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Introductions. Trends at SXSW: The Hottest Startup, Social Network, and More. Buzz, buzz, buzz: That’s the sound of SXSWers frenetically typing on their mobile phones and clogging up social networks with their thoughts on this week’s event.

Trends at SXSW: The Hottest Startup, Social Network, and More

And they’ve been collectively anointing the most popular startup there, which – according to social analytics platform AddThis – is Path. Social journal startup Path launched version 2.1 on March 8, with an API and the ability to record and recognize music (à la Shazam) and take clearer photos. Path is trailed by Forecast, Highlight, Sonar, and Banjo, respectively (see our comparison of Highlight and Banjo, an interview with Sonar CEO Brett Martin, and Forecast coverage). These apps all involve socializing and become extremely more useful at events: you can discover new friends on Highlight, Sonar, and Banjo, and meet up with them later using Forecast’s future check-ins.

As for sharing, the most SXSW buzz (38%) is emanating from Facebook, with 20% coming from Twitter and a mere 2% from Google Plus. Leadership traits that inspire and innovate. In the business world, management and leadership positions are sometimes confused as one similar entity, but when looked at more closely, it becomes clear the two are not one in the same.

Leadership traits that inspire and innovate

A manager’s duties is focused on organization, coordination, and delegation. Great leaders go above and beyond their duties, ultimately motivating and inspiring the entire team. While not all managers are great leaders, all leaders are great managers. Recently, DJ Patil, data scientist from Greylock Partners, was briefly featured in Fast Company and gave an intriguing response to changing the strategic direction of a business. “[P]eople think they have to grab the steering wheel and turn the car. Great leaders who inspire their teams have the following traits: 1.

The kind of passion involved in leadership isn’t overbearing and loud; it’s a deep unwavering commitment to an overall mission. 2. No great leader is without integrity. 3. Strong leaders place a high value on the people of their company. 4. 5. Fast Food Nation. Stephen Von Worley, burger cartographer extraordinaire, has created a map that presents fast food dominance across US territory in delectably manichean terms: Not wrongly, Von Worley frames the Empire of the Gilded Parabola as evil and (more wrongly) the other fast food outlets as a scrappy alliance of insurgents.

Fast Food Nation

Says he: In this and the following graphic, each individual restaurant location has equal power. The entity that controls each point casts the most aggregate burger force upon it, as calculated by the inverse-square law – kind of like a chart outlining the gravitational wells of galactic star clusters, but in an alternate, fast food universe.By far, the largest pocket of resistance is Sonic Drive-In’s south-central stronghold: more than 900 restaurants packed into the state of Texas alone.

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