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Deconstructing the patriarchy

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Ideas and thinking about the personalitical (coined by Bruce Sterling on the Well 5th January 2015) objectives of feminism.

I’m Suspicious of Male “Feminists” — And You Should Be Too. If you’re a dude reading this, and you consider yourself a feminist, then I just have a few questions for you: Are you more likely to stop supporting the porn industry because it brutally exploits and abuses women — or because you’ve watched too much porn and now your dick won’t work properly?

I’m Suspicious of Male “Feminists” — And You Should Be Too

:( If every woman feminist in the world woke up one day, and decided that men are not allowed to call themselves feminists, would you respect that boundary with the understanding that you’re not entitled to everything you want — or would you fight for your right to claim a word intended for women, and women alone? A cycle of violence - Background Briefing. Domestic violence is a crime that, in the vast majority of cases, is committed by men.

A cycle of violence - Background Briefing

What do we really know about men who abuse their partners and how they do it? Jess Hill probes the disturbing psychology of domestic violence. This article represents part of a larger Background Briefing investigation. Listen to Jess Hill's full report on Sunday at 8.05 am or use the podcast links above after broadcast. Our Parks. About Inviting all women to join a positive protest reminding the community that public space is for everyone.

Our Parks

In memory of Masa Vukotic, and all women who have been murdered because they dared to venture out, live their lives and not accept the limitations of male violence. When women are raped and killed by men we are told to take more care, stay inside, travel escorted, be more aware of our surroundings and we say loudly and clearly that this has not worked. It is not our responsibility to live our lives second guessing the male violence we are made to encounter. It is on us all to stop men from hurting women. Tonight in Melbourne we'll gather at the flower clock in the Royal Botanic Gardens, opposite Arts Centre Melbourne, with other women, candles (any light sources), earphones, headphones, and the strong sense that we are entitled to take up public space and enjoy our parks and our freedom. Meeting from 6pm. Michelle Pitman sur Twitter : "...

If Our Sons Were Treated Like Our Daughters  Come with me.

If Our Sons Were Treated Like Our Daughters 

Let's open the door to a parallel universe. You unlock this door with a key of imagination, just like on The Twilight Zone. Here in this parallel world, the rules are different because gender roles are flipped. Loving parents and teachers accept this strange culture as if it's not so bad, or perhaps even good. As if the reverse of this culture could exist only in the minds of fiction writers or lunatics. As we travel together, let's observe the childhood of one baby boy, born into this alternate reality, as seen through the eyes of his mother: In the womb: It is your baby shower, and everyone has known for several months that you are having a boy.

Cory Doctorow sur Twitter : "Seven year old girl tells Lego off for gender stereotyping in toys" Expectations of brilliance underlie gender distributions across academic disciplines. The gender imbalance in STEM subjects dominates current debates about women’s underrepresentation in academia.

Expectations of brilliance underlie gender distributions across academic disciplines

However, women are well represented at the Ph.D. level in some sciences and poorly represented in some humanities (e.g., in 2011, 54% of U.S. Ph.D.’s in molecular biology were women versus only 31% in philosophy). We hypothesize that, across the academic spectrum, women are underrepresented in fields whose practitioners believe that raw, innate talent is the main requirement for success, because women are stereotyped as not possessing such talent.

This hypothesis extends to African Americans’ underrepresentation as well, as this group is subject to similar stereotypes. Results from a nationwide survey of academics support our hypothesis (termed the field-specific ability beliefs hypothesis) over three competing hypotheses. Some scientific disciplines have lower percentages of women in academia than others. Science, this issue p. 262; see also p. 234. Interactive: Here’s why men on earth outnumber women by 60 million. Making vs Being. Why I Am Not a Maker. Every once in a while, I am asked what I “make.”

Why I Am Not a Maker

A hack day might require it, or a conference might ask me to describe “what I make” so it can go on my name tag. I’m always uncomfortable with it. I’m uncomfortable with any culture that encourages you take on an entire identity, rather than to express a facet of your own identity ("maker," rather than "someone who makes things"). But I have much deeper concerns. An identity built around making things—of being “a maker”—pervades technology culture. I understand where the motivation for this comes from. But there are more significant issues, rooted in the social history of who makes things—and who doesn’t. Walk through a museum. Making is not a rebel movement, scrappy individuals going up against the system. Season of the Witch — The Archipelago. Guys, I have good news.

Season of the Witch — The Archipelago

I promise it’s good news. Misandry is almost done. No, hear me out. Neither everything nor nothing. PUBLIC debate about misogyny in Australian politics peaked in October last year after Julia Gillard let rip in parliament, and it surged again as we came to terms with the fact that our first female prime minister had been booted out of office because of her failure to retain public support.

Neither everything nor nothing

We are left with some troubling questions. Peter Lloyd's Stand By Your Manhood says feminism has made today's men second class. Men are responsible for many great achievements but getting a raw dealNew book claims men have been unfairly undermined by modern feminismMen are doing more, working harder and getting none of the credit, it says By Peter Lloyd For The Daily Mail Published: 00:34 GMT, 18 April 2015 | Updated: 14:53 GMT, 18 April 2015 Men are brilliant.

Peter Lloyd's Stand By Your Manhood says feminism has made today's men second class