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Discovery Education Streaming Plus Digital Media. Benefits-barriers.pdf. iOS Top App Charts Australia - Education. Apple: most popular app store categories 2015. 2011 Census QuickStats: Australia. 6250.0 - Characteristics of Recent Migrants, Australia, Nov 2013. The Characteristics of Recent Migrants Survey provides detailed data about migrants who have come to Australia over the past 10 years and how they have fared after their arrival.

6250.0 - Characteristics of Recent Migrants, Australia, Nov 2013

The topics covered by the survey are of strong interest to researchers and government departments. Of particular interest is how migrants settle into employment and whether their likelihood of finding work relates to their visa type, education, language skills or other characteristics. In November 2013, the in-scope Australian population aged 15 years and over was 18.3 million people. Of these people, an estimated 5.8 million (32%) were born overseas. (Table 1) Around 1.7 million of the people born overseas arrived in Australia to live after 2003 and were aged 15 years and over on arrival. 63% were recent migrants (552,600 people had a permanent visa and 368,700 people were now Australian citizens) 36% were temporary residents (525,000 people had temporary visas).

Document Selection. iWonder what the BBC is doing with learning. Tony Parkin visited the London Knowledge Lab to check out iWonder's interactive learningIf you have thought "iWonder what the BBC is up to with online learning" you were on the right lines!

iWonder what the BBC is doing with learning

iWonder is the name of the latest online learning development at the BBC that is already showing its value to learners both in and out of school. BBC iWonder aims to 'unlock learning potential' of content. Credit: Image by katerha on Flickr.

BBC iWonder aims to 'unlock learning potential' of content

Some rights reserved The BBC has launched a range of new interactive guides designed to "unlock the learning potential" of its digital content. BBC iWonder combines both newly-commissioned and archive content that is rich with video, audio, text and graphics, presented by historians and experts. "Over the last 15 years BBC Online has produced some really fantastic factual and educational content," Chris Sizemore, executive editor at BBC Knowledge & Learning told Media briefs: Amplify subdued, irony alert, leader spill. News Corp Profit Edges Down. Inside News Corp's $540 Million Bet on American Classrooms.

In the middle of Brooklyn’s high-end Dumbo neighborhood, 20 inner-city children sit around two wooden tables at what appears to be a small summer camp.

Inside News Corp's $540 Million Bet on American Classrooms

Tablet computers are scattered across the tables, punctuated by plates of corn chips and bowls of salsa. The kids are restless on this sweltering July afternoon, fidgeting in their chairs and asking the handful of twenty-somethings if they can play Temple Run or maybe just head home for the day. These kids aren’t technically campers, and these Millennials aren’t counselors. Instead, the children are product testers (paid weekly in $100 Amazon gift cards) for News Corp., the Rupert Murdoch-founded media conglomerate that began Fox News.

Teaching with tech: could iBooks Author spark an education revolution? Late last week, Apple announced the launch of a new piece of software, iBooks Author, and a new version of its eBook reader, iBooks 2.

Teaching with tech: could iBooks Author spark an education revolution?

It’s a development that promises to accelerate the move to interactive eBooks, by radically simplifying their development. iBooks Author does to eBooks what Apple’s GarageBand does to producing music – it makes the development of an interactive eBook as simple as dropping in a presentation or document. Videos, audio and other interactive elements can also be included, and the software automatically positions these elements, adjusting text and layout. Once produced, eBooks can be distributed through Apple’s iBooks store – after going through the Apple review process – for download onto iPads, iPhones and the iPod Touch. Noncognitive%20Report.pdf. Education Week. Education Week. Did Apple Execute Steve Jobs' Vision for Textbooks?

The dust is just beginning to settle from Apple’s education event in New York City this morning and many are pondering the impact which its new textbooks, iBooks Author tool and iTunes U app will have on the future of learning.

Did Apple Execute Steve Jobs' Vision for Textbooks?

Heavy discussion in the wake of an Apple event isn’t unusual, but this one is somewhat unique in that it was presaged by an uncharacteristically detailed admission from founder Steve Jobs himself. The preview of what Apple was going to announce today came on Page 509 (Kindle) of Walter Isaacson’s biography of Jobs. In this section of the book, Isaacson was describing a dinner in 2010 at which Jobs discussed what he saw as the future of textbooks with News Corp.’s Rupert Murdoch. The section was brief, but outlined his basic vision very well. It’s quite interesting to see how close, and how far away, Apple’s announcements today are from that vision. Education - McKinsey on Society. Where Does Apple Go from Here? Nearly 70% of Apple’s revenue in the most recent quarter and the entirety of its growth came from the iPhone, leading one observer to remark that the tech company “is now as dependent on the success of one product line…as Microsoft once was with Windows.”

Where Does Apple Go from Here?

Pointing to the experience of Microsoft, at one time the Goliath to Apple’s David, some experts wonder whether Apple could ever fall victim to its own success. But while many investors are asking how Apple will follow up the iPhone, others point out booming global mobile markets leave ample room for competition and further growth.

To hear iBooks Store Director Keith Moerer tell it, Apple’s mobile clout is already paying off on other fronts. Moerer recently estimated the company is bringing in 1 million new iBooks customers every week, after bundling the app with iOS 8 last year. Much more. Related: Mobile Moves to the Center. Projects. ABC Editorial Policies. Enhanced learning as students access ABC’s archive via new NBN education portal. {*style:<b>The Hon Peter Garrett MP </b>*}Minister for School Education, Early Childhood and Youth Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Digital Productivity Australian students will be able to access exciting, new innovative and interactive educational resources for teachers and students via a new $19.94 million National Broadband Network-enabled education portal.

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