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Michelle Hummel

I’m a passionate Social Media Trainer with 15+ years of successful online business development, sales and marketing experience. I also hold a valuable Internet Marketing Degree however with the ever-changing world of web marketing I strive to learn something new every day.

How to Use Social Media for Recruiting. In just the last few years, the process of recruiting new talent has dramatically shifted.

How to Use Social Media for Recruiting

A big reason for this shift is because the landscape has gotten much more competitive. With so much competition for talented new employees, businesses need to take advantage of every possible avenue to gain an edge. One area where more businesses are turning is social media for recruiting. Michelle Hummel, Engaging and Empowering You with Social Media Training. In today’s business world, social media plays a big role in driving sales and brand awareness.

Michelle Hummel, Engaging and Empowering You with Social Media Training

How Can Your Business Use Social Media to Generate Leads? When I speak to businesses about their current social media strategy, one of the most common issues that come up is a desire to generate leads.

How Can Your Business Use Social Media to Generate Leads?

While most businesses know that social media marketing can help move the needle for their business, figuring out how to make that happen can be a challenge. Although creating a Facebook page or tweeting on a daily basis isn’t going to instantly translate to leads, the good news is there are plenty of ways to use social media for lead generation. The key to making that happen is understanding what works through social channels. Once you have that outline, you can customize your strategy for your specific business. 10 Features Business Owners Should Look For When Evaluating Social Media Management Tools. It’s amazing how many organizations and businesses still don’t use Social Media Management Tools.

10 Features Business Owners Should Look For When Evaluating Social Media Management Tools

When I say that it’s amazing, I really mean that. Any organization that does not already understand that social media is the key to their future success has essentially hung out the “closed for business” sign and is waiting for someone to tell them. With the myriad of networks out there that need to be worked and monitored, there are only two viable options: have a large staff devoted to social media or get software to take care of your social media tracking. Here are 10 ways social media management tools can save you time. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. How to Hire a Social Media Marketing Consultant, and Why You Should. Social media can be an excellent way for businesses to connect with potential and current customers.

How to Hire a Social Media Marketing Consultant, and Why You Should

However, social media can also be overwhelming and extremely challenging for a business to understand. If you want to utilize social media to market your company but aren’t sure about the best way to get started, a consultant can help. The same is true if you’ve already attempted some marketing through social media but haven’t gotten the results you expected. While a quality consultant can provide a ton of value to your business, that doesn’t mean you want to hire just anyone. If you hire a consultant who’s better at marketing themselves than getting results for their clients, the best case scenario is they’re going to end up wasting your time and money.

In order to separate the wheat from the chaff, here are several questions you’ll want to ask when interviewing a potential consultant: How to Create a Google Plus Page that Drives Traffic to your Website. The latest stats show Google Plus has 359+ million active users and is gaining 625,000 users per day!

How to Create a Google Plus Page that Drives Traffic to your Website

The Google “+” button is served more than 5 billion times in one day. When Google originally rolled out Plus, many people were skeptical that the network wouldn’t last for long. Google Plus continues going strong. In fact, Google has taken multiple steps to integrate Plus more deeply into their ecosystem. 7 Secrets of the Twitter Marketing Experts. Twitter for Beginners - 5 Tips to Get Started. Now a Proud Member of the International Franchise Association. Our goal for 2018 is to continue working to help grow emerging Franchises.

Now a Proud Member of the International Franchise Association

My team is excited to be attending the IFA Convention in Phoenix, AZ Feb 11-12. Franchise Marketing One of the traits that sets the most successful franchises apart from others is a brand that’s instantly recognizable. When it comes to building that type of brand value, it all starts with the right approach to marketing. By working with Web Strategy Plus, you can implement and execute a marketing plan for your franchise that’s centered around building a truly great brand. Franchise Sales Whether you are interested in selling more franchise locations or want to increase sales at individual locations, we can provide the knowledge and guidance you need to accomplish your sales goals. Franchise Lead Generation Bringing new franchise owners into your organization begins with identifying the right prospects. The Essential Guide to Branding Yourself on Social Media.

Whether you’re an established business owner, budding entrepreneur or an accomplished professional, social media can be a great way to open up new doors and opportunities.

The Essential Guide to Branding Yourself on Social Media

However, just as a business can’t create a profile, share a few links and then expect a stream of quality customers to come from that social platform, branding yourself in a meaningful way through social media is going to take some work. Fortunately, once you know where to focus your attention and effort, the personal branding work you put in on social media can be enjoyable and very rewarding. With that in mind, I want to share some tips I’ve used to build a strong brand for myself across social media, as well as clients who have hired me for social media consulting: Keep It Consistent and Clear If you already have profiles on multiple platforms and the way your name is formatted in the URLs differs slightly, it’s not the end of the world. Consistency is also very important in how you describe yourself. How to Create a Social Media Editorial Calendar That Will Grow Your Business. 5 Most Important Social Media Metrics to Know.

When Facebook and Twitter were first growing, one of the reasons many businesses didn’t invest in these platforms is because they felt it was too difficult to measure their results.

5 Most Important Social Media Metrics to Know

And even though there’s now lots of data available via the platforms themselves and tools built around these platforms, more than sixty percent of marketers say that measuring ROI is still their biggest challenge with social media marketing. Twitter Says Goodbye to Vine (Plus 3 Other Twitter Updates) Of all the social platforms, Twitter may be the most interesting.

Twitter Says Goodbye to Vine (Plus 3 Other Twitter Updates)

Between being heavily utilized by the now President Elect and boasting 317 million monthly active users, there’s no question that the platform is still relevant. However, Twitter as both a platform and company has continued to struggle to really find their place in the social arena. As Twitter continues to look for what’s going to give them real traction, we want to highlight four recent updates they’ve made which may affect businesses using the platform for marketing. Twitter Says Goodbye to Vine At the end of October, Twitter announced that the Vine app would be discontinued in coming months. Even though the clips on Vine were extremely short, dozens of Internet personalities had managed to build huge followings on Vine. New Direct Message Features Shortly after their announcement that the Vine app will be going away, Twitter shared two new direct message features. Highlights on iOS. The Power of Webinars and How to Promote Them on Social Media.

Although none of the technologies I’m going to talk about in this post are brand new, we’re at an interesting point with the Internet where several promising forms of technology are really hitting their stride. Those technologies are webinars and social media. Why Webinars? Before we cover the best ways to promote your webinar on social media, I want to explain why webinars are such a powerful tool for businesses. Over the last eighteen months or so, video consumption on platforms like YouTube and Facebook has absolutely exploded. How to Train Employees to Manage Social Media Activity. Social media has become a very important channel for businesses of all sizes. Whether a business has a handful of employees or dozens, it’s important for the entire team to be involved in social media.

One reason is social media works best for businesses when they’re able to use it to communicate their brand. Since employees play an important role in defining a brand, integrating all of their voices into social media is very useful. Another advantage of making social media something that’s shared across an entire team is it increases reach. While one person may have trouble coming up with truly great post ideas on a consistent basis, spreading this work across an entire team means there will always be new sources of creative ideas to tap. LinkedIn Group Marketing - Best Practices for B2B Lead Generation. In a relatively short amount of time, LinkedIn has grown into one of the biggest networks on the Internet. This platform now boasts more than 400 million users.

Not only does LinkedIn have a lot of users, but its professional focus makes it a gold mine for any business that wants to generate B2B leads. When it comes to generating B2B leads through LinkedIn, there are a number of different approaches that businesses can take. Of those options, we’ve found LinkedIn group marketing to be one of the most effective. Even though changes to certain LinkedIn features and settings at the end of 2015 made it more difficult to fully harness this type of marketing, it’s still possible to find a lot of success through LinkedIn groups. Have a Clear Purpose for Any Group You Create Creating your own LinkedIn group isn’t a requirement for generating B2B leads through this platform.

How to Measure the Success of a Social Media Marketing Campaign. When social media started gaining traction, a common hesitation businesses had was being unable to track the results of their efforts. Although social media marketing is now an activity that can be tracked in detail, that doesn’t necessarily mean doing so is easy. How to Get Started with a Social Media Strategy. How to WOW Your Customers and Keep Them Loyal to Your Business! by Michelle Hummel. “Right from the moment of our birth, we are under the care and kindness of our parents, and then later on in our life when we are oppressed by sickness and become old, we are again dependent on the kindness of others. Since at the beginning and end of our lives we are so dependent on other’s kindness, how can it be in ……the middle that we would neglect kindness towards others?”

5 Types of Social Media Posting That Will Help Your Business. Tips to Convert Your Social Media Followers Into Customers. Should Your Business Hire a Social Media Expert? 4 Powerful Ways to Use Content Marketing to Build Your Personal Brand by Michelle Hummel. You’ve probably read at least a handful of blog posts that talk about content marketing. If you spend a fair amount of time reading about online marketing, you’ve probably actually come across a few case studies about content marketing.

While both blog post and case studies are useful sources of information about content marketing, they’re generally focused on how small and large businesses are utilizing this marketing technique. 6 Critical Tips for Designing a Mobile Friendly Website. Mobile devices have become larger than PC sales while 86% of adults own a mobile phone and 52% access the internet with it. Mobile Internet use is up because it’s more convenient and we carry them everywhere we go. Mobile Internet is becoming the Internet. How to Increase Your Repins, Likes and Comments on Pinterest by Michelle Hummel.

The best way to increase the number of repins, likes and comments your Pinterest pins generate is to optimize each one. How Can You Get More Followers On Your Google Plus Business Page? Google Plus is an interesting platform. Since its launch, the network Google created has always been more closed than most other networks. And because Google has so many huge projects going on, they don’t always put as many resources behind proactively promoting the platform as other social sites do. This has resulted in countless press stories about the death of Google Plus.

However, while the platform may not be as huge as Facebook or even some of Google’s other properties like YouTube, that doesn’t mean it’s dead. On the contrary, the fact that Google+ hasn’t been adopted by everyone online means the users who are on Google Plus are quite passionate about. Proven Strategies for Dealing with Negative Comments and Disappointed Customers on Social Media.

When social media was first gaining momentum, one of the reasons many businesses were hesitant about establishing a social presence is they had concerns about publicly engaging with customers. Content Marketing Tips You Need to Build a Strong Audience in 2016. In 2016, producing great content is no longer enough to build a strong audience. If you want people to know about your content and be interested in consuming more of it, you need a reliable way to reach your ideal readers.