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Comparing Thermographic, EEG, and Subjective Measures of Affective Experience During Simulated Product Interactions. Comparing Thermographic, EEG, and Subjective Measures of Affective Experience During Simulated Product Interactions Sean Jenkins1,*, Raymond Brown1, and Neil Rutterford2 1 School of Industrial Design, Swansea Metropolitan University, Swansea, UK.2 Department of Psychology, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK.

Comparing Thermographic, EEG, and Subjective Measures of Affective Experience During Simulated Product Interactions

The affective experience of a stimulus has traditionally been studied by statistically correlating the Electroencephalogram (EEG) and Affective Self Report (ASR). Here, this method is extended into a three-way correlation by including measurement of changes in forehead temperature on the right and left sides using Infrared Thermography (IRT). Sixteen male undergraduate designers were given a cognitive task whilst simultaneous IRT and EEG measurements were conducted. Keywords - Infrared Thermography, Affect, Interaction, Experience, Design. Citation: Jenkins, S. Received February 26, 2009; Accepted July 17, 2009; Published August 31, 2009. Sean Jenkins B.A. Introduction Figure 1. SuperSleep. Mind reading devices. Arduino Hack – How to Make a Brain-controlled Device! DIY EEG Devices or Cheap EEG – 2 « engineuring.

As blog’s stats shows a lot of us today are dreaming of a cheap EEG device – most traffic is coming from Google searches “cheap eeg”, “cheapest eeg hardware” and the like =) From cheap EEG devices available, cheapest are those you build yourself.

DIY EEG Devices or Cheap EEG – 2 « engineuring

Currently there are various DIY EEG hardware designs & building instructions available on the Internet. Here is a short survey on what we have. Note: for total novices, best place to start with EEG is short intro on How EEG Machine is Made. The most popular ModularEEG It even doesn’t need a mention – because it’s most popular of the EEG hardware designs, everyone who searches for DIY EEG will get it in top results. State of the art ModularEEG is good design to start from but now, as technology advances, it’s getting older and older. OpenEXG-2 A 2-channel biometric signal amplifier for EEG and other biological signal processing. CEEGALS stands for CogniPve Electroencephalography AcquisiPon Laboratory System. The Programmable Chip EEG BCI Like this: Welcome to the OpenEEG project. About the project Many people are interested in what is called neurofeedback or EEG biofeedback training, a generic mental training method which makes the trainee consciously aware of the general activity in the brain.

Welcome to the OpenEEG project

This method shows great potential for improving many mental capabilities and exploring consciousness. Other people want to do experiments with brain-computer interfaces or just want to have a look at their brain at work. Unfortunately, commercial EEG devices are generally too expensive to become a hobbyist tool or toy. The OpenEEG project is about making plans and software for do-it-yourself EEG devices available for free (as in GPL). Right now, this site is mostly about the hardware; schematics, part lists, building instructions etc. Thinking Cap.

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Prototype This: Mind Controlled Car. Prototype This: Real car controlled with Playstation driving controller testing #1.