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Bio. Customer Experience « NextUp. Doug Fleener over at Retail Contrarian has reposted his list of 50 ways to be more customer focused.

Customer Experience « NextUp

Take a look and see how many you and your team do on a regular basis: 1. Open the door for your customer whenever possible. This is especially important if her hands are full. - The World's Largest Online Newsstand - Milk Frother Tips for At-Home Coffee - Gets You Steaming, Frothi. For At-Home Milk-Based Coffee Drinks - Steaming, Frothing and Foaming Can't find what you're looking for? Find it here! Beverage Lineup. Frothing for Newbies & Intermediates. Foaming, Frothing, Steaming...

Frothing for Newbies & Intermediates

It’s all the same thing…sort of. In a radical departure this article will not attempt to highlight the steamed portion (heated not foamed) as being a separate entity from the foamed or frothed portion (milk with air bubbles incorporated) of the milk. Why? It's simple: Starbucks Drinks Simplified (kinda) VERY IMPORTANT: If you got here from a bookmark, link, pin, or other item that includes “” in the URL, note that the original page has moved here.

Starbucks Drinks Simplified (kinda)

Please update your bookmark to the new URL, as I’m not sure how much longer the old site will be up. Thank you! Since many people seem to be overly confused by the wide variety of options available at Starbucks, I’ve put together this handy-dandy page to help you figure out what you want without spending hours staring blankly at a menu. I’ve tried to include as much info as possible. Some things on this page may be horribly out of date.