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The Future of Networks. CFA Institute Home. The Virtual Revolution - The Virtual Revolution: non-brand. Solutions - Services. Support Engineer Access We're sure the tech support you and your team needs is something beyond rebooting your laptop or turning it off and on.

Solutions - Services

You'll have access to one of our engineers — not a level one rep reading from a script — who'll work with you to ensure your service works flawlessly with our CDN. Value network analysis. Value network analysis is a methodology for understanding, using, visualizing, optimizing internal and external value networks and complex economic ecosystems.

Value network analysis

The methods include visualizing sets of relationships from a dynamic whole systems perspective. Robust network analysis approaches are used for understanding value conversion of financial and non-financial assets, such as intellectual capital, into other forms of value. The value conversion question is critical in both social exchange theory that considers the cost/benefit returns of informal exchanges and more classical views of exchange value where there is concern with conversion of value into financial value or price. Advocates of VNA claim that strong value-creating relationships support successful business endeavors at the operational, tactical, and strategic levels. Other claims for value network analysis are. Sign in.