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Turn the Rock Band 3 keyboard into a sampling instrument with the WAV Trigger – robertsonics. The Rock Band 3 keyboard happens to also be a nice battery powered MIDI keyboard controller that you can pick up on eBay for 20 bucks or so. With a WAV Trigger and a little electronic glue, which I’ll explain in this article, you can make a self-contained, velocity-sensitive, multi-bank sample playback instrument. The Rock Band 3 keyboard buttons and left hand controller allow you to re-map the keys, change sound banks and adjust note release time (sustain) on the fly.

I’ll be using classic Mellotron sounds here, but you can easily create your own sample banks using a VSTi software synth. For those of you just tuning in, the WAV Trigger is a high-fidelity polyphonic audio player. It has 14 “voices” to play and mix uncompressed, stereo, 44.1kHz wav files directly from a microSD card. Audio can be triggered either from digital inputs or serial commands, and latency averages around 8ms (12ms max). Step 1: Prep your WAV Trigger. Step 2: Build the MIDI Input interface circuit. That’s it.


Catalogue outillage. Hack & DIY. Bending. Ressources. By Q. R. Ghazala The glass in my workshop window is 70 years old. Its thickness varies, and the world outside passes by in fluid, undulating waves. In the cracks of this glass, where a forgotten autumn's chore may have left its mark, can be seen all the colors of the rainbow, refracted splendidly for anyone given to close inspection. Glued to a rippled pane, a fine rubber skink watches a small cricket climb up the yellowed edge of an old skyharp postcard. The plans, today, upon which the fairies dance are those of the circuit-bent Casio SK-1.

Casio's SK-1 introduced digital sampling to more individuals than any other sampler to date. *PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) is a high-quality means of digital audio data processing. No, it's not a hi-fi sampler. Plenty of SK-1s are still around today, patiently waiting to be reborn through circuit-bending. My first SK-1 was bought during its heyday at a price of around $90. My SK-1 circuit-bending applications fell into 9 sections. Où vous procurez-vous vos composants - – Plate-forme pour l'électronique et les microcontrôleurs.url. Jacoti, pionnier en matière de technologies auditives, vient de lancer Jacoti Lola, pour la transmission audio sans fil dans des contextes auditifs brouillés. Les salles de classe, les salles de réunions, les auditoriums et même les voitures peuvent engendrer des situations auditives complexes. Dans ces environnements, Lola améliore et diffuse un audio avec une qualité équivalente à celle d'un CD. Jacoti avait déjà lancé le logiciel auditif autonome ListenApp. Lola est donc une technologie logicielle pour la diffusion audio par les réseaux sans fil standard, bidirectionnelle, à faible latence. Qu’y-a-t il de plus important pour un auditoire que de comprendre parfaitement la personne qui parle ou d’apprécier pleinement la musique ?

Lola se connecte sans problème non seulement aux écouteurs courants, mais aussi à la nouvelle génération de prothèses auditives conçues pour iPhone, ainsi qu’aux appareils auditifs conventionnels, aux implants cochléaires, etc. Composants de base.url. Guitar Effect Schematics and Designs. Boosters Buffers Opamp Buffer from Opamp Buffer from Klon Centaur FET Buffer from Buffer from Ibanez Tube Screamer Clipping Clipping diodes using a rotary switch Compressor Compressor based on SSM2166 Datasheet Example LFOs Schmitt Trigger LFO driving a Vactrol Schmitt Trigger Basic LFO Mixers Input splitter + booster Multiple input mixer with boost. Buff n' Blend from Joel Purkiss Stereo Panner Passive Mixer Octave Opamps Oscillators Oscillator built with a 40106 Schmitt Trigger Oscillator based on hemmo's negister Overdrive/Distortion Voodoo Labs Overdrive with MOSFET Clippers and a tonestack Electra Distortion Power Supply Power Supply Filtering with Reverse Polarity Protection Voltage Sagger with Power Supply Filtering Using an LM317 Regulator for Low Voltage Tube Heater Supply Preamplifiers FET Boost + Tonestack Ring Modulator Pseudo Ring Modulator built with a 567 Tone Decoder Chip Sequencer Step sequencer based on a 4017 divider Stompbox Wiring Switching Switching between Transistors Theremins.

Classic Schematics.url. DIY » Schematics son aléatoire.url. Here is a link that Roger sent me a while ago. Its a website by Frans Samshuijzen with detailed descriptions of some mods that he did to a set of Casio SK-1 keyboards appropriately titled: “Casio Twins“. The mods include a full pitch mod with the use of a TI 74LS624 voltage controlled oscillator. It is also worth noting that a 555 timer circuit would theoretically do the same thing, except that the max frequency of a 555 is about 2Mhz and with the LS624 chip the schematics indicate a range of between 1.5 and 10Mhz with a max of 20Mhz.

The downside however is the fact that the LS624 is far more expensive, $2.55 a pop. Still worth every penny considering that the Casio will provide for a full 3 Octave mind melting sound experience, along with longer and grainier recording times. Other mods include a nice line level adapter schematic for the microphone input and a remote trigger option. This link I’ve been hanging onto for over a year now, Laurier’s Handy Dandy Little Circuits. Effects Heaven Effect Schematics - .url. Elliott Sound Products - The Audio Pages (Main Index).url.

Pages Last Updated March 2014 Welcome to ESP, the home of DIY audio articles, projects and shortform kits. Audio is a wonderful hobby, and with DIY there is a huge scope to get the very best performance for a lot less money than otherwise. DIY audio is fun and educational, and by building your own audio equipment, you get to learn electronics as well as build equipment that would cost a great deal more in the shops. ESP is committed to providing high quality projects that are known to work, printed circuit boards (PCBs) for the most popular projects, and to assist you if necessary to complete or debug your project. IMPORTANT: Please see the disclaimer for information about these pages. Dates shown in RED indicate new or updated pages, typically within the last two months. View and/or Sign the ESP GuestbookPlease do not use the Guestbook to ask questions.Please Use English for your comments.

The ESP logo is a registered trade mark of Elliott Sound Products. Synth schematics----.url. Wie andere Bereiche der Universität auch ist das HRZ durch ständig verknappende Ressourcen bei drastisch steigenden Anforderungen gezwungen, sich noch weiter auf die Erbringung von Kerndiensten zu konzentrieren und inhaltlich ähnliche Dienste nicht mehrfach vorzuhalten. In der jetzt anstehenden Konsolidierungsphase werden wir die Bereiche File- und Webservice umstrukturieren. Den Noch-Nutzern des veralteten Andrew-File-Systems AFS empfehlen wir für Datei-Dienste die baldige Migration auf die seit 2011 aktive File-Service-Infrastruktur FSI, für (Instituts)-Webauftritte die Nutzung des gut etablierten universitären Content-Management-Systems Plone. Weitere Informationen Um Ihnen die Suche nach den neuen Internetauftritten zu erleichtern, haben wir hier die bereits umgezogenen Seiten aufgelistet. Sie verwalteten einen Webauftritt im AFS und sind bereits umgezogen? Dann mailen Sie uns kurz Betreiber, ehemalige und neue URL Ihrer Seiten und wir tragen Sie in diese Liste ein.

Plone Support. VCO 003.url. Electronique > Réalisations > Générateurs > VCO 003 Dernière mise à jour : 24/04/2008 Présentation VCO = Voltage Controlled Oscillateur, Oscillateur commandé en tension. Il est parfois interressant de réaliser un VCO simple et sans grandes prétentions, pour intégrer dans une réalisation "amateur" telle qu'un jouet musical ou indicateur de niveau sonore par exemple. Le schéma Voici donc le schéma d'un VCO simple, construit autour d'un transistor UJT (transistor unijonction) de type 2N2646. Le transistor UJT n'est pas un composant aussi répendu que le transistor NPN, et c'est bien dommage car il permet des choses bien pratiques. Exemple d'un séquenceur musical 10 voies Le schéma qui suit montre comment on peut réaliser simplement un petit séquenceur jouant dix notes les unes après les autres, en utilisant l'oscillateur BF vu avant.

La base de temps principale (oscillateur rythmique) Le séquenceur 10 notes Le VCO (générateur sonore) C'est la partie qui a été vue en tout début d'article. 555 Schmitt Trigger DIGITAL INTEGRATED CIRCUITS.url. 4017 decade counter/divider (Radio Shack catalog # 276-2417)555 timer IC (Radio Shack catalog # 276-1723)Ten-segment bargraph LED (Radio Shack catalog # 276-081)One SPST switchOne 6 volt battery10 kΩ resistor1 MΩ resistor0.1 µF capacitor (Radio Shack catalog # 272-135 or equivalent)Coupling capacitor, 0.047 to 0.001 µFTen 470 Ω resistorsAudio detector with headphones Caution!

The 4017 IC is CMOS, and therefore sensitive to static electricity! Any single-pole, single-throw switch is adequate. A household light switch will work fine, and is readily available at any hardware store. The audio detector will be used to assess signal frequency. If you have access to an oscilloscope, the audio detector is unnecessary. Lessons In Electric Circuits, Volume 4, chapter 3: "Logic Gates" Lessons In Electric Circuits, Volume 4, chapter 4: "Switches" Lessons In Electric Circuits, Volume 4, chapter 11: "Counters" The model 4017 integrated circuit is a CMOS counter with ten output terminals.

Related Links. Gallery.url. Ana-R.url. Synth schematics----.url. Classic Schematics.url. Répertoire des plans électroniques pour l'audio (DIY) - Audiofanzine.url. Beavis Audio Research.url. Index of -diy-Schematics.url. Design Electronicsfree access on-line textbook.url.


Topopiccione Electronics Inc. - Projects.url. Audio Electronic Circuit Schematics x x.url. GetLoFi - Circuit Bending Synth DIY » Schematics.url. Jesse aka Tablebeast has done a wonderful thing by posting a link on the Benders list to a collection of Vintage Casio keyboard manuals. They include the owner’s guides for SK-1, SK-5, SK-8, and DM-100. The SK-1 service manual aka the Bible is also there. Very neat to look at, although I am a little puzzled about the addition of the Tablebeast Modification pages in the PDFs. At this point they seem to contain nothing. At any rate, grab them while you can. Cappy has notified me of an update to his site From what I can tell, circuit bending Casio PT-10 may not be the most rewarding thing to do. Peter B of Ciat-Lonbarde is offering a new kit with design schematics in order to help buy food for the clean up crew working on the fire ravaged Tarantula Hill.

This Gameboy case was inspired by the previous GameBoy mods, however it is based around the 40106 Hex Schmitt Trigger not the 4093 Quad trigger, because I ran out. Elliott Sound Products - The Audio Pages (Main Index).url. DIY » Schematics son aléatoire.url. Effects Heaven Effect Schematics - .url. Circuit avec des diodes..url.

YM2413 Application Manual.url. DIY Sound ROMs. DIY Sound ROMs UPDATE – March 2012: Jesse Smith’s software is available! Custom sample names and lengths! YES!! I have yet to test it, but it looks like you can import your own samples and change the names and lengths as well! Windows only, HR-16B only, for now. UPDATE – November 2010: CEG software is available for free (non-commercial) download! Of course, if you still want to do it the hard way, read on! UPDATE: March 2009 Jesse and Jan’s software both seem to be on hold at the moment. I’ve been tinkering with the idea of burning my own custom sound chips for the HR-16.

I am not much of a digital electronics engineer. Working on this project, i’ve gained a better idea of how digital sampling works, but i still have much to learn. Ok, you don’t really have to understand all of that in order to burn your own sample roms for the HR-16, but it does help to have an idea of what is going on. In a nutshell: Audio is a wave. Each pin can have a value of 1 or 0 at any given moment. Back to HR-16. Audio projects, circuits and audio kits. Muting Transistor Attenuator Circuits and the 2SC2878 by Jim Keith | Among semiconductors, the muting transistor and its audio application is perhaps the most obscure and poorly understood of all. There is extremely little information on this subject available on the internet and what is available is sketchy. This discussion is an attempt to tie the pieces together and to add some insight –I...

CMoy Headphone Amp by DigiKey | The CMoy headphone amp is a popular headphone amplifier that is small enough to carry everyday and powerful enough to drive headphones at higher levels than normal. Hybrid Headphone Amp Potentially, headphone listening can be technically superior since room reflections are eliminated and the intimate contact between transducer and ear mean that only tiny amounts of power are required. Audio Compression Amplifier /AGC This is an audio compressor/AGC (automatic gain control) with an astonishing 75db input voltage range. Kojak Siren by P. LA4440 Audio Amplifier. Simple Mixer Schematics. Simple Mixer Schematics PREAMBLE: I've been cooking audio circuits for so long now I no-longer need a recipe.

A lot of the theory I have forgotten over the years because I've just gotten to know the circuits by instinct. But this should serve as something of a guide to designing mixers from scratch. The idea: Most people reading this would be well aware of what a mixer is used for but I'll reiterate here. The job of an Audio mixer is to combine various audio signals into a single audio signal.

Audio is of course an AC (Alternating current) signal but if we look at the incoming signals as a frozen moment in time we can represent it as 2 or more DC voltages. If we had two signals to be mixed. When you get to the stage of adding many signals together, the complexity grows. Because each incoming signal has it's own load impedance it is impractical just to wire all of them together and hope for the best.

What is required is a little load isolation. And as always.


Selected Schematics. Caveats Permission is granted to link to the schematics on this page however I do not extend permission to place copies of the schematics stored on this site on other sites. In other words, you can link, but don't download and place them on your server and show them as yours. Before you go wild downloading these links and buying parts for the schematics listed below, there are a few things you should know. If you don't feel like reading yourself or helping yourself, you shouldn't pursue building your own boxes.

Read all the links you can before asking questions. Some schematics on the Internet have mistakes. I encourage you to purchase pedals in production. Selected Stompbox Schematics Note that not all of these schematics are guaranteed to work. In very general terms, I would say that probably every schematic on Jack Orman's (AMZ) page is fine; Keen's (GEO) page is excellent as well. About the files: Most are .gif or .jpg and can be viewed right away. Lava Rim 2 - OK! Hornet - OK! Réalisations Spoutnick Studio. Realisation d'un Circuit Imprimé de A à Z. DIY Audio Projects Forum • Simple Passive Tone-Control. I have built up quite a collection of headphone amps and now venturing into higher voltage/wattage amps. My workbench/home office now has a variety of sources and amps, but one DIY item that was missing was an EQ of some sort. I have a few preamps, but I really did not want to add any more gain and noise to an already congested system.

I found an answer in a simple but genius tone-control by Tony van Roon ... xtor5.html. I drew the amp up in Tina and sim'd the outputs and made only a few minor changes. The tone control sits in between two switch boxes (back to back) so that I have three sources to a switch box, tone control, switchbox, the amps. Since the control is passive it will attenuate about -20db at the baseline and the pivot point is around 800Hz. Bases - Realisation circuit imprime. Audio Electronic Circuit Schematics. Index of /diy/Schematics/Tone Control and EQs. Wiard. Circuit avec des diodes..url.


Datasheet. Circuits. Antonelli project. Electronic. Arduino Site. Bastien Lartigue. Synthesizer.url. Visual Analyser details. Hardware. Effets et pedales. Tips electronique. Electronics. Electronics fab. Modular synthesizers. Workshop. Composant. Electronics. Power supply.. Oscilateurs.. Sequenceur. OP Amp .. Filtre. Reverb à ressort. Piezo switch.