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Army sees benefits in social-media presence. Army sees benefits in social-media presence Online social-networking tools play role in Army's communications strategy Social-networking tools are playing an increasingly important part of the U.S.

Army sees benefits in social-media presence

Company Search Results. Answers: Mergers and Acquisitions. Real Time Search & SEO for Your Online Marketing Mix - Onlin. Since late 2009 when Google introduced real time search, the concept has gained a lot of attention.

Real Time Search & SEO for Your Online Marketing Mix - Onlin

Today, real time search is at the top of the priority lists for all the major search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo!. As part of the new technology, Google is combining live updates from sites like Twitter with the latest news headlines and blog posts in search results. For web searchers, real time search means the ability to discover breaking news the minute it’s happening. For marketers, it presents a whole host of opportunities to increase online visibility. Here, we’ve provided five ways to leverage real time search in your online marketing efforts. 1.

With real time search, frequently publishing online content becomes a must. Tweets and Facebook fan page updates: Micro content from social sites now has the ability to appear in search results. 2. Creating a core group of brand advocates is important for a number of reasons. 3. 4. 5. Consider these few mobile SEO tips: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Enterprise 2.0 ROI. You may be familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Enterprise 2.0 ROI

It’s a theory Abraham Maslow proposed in 1943, that provides a pecking order of human needs. At the bottom of the pyramid are physiological needs: breathing, food water, etc. The fundamentals needed for basic survival. 13 Essential Social Media Lessons for B2B Marketers from the Mas. This series is supported by the MarketingProfs B2B Forum, where you'll learn the ins-and-outs of social media as part of your overall B2B marketing mix.

13 Essential Social Media Lessons for B2B Marketers from the Mas

Register today! Social media marketing might feel simple for the B2C crowd, but with B2B, it's an entirely different beast. Social Media Toolkit. The barrier for getting started with social media is low, it’s dependent on your involvement level, objectives and goals. The facilitators of the message, our tools, are the key components that make it all work. They are the tools in our digital toolkit that every strategist, marketer and PR professional should already be learning and using. The sole purpose of these tools are to; create, manage and distribute content, build awareness, drive traffic, connect with our customers and hopefully turn a lead into a prospective sale.

9 Tools to Help Live-Stream Your Newsroom. 40 of the Most Useful Social Media and PR Blog Posts of Q1, 2010. Connect: Authored by: Adam Vincenzini I'm the managing partner of Kamber, an Australian-based content marketing and social media agency.

40 of the Most Useful Social Media and PR Blog Posts of Q1, 2010

Blogging is a big passion of mine and over the last five years I've contributed posts to The Next Web, PR Daily, Search Engine Journal and SMT. My personal blog, AdamVincenzini[dot]com was featured in the Ad Age Power 150. Most of my blogging these days takes place over on the Kamber blog. See complete profile. New book – ‘Getting Organized in the Google Era’ Fcp10-1 - Web 2.0. InfoRapid KnowledgeMaps - Impact of colours. Impact of colours Black Cold, colour of death, grief, and depression.

InfoRapid KnowledgeMaps - Impact of colours

Has a mysterious, obscure, inapproachable and interesting effect. Easily combined with other colours. Makes you look slim. White. Be Your Own Guru. Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson I spent the better part of the first 40-years of my life looking for a guru, that person who would just blow me away with her or his prescience, kindness, compassion, vision and guidance.

Be Your Own Guru

The one who would give me the answers. Is Social CRM The Key To Innovation? « Effective CRM. Top 10 Hurdles to Becoming a B2B Thought Leader…and the Secrets. As I write this post, there are over 280 people who claim to be “thought leaders” in their Twitter biography.

Top 10 Hurdles to Becoming a B2B Thought Leader…and the Secrets

It’s certainly a popular label, but I’m pretty certain they haven’t all earned the title. Why? In the 20 years I’ve spent helping clients develop content, I’ve noticed a critical (though perhaps blindingly obvious) fact. It’s pretty hard to become a thought leader. Differentiating Between Social Media and Community Management. Harness Your Subconscious Wisdom by Asking The Right Questions - The Myth of the Strong Center. At the height of the foreclosure crisis the problems experienced by some so-called “sprawl” markets, like Phoenix and San-Bernardino-Riverside, led some observers to see the largest price declines as largely confined to outer ring suburbs.

The Myth of the Strong Center

Some analysts who had long been predicting (even hoping for) the demise of the suburbs skipped right over analysis to concoct theories not supported by the data. The mythology was further enhanced by the notion – never proved – that high gas prices were forcing home buyers closer to the urban core. Yet a summary of the trends over the past 18 months show only minor disparities between geographies within leading urban regions. Overall house prices escalated similarly in virtually all areas within the same metropolitan areas and the price drops appear to have also been similar. This is in contrast to a theory that suggests that huge price drops occurred in the outer suburbs while central city prices held up well. Core Condominium Market Crisis. Google vs. Yahoo: Who Has the Right Social Strategy? The Social Analyst is a weekly column by Mashable Co-Editor Ben Parr, where he digs into social media trends and how they are affecting companies in the space.

Google vs. Yahoo: Who Has the Right Social Strategy?

Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; YouTube; Wordpress: these companies, built from the ground-up, are mainstays in social media. None of them were created by a large tech company, and all but one remains independent. It's an interesting phenomenon, when you think about it. Large tech companies have had limited to no success creating their own social media home runs.

In an era where communication is increasingly taking place on these channels, the inability of these digital giants to build social networks is rather striking. Two titans in particular are making social media headlines for different reasons: Yahoo has decided not to create it own social network, but is instead striking partnership deals with Facebook and Twitter.