money - Blog. We all have them. Those shiny dreams of what we want to achieve one day. The books we’ll read, the cottage in the mountains to get away from the hustle-bustle of our city lives and the languages we’ll learn.

Probably the most shining dream is of the places we’ll travel to across the world; that’ll we’ll just hop on a plane one day and see the world we’ve always wanted to see. One perfect day….when the puzzle of life falls into place. 10 Reasons Why Fiji Should Be Your Next Travel Destination! - Blog. Warning: The following article about Fiji can give you a serious case of wanderlust.

You will be tempted to pack your bags and head to the paradise islands of Fiji in the South Pacific. It’ll also make you feel very guilty for not having visited this country earlier. And the only way to cure wanderlust and guilt is by visiting Fiji. So, read with caution because you will end up asking yourself, “Why am I not in Fiji?”

By the time you finish reading it. Picture a beautiful palm-fringed, white sand beach with the turquoise ocean kissing its shores. 4 Exotic Markets In Buenos Aires Brimming With Culture - Blog. For the rest of the world, Buenos Aires is all about meaty steaks, glasses overflowing with Malbec, and swinging to tango. But only a true-blue shopper would know that the Argentinian capital is a shopping paradise. This South African Town Is Home To One Of The World's Coolest Bungee Jumping Site! - Blog. In the 20th century, Orlando township in Soweto bordering Johannesburg saw some of the most dramatic anti-apartheid clashes including the Soweto Uprising where 12-year-old Hector Pieterson was shot by South African police.

Today, this bustling township has risen to fame once again one of the coolest adventure spots in the world. The two Orlando Towers that dominate Orlando’s skyline are the hub of adventure and all things fun. These 33-storey towers were once the cooling towers for the Orlando Power Station built by the British in 1935-55 to meet the increasing energy demand. After 56 years of operation, the coal plant finally shut down in 1998. A decade later, local company Skyriders transformed these neglected towers into an adventure center perfect for a thrilling outing with family and friends. While there is no age limit for most of these activities, extreme adventures like bungee jumping is available to jumpers weighing between 35kg and 115kg. 3 Ancient Sites That Are A Window To India's Buddhist Heritage! - Blog. Exploring The Yoruba Religion at the Osun-Osobgo Sacred Grove - Blog.

Hidden in the forests near Osogbo in southern Nigeria are statues of ancient odd-looking figures with huge eyes. But this forest and the statues are far from ordinary. They are, in fact, the last cultural remnants of the Yorubas. © Exploring Philadelphia's Magic Gardens! - Blog. Sarawak Laksa: The King of All Laksas - Blog. 7 Reasons Why Your Next Family Vacation Should Be In Sri Lanka! - Blog. How to Travel on a Budget: Top 10 Travel Hacks - Blog. 10 Fascinating Facts You Should Know Before Visiting Vatican City! - Blog. Top 10 places to visit in Rajasthan - open for tourism now! - Blog. Rajasthan is known not only for its vibrant culture and historical monuments but also for the breathtaking landscapes with lakes and hills, camel rides in the Thar Desert with cool breeze, and for the aura of spirituality as well.

Ladakh. All About Shopping: A Guide To Marrakech's Famed Souks - Blog. A Peek into the Gory Past of Ghana's Elmina Castle - Blog. The word castle often conjures up images of historic opulence. Best Offbeat Destinations for Solo Travelers - Blog. Traveling solo is probably the most exhilarating experience, especially for male travelers. They form one of the largest groups of backpackers; the ones who pay no heed to the fixed itineraries and just pomp and show. Plan your next travel now with Mihuru Splitfare. All About Shopping: A Guide To Marrakech’s Famed Souks.

4 Offbeat Places That'll Give You A Glimpse Of The Lost Ladakh - Blog. Hop On: 4 Swiss Trains That Will Take Your Breath Away - Blog. All About Shopping: A Guide To Marrakech's Famed Souks - Blog. Top 5 Markets for Mid-night snacking in Taipei - Blog. Malaysia beyond Kuala Lumpur : 6 Hidden Gems You've Got To See! - Blog. 5 Epic European Road Trips That Will Take Your Breath Away! - Blog. 6 Countries Every Tea Lover Has to Visit At Least Once! - Blog.