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Origami Daily - 294 Gift Envelope (Pinwheel Design) - TCGames [HD]! How to Make an Origami Envelope : Simple & Fun Origami. Packaging Inspirations. Etsy sellers are renowned throughout the world for their inspired packaging.

Packaging Inspirations

It can help your shop stand out, encourage holiday gift purchases, and make a lasting impression on customers, keeping them coming back again and again. This post is just a taste of what sellers showed us in this packaging thread and in the Etsy Packaging Flickr pool, so check those out as well for more ideas! Define Your Style Your packaging is part of your branding, so let it reflect your style. What colors, materials, and patterns will help you achieve your look? Make It Work: An Etsy Success Photography Workshop. Photographs are one of the most important aspects of your online presence.

Make It Work: An Etsy Success Photography Workshop

It can be a daunting task, but anyone can take distinctive photos, no matter the budget, camera or photography knowledge. In this workshop — led by successful Etsy seller and photographer Jessica Marquez — we’ll talk shop about different types of cameras and what’s best for you. Jessica covers camera basics to provide more control over the images you create, key elements to improve your photographs for your Etsy shop, and how to solve some common problems with inexpensive, DIY fixes. Download the worksheets and watch the videos below to jump start the creative process and get you thinking about creating the best possible images for your Etsy shop.

About Jessica: “I grew fascinated with images (especially snapshots) and pursued art and photography throughout my booklearnin’ — all the way from sunny Southern California to an MFA in Imaging Arts from Rochester Institute of Technology in upstate New York. The Ultimate Guide to Telling Your Shop’s Visual Story. I admit it — I totally judge books by their covers.

The Ultimate Guide to Telling Your Shop’s Visual Story

In fact, one of my favorite pastimes is strolling through the bookstore and surveying all the carefully crafted compositions. And, of course, the more awesomely designed the cover, the more likely I am to pick up a book, sift through its pages, and, ultimately, purchase it. The same can be said for your Etsy shop. The more appealing and cohesive your shop looks, the more likely buyers are to browse through your items and make a purchase.

Using Etsy’s tools, you can build your own carefully crafted “cover” with well-considered shop branding and images. How To Crochet A Basket Weave Stitch - RH. Plastic Bag Crochet - CRAFT Video Podcast. Crochet Geek - Crochet Puff Stitch. Amish Stripes Place Mat. Ball Stitch Dishcloth. One of my goals this year is to expand beyond what I already know.

Ball Stitch Dishcloth

I’m comfortable where I am, so it’s time to spread my wings a little and see what else I’m missing. I’m going to try a new stitch every week and will post the stitch and hopefully some pics with my results. This week I made a dishcloth using the ball stitch. The pattern is attached if you’re interested in giving it a try. I have added a tutorial for the ball stitch for those that would like a visual on how it’s done. Ball Stitch Dishcloth Balls crocheted right into the washcloth make it great for scrubbing. Finished Size: 9 ½” X 9 ½” Materials: Lily – Sugar & Cream • “Summer Prints” – 2 skeins • Size “H” crochet hook Pattern Notes: Ball Stitch (4hdctog) = yo, insert hook into stitch, yo & draw through stitch, repeat 3 more times, yo & draw through all 9 loops leaving one remaining. ch 35.

Row 2: ch1, sc in 1st 3 sc, *4hdctog all in next stitch, sc in next 3 sc, repeat from * across, turn. Learn How to Crochet - Easy Adjustable Magic Ring Loop Circle, Seamless Join & Irish Beret Hats. Learn How to Crochet - Broomstick Lace Scarf Stitch (Peacock Stitch, Peruvian Stitch, Jiffy Lace) Learn About Yarn - Understanding Different Kinds of Yarn Fiber Weight Size Substitution. Learn How to Crochet - Tunisian crochet stitch, Afghan stitch, Simple Stitch, TSS, Tunecino. Crochet Afghan Tunisian Stitch - Part 1. Crafty Gardener. It is always good to keep a stock of dishcloths on hand, either knitted or crocheted.

Crafty Gardener

They make great little gifts or stocking stuffers added to hand soap, hand cream, or kitchen gadgets. The pattern for these is what I call a ‘no brainer’ pattern. These were made using up all the odds and ends of cotton yarn I had on hand. Cast on 4 stitches. K2, yo, k to end of row. Repeat this row till you have 40 stitches on the needle. Then start the decrease, k1, k2tog, yo, k2tog, knit to end. Continue till there are just 4 stitches left. Back to Basics: The Anatomy of a Crochet Pattern/ How to read a pattern. Barefoot Crochet Sandals Pattern PDF summer accessories by bySol. Crochet Pattern for Womens House Slipper the by TwoGirlsPatterns. Gorgeous Elegant Artesano Skinny Scarf Crochet by Thesunroomuk.

PDF Tutorial Crochet Pattern Lace Jewelry by accessoriesbynez. Crochet Hat Slouch Dreadlocks Crochet Pattern by jewlzs. PDF crochet pattern Comfy mittens with buttons by laurimuks. Instant Download Crochet Pattern Flip Flops Child to by Mamachee. Pattern PDF DIY tutorial PDF crochet pattern by byaccessorise. Beachy Blue Beaded Bracelet PDF Crochet Pattern by jspirik. Crochet Pattern Wildwood Capelet Hooded Cape PDF by LazyTcrochet. Barefoot Childs Crochet Pattern Sandals for Girl PDF by bySol. Crochet PATTERN Scarf Easy PATTERN by sewstacy. Womens Pixie Hat Pattern Crochet Pattern by SimplyMadeByErin. Crochet Pattern Rose Field Baby Blanket by SweetCrocheterie. Molly Mermaid crochet PATTERN 03 months 36months by Pontepretties. Crochet Pattern Fire Blanket by SweetCrocheterie. Simply Spiraled Square or Rectangle Crochet by TheHookHound. Crocheted Classic / Slouchy / Baggy Beanie Adult by LouiesLoops.

Mermaid Cape Set Newborn Baby Crochet by PerfectlySweetProps. Crochet Pattern Womens FLAPPER HAT With Bow Trim by kalliedesigns. Crochet HAT PATTERN Spiral Rib With Double Flower by kalliedesigns. PDF CROCHET Pattern The BraidedLook Headband/Ear Warmer by R0SEDEW. PDF Crochet Pattern Owl Mary Janes Slippers Sizes by AngelsChest.

Instant Download 3 Simple Baskets Crochet by CuteLittleCrafts. Batman Crochet Hat with Earflaps by JessicaSayreCrochet. Crochet Shells Fingerless Gloves Crochet wrist warmer by Meiziinus. Slippers Crochet Pattern Women and Kids Skinny Flats by Genevive. Crochet Scarf Chunky Lace Pineapple Motif Slate Blue by OnTheHook. Crochet Bracelet Infinity Link Cuff Crochet Jewlery by OnTheHook. Crochet Black Hippie Halter Top by Vikni Crochet Made To by vikni. Barmine by barmine. Seattle Slouch Crochet Beanie Pattern Teen & by SweetKiwiCrochet. Crocheted Black Earwarmer Headband w/ Flower by BrandyHuntington.

Crochet Bow Ornament by vanillaandrose. Crochet Circle Scarf in Pink and Red READY TO by vanillaandrose. Large Crochet Coffee Mug Cozy in Blue READY TO by vanillaandrose. Free Pattern: Goddess Barefoot Sandals. June 5, 2012.

Free Pattern: Goddess Barefoot Sandals

Crocheted Barefoot Sandals Free Pattern. Triangle Fan Barefoot Sandals Pattern Materials Used: Iris 100% cotton embroidery floss in five different colors (the same color can be used), if doing five different colors, 1 of each color in the center and 2 of the border color, change color after each row by finishing off the row and adding new color.

Crocheted Barefoot Sandals Free Pattern

I Pinned It, I Did It: Ruffled Tree Skirt. I was so excited when I saw this ruffled tree skirt on Pinterest.

I Pinned It, I Did It: Ruffled Tree Skirt

I don't have a tree skirt and I love how simple and fun this one is! ( I cannot for the life of me figure out how to embed the actual pinterest link into by blog post, so a picture and links will have to do.) This past Sunday I went to work and tackled it all in about 5 hours. I headed to the store at 10am for the materials: Painters canvas drop cloth (4 1/2 x 4 1/2) ... I followed the directions that Pinterest took me to, from this website: HGTV No Sew Tree Skirt. I then folded the fabric into quarters and then a triangle to make the circle. After that, tedious stuff started... Super Glue and a Pickle Jar Too. It's time for another fun tutorial.

Super Glue and a Pickle Jar Too

This is a super easy, super cute, super fun craft. (Are you getting that I think it's SUPER?) You can find this idea all over Pinterest. In fact, that's what prompted me to do this. Transfer Images Using Freezer Paper. It was purely by accident that I figured out this method of transferring a printed image.

Transfer Images Using Freezer Paper

It is simple to do and you don't need any special paper or products! If you can print it from your computer then you can transfer it to a fabric or wood surface. Now, this project I am about to show you is not very exciting, but it will give you the idea of how the transfer is here it goes. DIY Advent 6: An Old Sweater Becomes a Skirt DIY. What can happen when washing clothes with his thoughts somewhere else, is to see in the small picture. How to make the most of it, shows the lower photo. So before you discard your old sweaters, first have a look at this DIY tutorial. Autumn woodland treasure sculpture. Thought I should post about this project we did over the weekend, because the kids had a lovely time doing it, and the gift recipient (Grandma) really liked it too, so a win-win!

The making dragonflies using maple seeds and twigs appeared in Family Fun magazine a month or two ago, credited to a Shanti Nordholt. Here is the link to the originals (that also have glass bead eyes). As you can see in the picture below, we didn't do the glass bead eyes. I think we might have some somewhere in the shipping, but right now, a craft that we can do with just hot glue, paint and stuff we found on the ground on the way home is where it's at! We had a couple of different sorts of seeds, so maybe one type was maple and one type sycamore? The conkers became the centers for the big flowers, with the sycamore seed petals hot glued around them, and the dragon fly bodies were a twig that had a natural little Y shape at the end to be the antennae. The kids painted them all up with acrylic paint.

Beachbrights's ideas. (diy tutorial & giveaway) upcycled izze bottle flower vase. DIY: Jewelry Tree. I love branches, especially as accents and I once saw a designer spray paint gigantic branches in a hot coral color, and place them in an urn on top of a piano in a very grand living room, it was stunning. Circle Zip Earbud Pouch Tutorial - Dog Under My Desk. UPDATE: I have completely re-written this tutorial with all new photos and better instructions and it is available as a licensed pattern in my pattern shop. The free tutorial for personal use is still available below! I use a little zippered pouch to carry around my earbuds since they are the fancy microphone ones and I don’t want them to break or get tangled. Some of you have commented that you are looking for some small, simple gift ideas. This is definitely simple to make, and a little more fun than the typical rectangular zippered pouch! Transferring Ink to Candles. Making personalized candles is easier than you think.

Today with some help from the kids we made some candles to give to my parents on Valentine's Day. You will need some regular paper, tissue paper, tape, sharpies or markers, a candle, wax paper, and a heat gun. First, I taped a piece of tissue paper, about the size of my candle, to a piece of copy paper. Markers will bleed through the tissue paper pretty easily so you will need something to protect your table, and it was easier for the kids to draw on the tissue paper when taped to the "paper".

When your little artist is done, remove the tissue paper from the copy paper. Build Your Own Nail Polish Rack. Privileged white kids who subscribe to the hippie lifestyle (because they can) since they have no worries about money, a job etc. They can then devote their lives to eating organic, following Phish, and wearing dreadlocks (no need for job interviews).