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My birdcage veil!! A tutorial. I have been inspired by a lot of veils in the past few months.

My birdcage veil!! A tutorial

Lots. I decided I wanted a birdcage veil before I really knew what that meant, and there are a lot of variations! I wanted a big flower or other hairpiece, with veiling. Where to start?! So many types out there. From BHLDN (headbands, hairpieces, and veils): From Ruffled: From Style Me Pretty: Even ModCloth has little fascinators of the same idea: But I figured out my own style, since I have NO idea how any of those are made! My mom has lots of millinery experience, and gave me the right tools and tips to make a structured, quality birdcage veil hairpiece. The materials you'll need are:A cool flower or decorationAbout 1 yard of veiling (sold in bridal departments of fabric stores or online)About 1/3 of a yard of hat wire (I suppose you could use some other kind of wire in a pinch... needs to be lighter than a coat hanger, but heavier than chicken wire)Buckram, a sturdy hat form material, cut in an oval shape.

Tutorials - StumbleUpon. Hola there!

Tutorials - StumbleUpon

Here you can find an organized list of all my tutorials, projects and printables. Rick Rack Rosettes. A friend gave me this flower ring and necklace, when she handed them to me I thought they were porcelain–there’s a very vintage feel to them.

Rick Rack Rosettes

From a distance you really can’t tell that they’re made out of rick rack! Yes, rick rack! She shared how to make them with me, and now I’m sharing with all of you readers! The wow of the rosette comes from a few simple steps! She found this tutorial, in Portuguese I believe. First, cut 2 strips of rick rack. Then twist the two pieces of rick rack together, like this. And then run a stitch down one side to hold it all together. Like so. And to make the flower, you just start from one end and roll it up. Keep rolling. Until you have this–and then tuck the little tail under and hot glue it down. 10 Beautiful Fabric Flower Tutorials. It is spring!

10 Beautiful Fabric Flower Tutorials

If the flowers are not blooming yet here is a round-up of awesome tutorials to help you make your own flowers! Here you will find 10 beautiful fabric flowers, but don’t miss these five fabric flower tutorials! 1. How to make lovely fabric flowers 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Washington DC Wedding Blog ~ DIY Origami Bouquet Tutorial. I am SUPER excited for today’s DIY Wednesday tutorial feature coming to us from Lindsey of Elusive Photo Design.

Washington DC Wedding Blog ~ DIY Origami Bouquet Tutorial

You all know how much I love the unique, different, and offbeat when it comes to weddings [especially in the Washington, DC area], so naturally, I jumped out of my seat when Lindsey sent me this: How to Make Ruffle Butt Undies – video tutorial. I finally got this tutorial uploaded to Youtube without problems.

How to Make Ruffle Butt Undies – video tutorial

YAY! This two part tutorial will show you how to make a damn cute pair of ruffle butt underwear. (Or plain butt underwear if you’re not feeling ruffly. But ruffles are fun, so don’t neglect the ruffles.) Thank you to for providing the ruffle fabric. If you want to skip the pattern drafting part, check out the Cheeky Bikini undies pattern in the WhatTheCraft shop! Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel! Dream shrug : It's a Stitch Up: Adventures in handmade… knitting, sewing, jewellery, spinning, dyeing,crafting. Dream shrug.

Dream shrug : It's a Stitch Up: Adventures in handmade… knitting, sewing, jewellery, spinning, dyeing,crafting

Photo: Alex A lacework shrug in mohair with elbow-length sleeves and deep ribbing. I created the Dream shrug after finding some brightly-coloured vintage 80s mohair. I used a ripple lace pattern to show-off the beautiful colour changes. Project tutorial: Cristaria Shrug - Alpaca Direct News and Perspectives. Named for a pearl mussel that produces freshwater pearls, the Cristaria shrug is a quick, pretty knit shrug that complements formal summer ensembles or casual looks alike.

Project tutorial: Cristaria Shrug - Alpaca Direct News and Perspectives

Add beads or pearls for a piece that is truly your own! Materials: Stitch abbreviations: yo— yarn overk2tog— knit 2 stitches together. The Story: What could be a better opportunity to splurge on some amazingly lovely yarn than a wedding!

My fiancé, Ethan, and I are getting hitched in September at a place with indoor and outdoor space available to us. I’m having my mom’s wedding dress altered and the puff sleeves removed, so I decided to knit something to put on in case the evening gets chilly. I used Vine Lace, my very favorite lace pattern (as you may have noticed from a past web-letter), taken from Barbara Walker’s Treasury of Knitting Patterns. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to work. For the yarn, I used Posh, a cashmere/silk blend from CEY’s luxury division. The Yarn: Posh — 70% silk, 30% cashmere Posh is a blend of 30% cashmere and 70% silk. The Stitches: Although Vine Lace is my favorite lace pattern, it may not be for everyone. Loose Tahitian Pearls. Chiffon & Lace Babydoll. Georgette Halter Babydoll. Custom Corsets and Beautiful Burlesque Fashions by Paige.

Wedding planning with You & Your Wedding. ʚϊɞ ▪ LOTD ~ Purple & Orange ▪ ʚϊɞ. A Lace Nail Tutorial. Isabel-Cristina - Isabel-Cristina Let's Go Spray Nail Glue Activator. Custom made ladies shoe designer - Shoes of Prey. Randee - Purple Satin, Badgley Mischka, $179.99 FREE 2nd Day Shipping!

Carino - Dk Purple Multi, Joan and David, $134.99 FREE 2nd Day Shipping! Argyle Tights. Simple mini top hat tutorial. Womens Nightgowns Pajama Sewing Pattern 2739 Simplicity. Misses' Panties, Bras, Camisole and Slip. Bridal Accents.