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Description of DIY Segway. Petter’s Robot dreams » DIY Segway. Embedded by Embedded Video YouTube Direkt Why build a DIY Segway? The main reason that I wanted to build a DIY Segway was simply because I wanted to see if it was possible. I also liked the idea of building something that strongly interacts with humans. I will now describe how I built it. Hardware The motors, wheels, chain, gears and batteries came from electric scooters like the one to the right.

The gearing is made in one step from the small gear on the motor to the bigger gear head on the wheel. The fasting of the gear on the 12” wheel was based on a freewheel mechanism therefore I had to open up the freewheel and remove all the grease and then use epoxy to make it possible to drive it in both directions. There is one fixed axle on which both wheels rotate, this axle is attached with three aluminum blocks which fixates the axle with 5mm set screws. The handlebar is a normal bicycle handlebar, the pipe on which it is connected is a 25mm hollow steel pipe. Electronics Software. Easy build self balancing electric skateboard. What is it?

Easy build self balancing electric skateboard

Twin wheeled skateboard that works like a Segway. Electric skateboards exist already with powered rear wheels. Plan here was to build something like a Segway but in the form of a skateboard. It knows which way is "up" via a combination of gyroscope and and accelerometer sensors, using a complementary (not complimentary) filter which reads and combines data from both 100 times per second. Steering by a simple rocker switch in hand controller (or a rewired Wii-Nunchuck as in photos if you are more ambitious). UPDATE regarding IMU's and CODE (December 2014): This Instructable is a little old now and the IMU used is no longer available. If you use a digital Sparkfun 6dof IMU (which is much more easily available) then for instructions on how to use this with an Arduino, to control a self-balancing skateboard, with code, then look at this new Instructable of mine here: Can I buy one ready built? How does it stay level? Why an Instructable?

Inspired by segway™ - making a self-balancing 2 wheel vehicle. Top 5 DIY Segways and How to Make Segway From Scratch! Over the years, segway has been slowly gaining popularity, I’ve seen them used everywhere around where I live including malls (where security guards use them inside the mall), and even my own apartment complex’s security guards, who zoom by my apartment on a daily basis.

Top 5 DIY Segways and How to Make Segway From Scratch!

Well, segways are great but are they worth paying for? What if you wanted to build your own segway? We’ve featured a slew of great segway DIYs here on, let me re-cap some of them and also new ones I have found that will teach you how to build your own segway from scratch. 1) has been around for awhile and this guy’s website probably has the best tutorials on how to build a segway from scratch.

I’ve mentioned it 4 years ago but still stands, perhaps the best site for DIY segways. 2) has another great tutorial on his DIY segway build. The MIT Segway has a really great layman’s terms for how Segway functions: 4) Here’s another DIY segway done for a school projects, PDFs provided. Build Yourself A 'Segway' - Systm. The DIY Segway. Questions?

The DIY Segway

Comments? Generous donations? Contact Us! But where did the porta-potty picture go??? This project was sponsored by The Edgerton Center at MIT. If you or your business would be interesting in sponsoring the FIRST robotics teams involved with this project and making future projects possible, please contact us. Disclaimer: DIY Segways, like any large machines, can be hazardous if appropriate safety precautions are not observed. Skip to Table of Contents Summer 2008 is here, and you'd be correct to suspect that a new project is also in the works.

Also, check out these awesome new self-balancing projects from around the web: This page has been featured on: (in no particular order)