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Cults coaching mind control

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Paradise Lost part 1 of 9. Dangerous Devotion part 1 of 9. Scientology. Seres Naturales: crea tu propia secta. Todos creemos ser más inteligentes que el resto.

Seres Naturales: crea tu propia secta

Todos creemos que es imposible que nos engañen. Todos nos creemos astutos y que nos las sabemos todas. Sin embargo, resulta gracioso pensar que la inteligencia, definida como la capacidad de resolver problemas, pueda estar unida a la total incapacidad de relacionarse con otras personas, a encontrar trabajo o mantenerlo, a ser capaz de mantener viva a una planta o cosas así.

Couaching ontologico y coercitivo

Coaching. Oneida Community. Community structure[edit] Even though the community reached a maximum population of about 300, it had a complex bureaucracy of 27 standing committees and 48 administrative sections.

Oneida Community

The manufacturing of silverware, the sole remaining industry, began in 1877, relatively late in the life of the Community, and still exists.[2] Secondary industries included the manufacture of leather travel bags, the weaving of palm frond hats, the construction of rustic garden furniture, game traps, and tourism. All Community members were expected to work, each according to his or her abilities. Women tended to do much of the domestic duties.