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2016 Pitch Wars Bio & Wish List – Margarita Montimore, Writer. Name: Margarita Montimore Greetings, Potential Pitch Warriors!

2016 Pitch Wars Bio & Wish List – Margarita Montimore, Writer

I was a Pitch Wars mentee in 2014, a mentor last year, and I’m happy to be part of such a fantastic writing community once again this year. I will be mentoring adult fiction. A bit about me: I’ve worked in both the agent and publisher side of the business, then worked in social media for a while, before I left the corporate world to focus on writing. I write upmarket fiction, which usually contains dark and/or surreal elements, and am currently between agents. Pitch Wars Wish List! — Kristen Lepionka.

OK, now we’re onto the really fun stuff: my wish list!

Pitch Wars Wish List! — Kristen Lepionka

Show me your dark side, guys. Specifically… Wish list 2016 - HOLLY FAUR'S PITCH WARS PAGE. Pitch Wars 2016: You Might Be Our Mentee If… Selecting a Pitch Wars mentor (or co-mentors in our case) can seem daunting.

Pitch Wars 2016: You Might Be Our Mentee If…

There are so many of us. And let’s be honest, everyone involved in Pitch Wars is pretty great. So how is a potential mentee supposed to choose? Well, we’re here to make it super easy on you. Pick us! Since you’re still reading, we’ll assume that either A) your manuscript fits one (or more) of the above descriptions or B) you just want to get to know us a little better. 1. 2. 3. If you missed our Pitch Wars mini-interview you can check it out here. Still want to know a bit more about us? Karma: I live near Toronto, Canada (if you would like to know the appropriate way to insert ‘eh’ into a conversation, I’m glad to help), am happily married and mom to a great, early-rising kid who has trained me well for my #5amwritersclub group on Twitter. Susan: I live in Wilmington, North Carolina with my husband and our orange tabby cat, Pippin. We haven’t scared you off yet? Specifically, what we’d love to see: Like this: My #PitchWars Wishlist! — Carrie Callaghan.

But let's talk about YOU, or rather, your manuscript.

My #PitchWars Wishlist! — Carrie Callaghan

I love historical fiction. That's what I write, and it's about half of what I read. But it's not all I read, and I'm open to falling in love with a manuscript that speaks to the other things I adore in literature. More specifically: A vivid protagonist who wants something.Appealing primary character(s). And I can't help but mention a few things that I don't like. There are exceptions (including among the books listed below), but first-person POV is a hard sell for me. I think that covers it! Oh, I'm joining other lovely adult mentors (a pox on their submission inboxes) on July 28 at 8pm EDT for a Google Hangouts live show - come watch and ask questions! Above all, good luck and have fun! A modest selection of recently-adored and some all-time favorite books: Pitch Wars Blog Hop — JENNIE NASH BOOK COACH. My private-coaching clients have landed top New York agents, and had books published by Scribner, Simon & Schuster, Norton, Hazeldon, Ten Speed and SelectBooks.


Recent client successes include The Accidental Truth by Lauri Taylor (SelectBooks), For the Love of Money by Sam Polk (Scribner), and Story Genius by Lisa Cron (TenSpeed/Random House.) MEMOIR: I am open to almost any memoir topic and almost any memoir structure (a straight narrative; a collection of connected pieces; a story that includes how-to or self-help elements), but I am looking for a memoir that is generous of heart and universal in scope — something that can help readers better understand ourselves and the world. I have worked with journalists, lawyers, lobbyists, entrepreneurs, nutritionists, athletes, moms, and survivors -- and enjoyed all of it.

Your memoir must have a structure and a point. Just because something happened — even something dramatic — is not enough to get me to care. Pitch Wars 2016 Mentor Bio and Wishlist – dan malossi writes stuff here. Hi there!

Pitch Wars 2016 Mentor Bio and Wishlist – dan malossi writes stuff here.

This is an exciting post to write, but as anyone who clicks back can see, I only post when absolutely moved to do so. Which is not often. But PitchWars is certainly something that moves me to do so. So read on, prospective PitchWars people. I hope that your manuscript fits my wishlist. WARNING: Ye will find no GIFs here! My sales pitch: if you write well, write engrossing stories, and you want an editorial mentor who will not pull punches… OK, that’s IT for the GIFs.

My BIO: I’ve been writing forever. Dan Malossi is a speculative fiction writer represented by Douglas Lee of Kimberley Cameron and Associates. Hi and welcome to Pitch Wars! I’m Jen, and I’m a mentor in the adult category. - jenny Ferguson.