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Featured streams for Twine users. Guerrilla Billionaire™ : Career Freedom: Around the World in 80. Career Freedom: Around the World in 80 Trades Although this blog maybe about learning the strategies and tactics of self-made billionaires on the surface, at rock bottom it's about freedom.

Guerrilla Billionaire™ : Career Freedom: Around the World in 80

With that in mind, I'd like to share with you a great tale of a man who found freedom for a year. Suppose for a moment that time travel was possible and you found yourself 1000 years back in time somewhere along the old Silk Road with a limited grubstake of money. Could you survive by trading? The series, Around the World in 80 Trades, is about a man who places himself in such a predicament in order to test his mettle. Google Apps Refresh Sets Up Deathmatch With Microsoft.

The battle for the collaborative backbone behind Google Apps versus Microsoft's SharePoint and Exchange is on, and Google is going for Microsoft's jugular.

Google Apps Refresh Sets Up Deathmatch With Microsoft

Until now, most customers of Microsoft Office had a variety of good reasons to stick with the status quo, steering clear of Google Apps unless they needed it for a bargaining chip when negotiating with Microsoft. But, between Monday's launch of the new versions of Google Documents and Google Spreadsheets and Google's forthcoming plans for the recently acquired DocVerse, Google Apps should no longer be just a bargaining tool. For the latest Desktop Apps news, opinion and conversation, be sure to check out InformationWeek's Special Report: Desktop Apps: Time For Change.

iPipeline Launches V7.2 of the Velocity On-Demand Platform by In. Improvements within Version 7.2 of the Velocity platform include a new interface, case exchange capabilities and system integrations.

iPipeline Launches V7.2 of the Velocity On-Demand Platform by In

Webklipper. FreeOnlineEducationalSites. Patti Anklam » The 3rd SM: Enterprise SM. 5 Blogs Every MBA Student Should Be Reading. Phil Bradley's weblog: Netvibes adds instant dashboards. If you're not familiar with Netvibes, it's a home or start page. That is to say, it's your own personal portal to the net, with links to your favourite sites, RSS feeds, search widgets, email checking software and a whole bunch of other things besides. One of the time consuming things with a system of this type is that it takes time to create pages or tabs and to populate them with appropriate content. Netvibes has however overcome this problem by introducing dashboards. They're accessible from the top left hand corner of the screen (familiar if you're already using the system) thus: As you can see, I've already created two, one for the best football team in the world, and one for Web 2.0 They're simplicity to create - just click on the 'New' link, type in what interests you, and Netvibes almost instantly creates a dashboard.

Enable - home2009. The Founder Institute: Helping Founders to Build Great Companies. Top 10 Clicks: What Accountants Are Reading This Week : CPA Tren. 15 New Rules of Networking and Marketing Communication. Twitter Predicts the Future. [Translations: Japanese] The chatter in Twitter can accurately predict the box-office revenues of upcoming movies weeks before they are released.

Twitter Predicts the Future

In fact, Tweets can predict the performance of films better than market-based predictions, such as Hollywood Stock Exchange, which have been the best predictors to date. The Social Computing Lab at HP Labs in Palo Alto, CA found that using only the rate at which movies are mentioned could successfully predict future revenues. The New Volunteer Manifesto. Just a quick pointer, in case you haven’t seen it yet, to Deirdre Reid’s post the New Volunteer Manifesto.

The New Volunteer Manifesto

It’s a Cluetrain-inspired call to action for associations, to define and develop the 21st century volunteer. Read it, comment, share it! Some of my favorite points (my bold): Members are strategic assets whose talents can be shared with the association. Invest in the infrastructure necessary to effectively recruit, develop, place, recognize and retain volunteer talent.Beware the leadership bubble.

Other Projects. SEOmoz Doubles the Volume of Their Free SEO API. A New Framework for Co-creating. A New Framework for Co-creating Business and Social Value Michel Bauwens 1st February 2008 Darren Sharp informs us that his latest report on user-led innovation is finally live on the Web.

A New Framework for Co-creating

Here is the announcement: User-led Innovation: A New Framework for Co-creating Business and Social Value,’ co-authored by Darren Sharp and Mandy Salomon. This new CRC report reveals the major drivers of user-led innovation and explores how it is affecting organisations’ relationships with key stakeholders. VisInsights. Your Guide To Ubuntu Repositories and Package Management. Most Linux distributions that are aimed at average users have a package management tool.

Your Guide To Ubuntu Repositories and Package Management

RedHat and Fedora have RPM, Debian/Ubuntu/Mint has APT, Arch has Pacman and so on. Each of them essentially do the same thing — keep track of what is installed, lets you install and remove software as well as prompt you to update the installed software whenever necessary. Choosing one to have a detailed look at, it would be APT package management in Ubuntu. So here we go: Repositories There are tons of software application and tools available in Linux. One Economy Corporation.