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Short Story on AI: A Cognitive Discontinuity. The idea of writing a collection of short stories has been on my mind for a while.

Short Story on AI: A Cognitive Discontinuity.

This post is my first ever half-serious attempt at a story, and what better way to kick things off than with a story on AI and what that might look like if you extrapolate our current technology and make the (sensible) assumption that we might achieve much more progress with scaling up supervised learning than any other more exotic approach. A slow morning Merus sank into his chair with relief. He listened for the satisfying crackling sound of sinking into the chair’s soft material. Farnam Street. Critical Thinking Model 1. To Analyze Thinking We Must Identify and Question its Elemental Structures Standard: Clarityunderstandable, the meaning can be grasped Could you elaborate further?

Critical Thinking Model 1

Could you give me an example? Could you illustrate what you mean? Standard: Accuracyfree from errors or distortions, true. How to Unlock Opportunities. Companies are stuck at departmental levels when it comes to taking full advantage of social media.

Here's how to implement a company-wide social business initiative that delivers strategic results. In isolated pockets of many large companies I see people trying hard to deliver good social media--a.k.a social business--results. A few internal "change champions" usually have a pretty good idea of what it takes to produce local results that will make the organization proud. By looking at these examples, we can see that the groundwork required to be effective in social business is largely the same across most industries and geographies. A company needs forward-thinking vision and preparation, cultivation of the proper skills, a focus on creating effective social business processes, and perhaps most of all, the budget for additional staff and infrastructure.

That's because the action in social business is largely still at the departmental level. Over the last year of so, social business has matured to the point that the vast majority of organizations have some operational social media capability, ranging from the largely tactical to the highly strategic.

While we recently highlighted some of the very best strategic stories in the dozens of high-impact case studies in Social Business By Design (John Wiley & Sons, 2012), the industry has not stood still. While there are a number of key factors that help organizations create important new types of business results using enterprise social networks or online communities, leadership is almost always at the top of the list.

There is no avoiding the fact that what executives and middle managers actually do when it comes to leadership with digital networks has a inordinate determining effect on whether workers usefully employ social tools in their day-to-day work, take unique advantage of what makes them special, and create meaningful new levels of business value. I’ve studied or helped organizations apply the key adoption factors of social business for years, and there’s a key question that still seems to come up as frequently as ever: What exactly can leaders do to enable their organizations to incorporate the vital concepts and work techniques of digital networks to their daily work? Digital Networks: The New Management Imperative Create Reach: Cultivate Network Capital. Education and Learning. Pin by Bill Jensen on SimplerWork.

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Emergence - I Take the Vow. 50 Uplifting ideas. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed.

50 Uplifting ideas

Thanks for visiting! 1. Respect your body and life 2. Respect the planet 3. Respect wildlife and nature 4. Here is a jpeg of the list and mind map: For a PDF version visit the Mind Map Inspiration Website The Uplifting ideas Mind Map comes from SET 12 – Uplifting ideas Mind Map Set I hope you enjoy viewing my Mind Maps – there are hundreds more planned here at the Mind Map Inspiration Blog plus ongoing creativity and drawing tips. Everyday miracles of the planet. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed.

Everyday miracles of the planet

Thanks for visiting! This is a mind map about gratitude and appreciation for some of the everyday miracles of the planet. I am grateful for the everyday miracles of the planet both large and small. The real diamonds; the affordable diamonds of everyday miracles. E8-Album. Spirituality & Practice: Book Review: Seek God Everywhere, b. By Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat Seek God EverywhereReflections on the Spiritual Exercises of St.

Spirituality & Practice: Book Review: Seek God Everywhere, b

Ignatius Anthony de Mello Image/Doubleday 02/10 Paperback $14.00 ISBN: 9780385531764 Anthony de Mello (1931 - 1987) was the director of the Sadhana Institute of Pastoral Counseling in Pune, India. A Jesuit priest in the province of Bombay, he was known throughout the world for his writing and speaking at spiritual conferences. How to Change Limiting Beliefs - The Ultimate Guide. Sharebar Elephant keepers in India have an interesting way of keeping their elephants from running away.

How to Change Limiting Beliefs - The Ultimate Guide

They tie them to a wooden peg with a rope. It doesn’t make sense on the surface, since a rope like that has no hope of holding a grown elephant. But ask any elephant keeper and he will chuckle and explain: When a baby elephant is born, the herder ties it to a peg with a rope. And like that rope, we often form beliefs that might be useful at first, but then hold us back in life, long after the original reasons are gone. I won’t go into much detail on why limiting beliefs suck. Spirituality & Practice: E-Courses: Living with Uncertainty. Living with Uncertainty Led by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat Subscribe to this E-Course We like to think of ourselves as being somewhat in control of our lives.

Spirituality & Practice: E-Courses: Living with Uncertainty

But events and circumstances often conspire to set us off course. All of us are now in this period of economic crisis in choppy waters where uncertainty and insecurity make our journey feel ever more stressful and dangerous. Magazines still publish listings of the "safest cities" or the "safest vacation spots" but we know there is no guaranteed safety anyway. It takes practice to change our habitual ways, to try to live with different attitudes and understandings. 3 CEHs for Chaplains available. This e-course is available on-demand. Online Gratitude Journal January 2010 Edition #37. January 29, 2010 by akemi Are you having a great start of the year?

Keeping up with your new year’s resolution? Time is speeding up and I can hardly believe one twelfth of the year is already gone. (Photo credit) January in review.