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Métodos para Componer y Corregir Texto en InDesign. Estos videos mues­tran cómo pode­mos ajus­tar nues­tro docu­mento de la mejor manera con los méto­dos de com­po­si­ción y las herra­mien­tas para revi­sión de texto de InDe­sign Cs4. • Méto­dos para la Com­po­si­ción del TextoCom­pa­ra­ción entre el método de com­po­si­ción de texto de línea única con­tra el de com­po­si­ción de textopor párrafo.

Métodos para Componer y Corregir Texto en InDesign

Ava Sessions. Colección de texturas de madera para diseñadores. Colección de texturas de madera en alta resolución disponibles para utilizar en nuestros proyectos.

Colección de texturas de madera para diseñadores

Representan distintos tipos de madera y están diseñadas a una resolución de 2400×1200 pixeles. 10 Beautifully Executed Font Combinations For The Web. Typography is an element that should compliment the content of a website.

10 Beautifully Executed Font Combinations For The Web

When used well, it establishes a visual hierarchy and helps the user connect with the content. In the modern web, new technologies and tools, such as API utilization, @font-face, CSS3, make this task much easier in creating compelling visual impressions. 10 Beautifully Executed Font Combinations For The Web. 20 Free Photoshop Styles to Create Stunning Text Effects. Just like Actions, Styles are little Photoshop files that contain preset configurations to instantly replicate a ready made effect with the click of a button.

20 Free Photoshop Styles to Create Stunning Text Effects

Styles are essentially preconfigured combinations of Photoshop Layer Styles, which makes them extremely popular for creating cool text effects. I’ve scoured the web and personally tested the best Styles I could find to bring you a collection of 20 free Photoshop styles to create stunning text effects. Styles are ready made configurations of Photoshop’s Layer Style options.



Blur Designs - crowdsource expert designers for your creative projects - blur Designs. Diseño, Medios, Internet, Exposiciones, Oviedo, Gijón, Avilés. The Best and Worst Identities of 2010, Part II: The Best. To conclude our selections on a positive note — although I bet Part I was infinitely more satisfying — here is Part II: The Best.

The Best and Worst Identities of 2010, Part II: The Best

See also Part I: The Worst. Designed by: Cundari Release date: February 2010 There are two key elements that put this logo in this round-up. The first is that it was able to escape the typical antics associated with university redesigns where alumni and students get all offended and someone asks how come the students in the art program didn’t design the logo for free. Designed by: Ptarmak Release date: June 2010 It’s easy to get away with cool stuff when it comes to über local co-op breweries.

Designed by: Lippincott Release date: March 2010. Puppies and Flowers » 60 beautiful vintage Travel Posters. I recommend clicking on the images for the higher resolution versions.

Puppies and Flowers » 60 beautiful vintage Travel Posters

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GRAPHIC ARTISTS. MAGACINES. PACKING. BLOGS. Identity / Cas. THEATER POSTER - Imágenes de Google. NHS Designs - Graphic Design - Typography. Ty·po·graph·y noun the selection and arrangement of typefaces, sizes, and spacing on a printed publication or web page. Typography has a major impact on the overall look and image of your page and its overall quality. A Delicate Balance Poster · Dennis Clouse · Cyclone Design The type treatment on this theater poster makes it memorable. This piece is working on so many levels - it has great color , balance and texture - but the hand-lettered type really provides the spark.

In the design process there was likely a decision about whether or not to use a standard font or hand lettering. The designer made two other good decisions. While the headline font is based on a serif font, the smaller text is based on a sans serif font. Source: Design Basics for Creative Results by Bryan L. SI Special – Brogen Averill. △ Identity for Debbie Teale – Strategic Comms/corporate Comms/Human Resources/Investor Relations. △ Branding for The Department Store, Auckland’s ultimate boutique shopping experience.

SI Special – Brogen Averill

Voted best new retail shopping experience worldwide by Monocle Magazine. △ The Department Store Newspaper △ Identity for a photographer Fraser Clements △ Identity for The Uncarved Block, an architecture firm in Sydney. Greg Lamarche Works.


National Theatre Posters. Downies - Australian Numismatic Dealers. Fuentes de veer. Curso,desenvolvimento,negócio,SERIGRAFIA. Ryoji Ikeda and Carsten Nicolai both work at the cutting-edge of contemporary electronic music and sound art.

In 1999, the two artists initiated the joint project cyclo., which is devoted to the visualization of sound. In their shared work, they generate new hybrid forms of audiovisual art and expand the possibilities of digital technology. The project's first publication is cyclo. id, a book and included CD-ROM that offer a multimedia and interactive documentation of the audiovisual material that Nicolai and Ikeda have collected, researched, and created since they began working together. The featured images are formed by the metering of sound bits that have been selected by the artists with meticulous care according to their acoustic and illustrative potential.

The material collected in cyclo. id is pure elegance, and its rich structural complexity is inspiring for anyone working with sounds and forms. Gestalten Exclusive Limited Edition Fine Art Print Related Video.


Business Cards. Studio On Fire - Design & Letterpress Printing Minneapolis Custom Print // Business Cards Hoi Bo Stationery Tags: Business Cards, Stationery. Collage Illustration Type. Austin, u.s.a. A selection of graphic projects - Kerry Ropper. Behance. Flickr. AGENCIAS DISEÑO.