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DiscoFreq's Effects Database. Electronics Projects. PAiA Corporation - Analog Synths, Theremins, Preamps, and More. Music Thing. Links to Electronics Sites. 4ms Pedals: Kits. Officially Licensed Circuits - Quality Kits For The DIYer. Through partnerships with some of the more knowledgeable people in effects design, OLC offers the following kits from Runoffgroove and others.

Officially Licensed Circuits - Quality Kits For The DIYer

New kits are always being added. Questions and suggestions are always welcome! Kits include 3PDT stomp switch, MXR™-style aluminum enclosure (4.7" x 3.7" x 1.18"), jacks, battery snap, DC jack, potentiometers, knobs, and all ICs (including sockets), trimpots, resistors, capacitors, 24-gauge stranded wire, and diodes... For Sale. Welcome to the GetLoFi Shop. All orders receive eConfirmation and Tracking once shipped. USPS First Class – $2.50 Priority Flat Rate Envelope – $5.50 Canada and Mexico Priority Flat Rate Envelope $14. Onlineshop der UK-electronic : Welcome in the shop of the UK-electronic.

Onlineshop der UK-electronic :

We look forward to your visit and wish You a lot of fun in our shop. We hold a variety of electronic components (active, passive, mechanical), as well as special Components for the construction of effects pedals for you. For certain selected projects there are also complete DIY kits which only need knobs and a enclosure. This section is constantly expanding. Analog Sequencer kits. DIY Stompbox Parts and DIY Projects. MOD Kits DIY.

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