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Histoire de l'homosexualité

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Sans titre. The Lavender Scare and Beyond: Documenting LGBTQ History from the Great Depression to Today. Dr.

The Lavender Scare and Beyond: Documenting LGBTQ History from the Great Depression to Today

Eric Gonzaba is an Assistant Professor of American Studies at California State University Fullerton. The Lavender Scare, a new documentary that will air on PBS on Tuesday, June 18th, documents the systematic firing and discrimination of LGBT people under the Eisenhower administration. The film is based on David Johnson's book The Lavender Scare: The Cold War Persecution of Gays and Lesbians in the Federal Government.

The film is directed and produced by Josh Howard, a producer and broadcast executive with more than 25 years of experience in news and documentary production. He has been honored with 24 Emmy Awards, mostly for his work on the CBS News broadcast 60 Minutes. Charles Dantzig rend hommage à Pierre Herbart, écrivain, homosexuel et grand résistant - TÊTU. Je ne crois pas qu’on puisse être un bon écrivain si on ne paie pas sa redevance aux fantômes.

Charles Dantzig rend hommage à Pierre Herbart, écrivain, homosexuel et grand résistant - TÊTU

Les fantômes, ce sont les écrivains d’avant nous, ceux qui nous ont révélés à nous-mêmes par leurs livres. Nous leur devons cela, et nous devons leur rendre notre dû. Un des fantômes dont je me suis occupé avec le plus de plaisir est Pierre Herbart. Un écrivain fin, très fin, si fin que le très grand public ne le voit pas. Charles Dantzig rend hommage à Pierre Herbart, écrivain, homosexuel et grand résistant - TÊTU. An unsung hero of the civil rights movement - Christina Greer. 1) The segregation and second class citizenship of Blacks in America was calcified in American society for centuries.

An unsung hero of the civil rights movement - Christina Greer

The Sexuality of Slang. Jean Lorrain, dandy décadent et chroniqueur du vice parisien. Hoes before Bros. Boys just want to have fun: February scene from the Trivulzio tapestry, by Benedetto da Milano, after a design by Bramantino, Milan, 1504-9.

Hoes before Bros

On 26 March 1511 the Venetian diarist Marino Sanudo described how a terrifying earthquake struck the city: The chimneys were swaying, the walls bursting open, the bell towers tottering, things on high were tumbling down, and the water in the canals – even the Grand Canal – was boiling as if it had fire under it. The following day the patriarch, Antonio Contarini, addressed the inner cabinet of the republic’s governing Signoria. According to Sanudo, Contarini blamed the earthquake on sinful behaviour and on sodomites in particular: ‘This land is full of sin, mainly sodomy, which is committed everywhere without respect.’ Contarini also revealed that the city’s prostitutes had ‘sent word to him that they cannot make a living. Of all carnal sins sodomy was regarded with the greatest horror. A Lost Piece of Trans History. Sans titre. 26 octobre 1440 - Mort de Gilles de Rais. India's sodomy ban, now ruled illegal, was a British colonial legacy. The Indian Supreme Court has legalized homosexuality, overturning a 157-year ban on consensual gay sex.

India's sodomy ban, now ruled illegal, was a British colonial legacy

In a nearly 500-page unanimous decision issued on Sept. 6, India’s highest court affirmed that “whenever the constitutional courts come across a situation of transgression or dereliction in the sphere of fundamental rights which are also the basic human rights of a section, howsoever small part of the society, then it is for the constitutional courts to ensure that constitutional morality prevails over social morality.” Gay rights advocates worldwide celebrated the legal victory, which came after nearly a decade of contentious court battles against a British colonial law criminalizing homosexual acts.

“Our court, our justice system, really believes in the rights of the people,” said Kalyani Subramanyam, program director for the Naz Foundation, the primary petitioner in the court case, which could open the door to gay marriage. Le christianisme a-t-il un problème avec l’homosexualité ? Alors que le pape François vient de tenir des propos controversés sur les homosexuels, quelles sont les origines de l’homophobie chrétienne ?

Le christianisme a-t-il un problème avec l’homosexualité ?

L’homosexualité vue comme une maladie Le pape François sous-entend, dans sa conférence de presse, que l’homosexualité est une sorte de maladie. C’est pourquoi il emploie le mot remède. François reprend ici des idées déjà exprimées par son prédécesseur, le cardinal Ratzinger, futur Benoît XVI, alors à la tête de la Congrégation pour la doctrine de la foi, dans les années 1980 : l’homosexualité n’est pas un péché, mais tout de même une mauvaise tendance d’un point de vue moral. The Secret History of Leviticus. The 'macaroni' scandal of 1772: 'gay' trial a century before Oscar Wilde.

Actuel Moyen Âge - Hind bint al-Nu'man, lesbienne et heureuse. Homophobia in Russia. A Thing for Men in Uniforms. It was just over a week after a coalition of populist and right-wing parties won a majority of votes in Italy’s parliamentary election, and the former senior adviser to President Donald Trump sounded positively besotted as he gushed about the manliness and brio of Benito Mussolini.

A Thing for Men in Uniforms

“He has all that virility,” Steve Bannon told The Spectator of London. “He also had amazing fashion sense, right, that whole thing with the uniforms.” Given his own sartorial and hygienic proclivities—layering collared shirts and looking as though he hasn’t showered for days—it was strange to behold Bannon extolling interwar Italian couture. Social media feeds lit up with quips about the homoerotic subtext of Bannon’s Mussolini crush. This may have been an unexpected instance of a connection made between fascism and gay masculinism, but it is hardly without precedent. Another prominent gay man on the far-right scene is James J. The Cold War witch-hunt of homosexuals was cruel and unwarranted. From D.H. Sans titre. LGBTQ+ History Is Necessary for Everyone / them. The author of the piece has already been (appropriately) dragged so hard that he’s quit Twitter.

LGBTQ+ History Is Necessary for Everyone / them.

I’ll leave that dead horse for others to beat. But I want to address the central question: What is the importance of queer history? Theconversation. In our sexual histories series, authors explore changing sexual mores from antiquity to today.


Armies make men. Routine, order and discipline bring out the greatest masculine characteristics. Uniforms transform young males just beginning their lives from nobody to somebody. Sacrifice, courage and loyalty among fighting men build nations. The Eunuch and the Emperor. Le procès de l’homosexualité. Recensé : Florence Tamagne, Le Crime du Palace.

Le procès de l’homosexualité

Enquête sur l’une des plus grandes affaires criminelles des années 1930, Paris, Payot, 2017, 286 p., 22 €. Florence Tamagne, spécialiste des groupes marginalisés dans les sociétés européennes — des homosexuels aux jeunes, en passant par les rockers —, nous livre ici le passionnant récit d’un crime jamais complètement élucidé. En déroulant patiemment les différents fils d’une histoire embrouillée, elle hisse un fait divers qui « alimenta pendant de longs mois [cette rubrique] de la presse populaire, mais aussi les éditoriaux des journaux politiques » au rang de symptôme du malaise qui rongeait la France, aux prises avec les conséquences contradictoires de la Grande Guerre, entre aspiration au retour à l’ordre et désir de transformation sociale.

Un self-made-man à la fibre sociale Cet impôt datant de l’Ancien Régime était prélevé sur les recettes des spectacles pour alimenter les caisses de l’Assistance publique. Theconversation. In a landmark ruling, India’s Supreme Court has confirmed an individual’s right to privacy – including sexual orientation – under the country’s constitution. The ruling on August 24 offers new hope for the LGBTQ+ community in India, still living under the homophobic legacy of the British Empire which criminalised same-sex relationships. A formal judgement on the law, known as Section 377, is still pending and the hope is that the court will repeal this toxic colonial hangover. This legacy dates back 157 years to a dark part of imperial history. In 1860, the British Raj – the empire in India – had been in place for three years. Theconversation. You might think same-sex marriage is something completely new. You would be mostly right, but history has other things to show us.

History is not as familiar as we sometimes think it is. Spiritual brotherhood in the Byzantine Empire of the Middle Ages is an ancestor to our same-sex marriage. In the Byzantine Empire men became spiritual brothers and some scholars believe that sexual intimacy did or could occur. On the same side: gay people during the Second World War. Out of the Closet, Into the Archives: Researching Sexual Histories (SUNY series in Queer Politics and Cultures): Amy L. Stone, Jaime Cantrell: 9781438459042: Books. Amours et colères médiévales. Recensé : Damien Boquet et Piroska Nagy, Sensible Moyen Âge. Une histoire des émotions dans l’Occident médiéval, Paris, Seuil, 2015, 477 p., 25 €. À la suite des travaux de Johan Huizinga et de Norbert Elias [1], les historiens ont longtemps pensé que les hommes et les femmes des époques antérieures aux XVIIe-XVIIIe siècles étaient violents, cruels, infantiles, instinctifs et, par conséquent, incapables de contrôler leurs émotions.

La manifestation de celles-ci aurait été un phénomène « naturel » et il aurait fallu attendre le processus de « civilisation des mœurs » pour passer des émotions-instincts à la raison et au contrôle de soi. Theconversation. One of the World War I’s most enduring legacies is largely forgotten: It sparked the modern gay rights movement. Gay soldiers who survived the bloodletting returned home convinced their governments owed them something – full citizenship. Especially in Germany, where gay rights already had a tenuous footing, they formed new organizations to advocate in public for their rights. Though the movement that called itself “homosexual emancipation” began in the 19th century, my research and that of historian Jason Crouthamel shows that the war turned the 19th-century movement into gay rights as we know it today.