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List fm yamaha.url. New member, first post.

list fm yamaha.url

Months ago I was trying to keep track of which home Yamahas were FM. Karlklomp tools.url. , a standalone circuit based on a video op-amp from analog.

karlklomp tools.url

The AD8072 is a dual video op amp which can be used in various ways. If connect correctly it will send out composite video at 1.3 volt white value (normal white in video is 1 volt), so good for long cables or bent video signals. Or split one signal into two out. These chips can be request as sample and send to your home for free! The Ultimate MSX FAQ - MSX-section Musique.url. Casio vl-tone bend.url. Casio vl-tone bend.url. WileyExtremeTech Series.url. Tout savoir pour le bender! sk-1 XXXXXXX.url. Attention, il y a une erreur dans le schéma de Reed Ghazala (respect éternel) : il faut relier le contact du milieu du 3ème "axis switch" avec celui du 1er "image switch", sans quoi on ne court-circuite rien du tout!

Tout savoir pour le bender! sk-1 XXXXXXX.url

Et aussi ne pas souder de fil sur le 3ème "image axis" droite, mais sur le 4ème "image axis" gauche (en regardant le schéma, je vous assure que c'est ultra clair!) Sinon, il y a à peu près un an, j'avais trouvé un tuto bien fait, très complémentaire des indications de Reed Ghazala (respect éternel ) sur son site et dans son bouquin. C'était un texte avec 2 photos, et en le sauvant, j'ai paumé une des photos, ce qui fait que j'ai des indications un peu inutiles... et c'est très frustrant. Je ne me rappelle plus la source. La synthèse.url. Les différents types de synthétiseurs et leur développement.

La synthèse.url

Planning, Schematic, Materials.url. Below is a schematic that I made with free schematic software from ExpressPCB.

Planning, Schematic, Materials.url

You can also download the .sch file if you want to edit it. Remember, that won't get you a PCB to burn, only a schematic to mess around with.Here's what this circuit will do. When you turn it on, the camera will get a false signal and take a picture. Then the big capacitor will slowly fill with charge while the green LED is on. Chamber of Sounds. Since the beginning of time, mankind has been trying to harness the sun’s energy, and process it into something exponentially larger.

Chamber of Sounds

Centuries later, in the year 2013, COS brings you, synthesis created entirely by the sun, handheld synthesis, that will never require a battery or external power of any kind, a sound device that will carry you through anywhere, even when the grid goes down, and the zombie apocalypse begins. Introducing the SOLAR SYNTH! Harness the power of the sun and surroundings to generate ambient drones and cosmic waves. Tune the three oscillators at just the right frequency, and interact with nature. Flip on the photocell, and use light to filter the pulsating waves of sound. SOLAR SYNTH works with any incoming light, even surprisingly low levels, which makes for some tasty, power-starved sounds.

Mutable Instruments' wiki.


Bending. Circuit Bending. Bending. Video bending. Circuit. CircuitBending. Experimentalists Anonymous. New Page 1. Index. Soldering Stations — Traditional and Lead Free. Fonitronik modular synth diy. Jürgen Haibles Wasp VCF clone If you're looking for a unique sound build this one.

fonitronik modular synth diy

Besides the PoLiVokS this is my favourite filter! The Bride Chamber. Mutable Instruments. CircuitBending. Inductor puckup TUTORIALS. Fabrication d'une pédale FS3x en diy pour le jamman. MFOS Tool Box. WarrantyVoid - the electronic sound toy and keyboard modification site. Welcome to the wonderful world of wacky keys and weird sounds... the site for modification and collectingof small music keyboards and electronic sound toys.

WarrantyVoid - the electronic sound toy and keyboard modification site

Comment tout cela va au travail - Protection électronique contre Passer. Electronic Skip Protection is a beautiful thing.

Comment tout cela va au travail - Protection électronique contre Passer.

When switched on, the CD player will buffer a certain amount of incoming audio from the disc in RAM. When something happens to make the disc skip, the player plays this stored audio from RAM while it figures out what the hell is going on with the disc and fixes itself, making for lovely skipless playback on the listener’s side. My CD player stores 10 seconds of audio for anti skip purposes; other CD players store different lengths of audio. Inductor puckup TUTORIALS. Magnetic patch cable TUTORIALS. Circuit Bending Synth DIY » Blog Archive » Circuit Bending Casio. By Austin This is my first successful attempt at pitch-modifying a Casio keyboard using the LTC1799 Precision Oscillator Kit.

Circuit Bending Synth DIY » Blog Archive » Circuit Bending Casio

The kit oscillates at frequencies from 1KHz to 30Mhz and its output frequency is controlled with a potentiometer. The oscillation frequency from this kit can be substituted for the constant oscillation frequency a device receives from its internal crystal. The kit’s variable frequency will allow you to control the pitch of a device when it is patched in place of –or sometimes in parallel with—the device’s internal crystal.

Pitch 1799

Search results for vactrol. Photo-résistance... Montage?Protection? Ah bah, c'est quand même un poil solide une photo resistance... Le mieux, à mon sens, c'est de percer un trou de la taille de la photo resistance, comme ça tu peux l'ajuster pile poil au plastique, et après, bam, tu balance de la colle chaude derrière histoire que ça tienne.

Faut pas trop se prendre la tête, parfois. Here's some mp3 sound samples, movies, and pictures of bent instruments and toys. Grandma had a noise band back in the 1930s! Legend has it that a young woman hot-rodded a tube radio and put on Vaudeville style noise shows in the mid-west around 1933. Is she still living among us? Read all about it on my ReGurgiTron site... ReGurgiTron More fun than a heaping bucket of stomach acid! Fun with the Colorsound Inductorless Wah. What we have here is a simple single-transistor amplifier connected as a twin-t filter. The pot at the bottom provides the "wah" function. So the first thing you can do is simply build the circuit with the VR1 control as a pot with a knob on it and you have a cocked-wah pedal: set any wah position manual and you're good to go.

But what if you replace the VR1 pot with a low frequency oscillator (LFO)? Now you have a tremolo that uses the wah position to set the volume up and down. * Casper Electronics. Looping/re-triggering with transistors. The drawing above shows one of the many ways you can utilize transistors in circuit bending. The transistor in this drawing is there to automatically trigger the circuit to make sound. The circuit shown is a generic sound board from a generic kids toy. Let’s go over the basics. The black circle is the brain where the real work of the circuit is done and the sound is recorded or generated. To the right of that is a pitch resistor above is a transistor which acts as an amplifier for the speaker. next to that are two button contacts. when these are connected it triggers whatever the circuit is meant to do. I’ve got a situation where I want the circuit to continuously make sound. The emitter of the transistor is connected to the trigger pin and the collector is connected to the supply voltage (4.5V).

SA-Xbends.jpg (JPEG Image, 1023x656 pixels) Schematic.JPG (JPEG Image, 908x644 pixels) LFO sur dictee magique. Salut tout le monde, Je me suis lancé dans la fabrication du LFO pour la dictée magique en suivant le schéma de Casper. ( Cependant ma version de la dictée étant différente de la sienne, je n'ai pas trouvé la broche qui fait varier le pitch. GetLoFi – Circuit Bending Synth DIY. Create Digital Noise ~ Index. Circuitbending - Circuit-bent noise toys by Cementimental. Towards the start of Autumn 2000, I was idly searching the www for experimental sound/music stuff. I chanced upon an article by Reed Ghazala, who explained the strange art of 'Circuit Bending'. Circuitbenders - Custom built electronic audio insanity machines. Circuit Bent Instruments.

Forums Circuit Bending. DIY Audio Stuff. First, I must mention the best DIY pro audio board on the web, "The Lab" . My projects are/have been: Neve 1290 clone. Circuit - Circuits designed by David A. Johnson, P.E. Experimental Music and Circuit-Bending Links - record labels, musical instruments and equipment, gear, artists, bands etc. * Casper Electronics. Burnkit2600.

Bitcrusher Bending. [Circuit bending] Une Présentation. Backstage - Circuit bending. #Psychovinyle. Ana-R. LED sequencer : DIGITAL INTEGRATED CIRCUITS. 4017 decade counter/divider (Radio Shack catalog # 276-2417)555 timer IC (Radio Shack catalog # 276-1723)Ten-segment bargraph LED (Radio Shack catalog # 276-081)One SPST switchOne 6 volt battery10 kΩ resistor1 MΩ resistor0.1 µF capacitor (Radio Shack catalog # 272-135 or equivalent)Coupling capacitor, 0.047 to 0.001 µFTen 470 Ω resistorsAudio detector with headphones Caution!

The 4017 IC is CMOS, and therefore sensitive to static electricity! Circuit bending / osc?com. Circuit_bending.definition( ) Term coined by q.r. ghazala to describe modifications made to electronic toys and cheap electronic instruments by connecting various points of their circuits in ways that were not meant to be in order to modify the existing sounds and to create unexpected effects or unpredictable noises. ) This kind of modifications have been made by various people since the early 70’s (and before on less ‘popular’ devices) but have only recently gained popularity, because of articles in papers like ‘experimental musical instruments‘ or on various websites.

HOW TO CIRCUIT BEND. Circuit Bending Synth DIY » Blog Archive » Vactrol and LFO Arrangements. By Michael Una. GetLoFi – Circuit Bending Synth DIY. Gallery. Forum X X X Circuit Bending X X X.url. Handmade Music.url. Efabric. Tweet Quelques photos de mon synthétiseur Yamaha CS-01. Tweet N’ayant pas les moyens de me payer une SIDstation, je vais commencer par rassembler des infos sur comment midifier une variante du célêbre chipset son du Commodore 64. J’ai en effet en ma possession deux antiques machines dans un … Continuer la lecture Tweet La liste de mots disponibles est visible dans cet article précédent, à propos de la dictée magique de texas instruments : Je but du jeu est d’associer plusieurs mots de manière à formuler une idée cohérente (enfin dans … Continuer la lecture Tweet Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas encore le site CatSynth, avec sa multitude de photos de studios je vous invite à aller voir où vont se nicher nos compagnons à quatre pattes… Voici la contribution de féline au monde … Continuer la lecture Tweet J’ai déjà parlé ici du WSG. Schematics. October « 2010. By Austin. Workshop Comic, photo by Nebulagirl. Homemade Plate Reverb « Jimmy Murfitt's Blog. Free Electronic Circuit Collection of 30,000 + electronic schematics to solve design problems. Afficher le sujet - débuter dans le modulaire. Robot Logis 2011 - Collège Jean-Marie Lonné d'Hagetmau (40) Polymorphous Space by Tetsuo Kogawa since 1995 for media experiments of micro radio, media technology, streaming live and art politics.

The Electric Web Matrix. Sonodrome. Tgimboej.