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MiFitness is a trusted supplier of quality gym equipment and fitness equipment products in South Africa. We sell products directly to corporate and individuals. Contact now for more details.

Five Essential Must-Have Equipment You Need for Weightlifting. Five Essential Must-Have Equipment You Need for Weightlifting. Treadmills - The Science of Choosing a Treadmill. The Features of Treadmills to Look out for. How Spin Bike Offers a Challenging Aerobic Exercise? Exercise Bike for Sale – Key Features of an Exercise Bike. Things you Should Know About Weight Lifting Equipment. Home Gym Equipment - Create a Dynamic Workout Area at Your Own Place. Exercise Bike for Sale - Unveil Effective Exercise Secrets With the Branded Equipment. Rowing Machine for Sale Its Most Essential Features. Exercise Bike for sale – Make your workout sessions effective. Working principles of weight lifting equipment. Dumbbells for Sale – Advantages of Buying Adjustable Dumbbells. Cardio Row Machine – Get perfection in your Cardio workout. Planning of Home Gym Know About Various Home Gym Equipment. Dumbbells for Sale – Reasons Why Barbell Dumbbells Are Considered the Best Strength Equipment.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Elliptical Trainer for Sale. Importance of Different Types of Cardio Row Machine. Different Types of Exercise Bike for Sale Tips to Choose a Good One. Assault What is it. DKN R 400 Magnetic Rowing Machine. DKN RoadRun Treadmil. Points to Be Considered Before Buying Exercise Machines for Sale. Essential Steps to Find the Right Exercise Machines for Sale. Features to Be Considered While Purchasing Gym Equipment for Sale. Benefits of Home Use Gym Equipment. MiFitness: Where to Find the Best Exercise Machines for Sale. Getting in shape through an exercise routine will not only help you in losing weight, but will also improve your physical fitness level, muscle strength as well as endurance.

MiFitness: Where to Find the Best Exercise Machines for Sale

There are various different types of equipment that are available for using in a workout. These equipment or machines target on specific muscle groups and, when these are combined, they will help you to improve your total body fitness. A few years back if an individual needed to have access to a huge range of fitness machines then they would have to join a gym which would have had an expensive membership fees. In the world of today, ecommerce has allowed the users to shop for exercise equipment from the comfort of their homes, and work out privately along with family members. With the growing trend of home-gyms, many online retailers are selling some of the best quality equipment that people are unlikely to find in brick and mortar stores. MiFitness: Common Things One Should Know About Pull Up Bar. Exercise is necessary for everyone irrespective of one’s age.

MiFitness: Common Things One Should Know About Pull Up Bar

But not everyone is able to hit the gym. That doesn’t mean that they cannot workout. They can practice an exercise routine in their homes, and the best addition to the routine are pull-ups as they help in strength and mass building exercises, which are convenient to use, affordable and keeps us on track. For this you are going to need a pull up bar. But before buying one, you should know the basic facts and information about pull up bars: Pull-up bars can be mounted in various ways, wiz: • Doorway, • Wall, • Ceiling, •Joist mounts.

What Everyone Ought To Know About Assault Air Bike? If you are a fitness freak and looking forward to getting affordable fitness equipment that will successfully fulfill all the requirements of the fitness regime, then assault air bike is the best bet.

What Everyone Ought To Know About Assault Air Bike?

It is a sturdily built equipment that is highly reliable and affordably priced to suit the need in an efficient way. It has a steel frame and effectively complements the various intensities of exercises. It is even preferred by most of the professional gyms and is perfect to complete a home gym. The most attractive part of this equipment is its low-cost maintenance. This machine successfully supports thousands of sessions without any failure. Instead of other machines that are available at lower prices, why choose the assault air bike? Running and rowing are some of the best forms of exercises and can easily accentuate the activity to the desired level. Important tips for the effective use of gym equipment at home. A gymnasium is equivalent to a health center that helps create a disease-free body and soul.

Important tips for the effective use of gym equipment at home

A perfectly shaped body not only helps you feel comfortable but also keeps all the diseases at bay. However, going to a gym on a regular basis is very challenging for the youth due to the immense workload. The only way of getting the desired physique is by setting a gym at home with minimal equipment that will procure the finest results. Have you ever considered which home gym equipment will help you achieve the desired outcome? MiFitness: Interesting facts you didn't know about fitness equipment. Physical inactivity is a curse that can invite numerous ailments and is a great contributor to the worldwide mortality.

MiFitness: Interesting facts you didn't know about fitness equipment

Incorporating physical exercises into daily lifestyle with the help of fitness equipment can prove to be a boon in numerous ways. Irrespective of the age, working out produces diversified benefits. Physical fitness not only offer a beautiful body but also helps diminish diabetes, cholesterol, arthritis, and obesity, which are the burning issues of the world right now. Home fitness machinery enables you to get in a perfect shape with various advantages. It can be used as per your convenience and also preserves complete privacy. • Exercising at home is not about doing squats, lunges, and sit-ups.

. • Exercising machines offer a perfect low impact pattern of workout that doesn’t put excessive pressure on the spine and other parts of the body. . • If you have recently encountered surgery or injury, nothing can beat the benefits offered by a light form of cycling. MiFitness: Things to know when purchasing an exercise machine for sale. In a highly competitive society, people are striving to excel over others, to earn the topmost position in the society, in terms of health as well as success.

MiFitness: Things to know when purchasing an exercise machine for sale

Gone are the days, when people preferred being a couch potato rather than running in the park. It is inevitable to take care of your health, no matter what the scenario is. Tips to Take Perfect Care of Your Ab Machine. Well maintained exercise equipment will ensure the consistent quality of your workouts.

Tips to Take Perfect Care of Your Ab Machine

Just as you follow a workout routine for your body, it is also important that you set a good maintenance routine for the machines that help you perform your daily exercise. Whether you run an entire fitness center or your own home gym, keeping your equipment in their optimum working condition is an essential part of upkeep. How to Get Elliptical Trainer for Sale Price in South Africa. Elliptical Trainers are ideal workout machines, especially when you are only starting out.

How to Get Elliptical Trainer for Sale Price in South Africa

They are low-impact machines that are easy on the joints, yet offer enough resistance to challenge both your upper and lower body to encourage optimal calorie burn. Unlike your traditional treadmill, an elliptical has cushioned pedals along with a drive system, which creates a smooth, gliding, circular motion that replicates walking or jogging without the usual stress on the joints as the feet are supported by the pedals at all times.

In addition to working the lower body, elliptical trainers simultaneously hit the upper body, which helps increase muscle tone and add to calorie burn. If you think that an elliptical is the perfect entry-level workout machine for you, here are tips on getting the best bang for your buck: The first consideration you should make once deciding to buy an elliptical trainer is the budget. MiFitness: Cardio Equipment and Their Major Applications. Cardio workouts are not only designed to improve muscular and aerobic endurance.

MiFitness: Cardio Equipment and Their Major Applications

Many of these exercise routines are also useful for those trying to bulk up, shed calories, cut fat, and make abs more pronounced. Below are tried and true cardio machines that help burn calories and boost overall performance in the gym: • Arc Trainers – The arc trainer is a resisted, non-impact cardio device that delivers multiple incline levels (21 in a standard machine) and features wireless heart rate monitoring. More advanced models even have built-in power work-outs, cardio exercises, and weight loss routines. MiFitness: Buying Rowing Machine for Sale Price in South Africa. Stationary rowing machines, otherwise known as ergometer or “erg” for short, are excellent pieces of home gym equipment you should consider investing on.

MiFitness: Buying Rowing Machine for Sale Price in South Africa

They are among the most sought after and recommended home gym machines by both trainers and equipment distributors who know exactly what gym-goers need to help their workout routines. Rowing machines are best for strengthening cardiovascular capacity and endurance, building muscle tone, and increasing stamina. Mifitness. Exercise Bike for Sale. Commercial Gym Equipment. Buy Strength Equipment Online in South Africa - Mifitness. Buy Spin Bike Online at Best Price in South Africa. Buy Weight Plates Online South Africa - Mifitness. Elliptical Trainer for Sale. Exercise & Fitness Accessories - Mifitness.

Cardio Rowing Machine for Sale. Buy Cardio Equipment Online. Buy Exercise Balls at Best Price in South Africa. Buy Pull Up Bar Online in South Africa - Mifitness. Buy Gymnastics Equipment Online. Gym Equipment & Accessories for Sale. Gym Equipment Roland Steyn 2016-12-06T14:21:14+00:00 We STOCK the WIDEST Range of Home & Commercial Gym Equipment in South Africa Our Prices & Quality is Unmatched Expert Product Consultants Exceptional Backup Support * Excludes items already on sale. Buy Assault Air Bike Online. Buy Weight Lifting Belt Online. Dumbbells for Sale in South Africa. Treadmill for Sale in South Africa. The treadmills we offer pack in the most powerful features in compact frames. Every treadmill for sale on our site is the best that technology offers, a workout companion that will push users to achieve better results.

Break the monotony with amazing features that help you fight the bulge and stay fit. The commercial grade steel, the horsepower of the continuous motor, the speed, the incline range and weight supported are crucial in choosing the right treadmill. We choose every product with great care, looking for superior-in-class features. Our technical expertise helps us to filter out treadmills that do not meet high standards of performance. Gym Equipment Suppliers, Home Fitness Equipment.

Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. A Guide on How to Buy Weight Lifting Equipment. There are a couple of things to consider before you go on to purchase your weight lifting equipment—and they are especially important if you are buying online and setting up a gym at home. Here are a few tips: Do your research – Take a look at product reviews and see what other customers have to say.

Read the product description to find out what the equipment is made of. Switch up Your Workouts by Adding Weight Lifting Equipment to Your Home Gym. Weight lifting could be done by most people-including women and children. This is why it’s a good idea to add weight lifting equipment to your home gym for everyone in the family to use. And no-weight lifting is not just for bulking up. It can also tone the muscles without adding bulk and improve overall health. It has been proven to reduce weight, improve bone density and combat depression. It can also help you with bodily ailments such as back pain, diabetes, and excessive fat. Studies show that the more muscle mass you have, the less chances of dying too early.

You can also burn more calories in weight lifting than other sports and workouts. What You Need to Know About Exercise Bikes. Once a popular item in every household, the exercise bike was quickly overshadowed by fancy, high-tech gym equipment. Do you have one at home? The Rise of The Boutique Gym. Assault What is it. DKN R 400 Magnetic Rowing Machine.