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Michelle Sears

about me you ask? well you see, Im a christian because God is AWESOME and he is my lord and savor. you probably already know this is that my name is michelle. you can call me karen if you would like. i really like taco salad, hash browns, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. my biggest pet peev is when people leave a comments that say "no comment"... i dont see the point. i like saying "random" around my best friend Anna Olson at random times just because thats her biggest pet peev. loose hair and storms kinda freak me out. im a homeschooler. its quite nice actually. I have one brother named Thomas.. he goes my "Tom" now and its weird... I'm probably the only girl in the world that not ticklish and its HORRIBLE. im not sure what i want to be when i grow up, what ever God want me to be! i don't do any sports.. (lame i know) but i like ultimate frisbee! does that count? and i LOVE to snowboard! its my passion. my birthday is august 12th! just to let you know. anyway, i think thats just about it.

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