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The Great Woodlands Industrial Food Run (Cheapest Sashimi, Cakes, Ice Cream, Poultry & Desserts in Singapore) As promised, to close off 2014, I’ll be writing a little food guide to help you guys prepare for your New Year countdown party.

The Great Woodlands Industrial Food Run (Cheapest Sashimi, Cakes, Ice Cream, Poultry & Desserts in Singapore)

Industrial parks aren’t traditionally known for their food charm. Rustic, probably, but food, not really. However, the reality could not be further from the truth, as industrial parks are probably the best hidden gems of Singapore, with each featuring rows and rows of wholesale food factories that sell their delectable goodies at an absolute bargain. I live in Woodlands, and for the past two years my dad have been bringing my family on trips to the food haven that’s concealed amongst the dull looking buildings and factories in Woodlands Industrial Park, just a mile away from where I reside. 22 Best Meals In Orchard Road Under 10 SGD. Noble quests have always faced skepticism.

22 Best Meals In Orchard Road Under 10 SGD

Prior to my hunt for meals below $10 in Orchard Road, I surveyed my friends. Some looked at me as if I had just suggested we pool our savings to buy a unicorn. “Siao ah, this is Singapore babe”, they reminded me. One guy suggested McDonald’s. Oh, pure and utter audacity. Remember the days when Chicken Rice was $1? 16 Must Try Places to Eat in Bukit Timah and Holland Road. To most Singaporeans, the Bukit Timah-Holland belt is known for the ‘McDonald’s at the now demolished King Albert Park’ or a ‘super expensive housing district‘ with big houses and flashy condominiums.

16 Must Try Places to Eat in Bukit Timah and Holland Road

Unbeknownst to many, there’s actually quite a bit of good food in this area, and not all are over the top “atas” prices as many might assume. Since I stay around the area, I thought it my residential duty to come up with some recommendations around this lively area. Here is my list of must try places to eat in Bukit Timah and Holland area worth paying a visit to. 1. Kim’s Family Food Korean Restaurant.

10 most decadent french fries around Singapore. “It's not good for you,” they say.

10 most decadent french fries around Singapore

“Don't eat that,” they nag. We know we're not supposed to eat these oily, deep-fried carbs, but we do anyways. And if you're going in for it, you ought to go for broke. Here are 10 of the most profane plates of potatoes in town. Sin now, repent later.Where: 49 Seats (49 Kreta Ayer Rd., 6225-4332) We recommend utensils here for two reasons: A) it's guaranteed to be a messy affair and B) you'll want to spoon every last bit of cheese into your mouth. 49 Seats' Cheesy Fries are literally covered - head to toe - in a creamy, liquid mess of yellow cheese. 150 New Cafes In Singapore 2014 - The Ultimate, Definite Café Hopping Guide - 150 new cafés in Singapore.

150 New Cafes In Singapore 2014 - The Ultimate, Definite Café Hopping Guide -

To facilitate your best café hopping and hunting adventures, this is a new cafes list sorted by location and district. There are many great “best cafes” blog entries out there (Joey Asher’s one of them), so this would focus on just new openings. Part of the reason why I am doing this is because many new cafes have close to nil marketing experiences and social media exposure, so I hope this helps our budding ‘cafepreneurs’. (Read: 10 Lessons For The Potential Entrepreneur – The Papa Palheta Story) 5 no-nonsense places to eat in Orchard where you won’t find pretentious food bloggers. Real food for people who have nothing to wax lyrical about.

5 no-nonsense places to eat in Orchard where you won’t find pretentious food bloggers

How many times have you walked into a supposedly awesome and delicious place recommended by food bloggers when in fact the best thing there is the atmosphere and the inedible trinkets? Here are 5 zero-frills places in Orchard that actually serve hearty fare and where the camera-totting Internet scribes shy away from: 1. Ohsho #01-10, Cuppage Plaza, 5 Koek Road Source. 20 Best Chicken Wings in Singapore So GOOD You Won't Mind Putting On Weight For. This post was brought to you by Pickat, a food app that gives you free coupons to redeem at restaurants all around Singapore.

20 Best Chicken Wings in Singapore So GOOD You Won't Mind Putting On Weight For

Download Pickat on: GooglePlay | iOS I recently read a survey which found that 98% of ardent chicken-lovers regard the wings as some of the best parts of the bird. Best Pancakes in Singapore - 18 Great Places for Pancakes. Wednesday, 25 Sep 2013 Pancake, flapjack, hotcake, griddlecake, panqueque, Dutch babies – call it what you want, but the pancake is an undeniable global icon.

Best Pancakes in Singapore - 18 Great Places for Pancakes

So we embarked on a serious food trail to find the best pancakes in Singapore… and unearthed 18 amazing places. Flour, milks, eggs – action! Welcome to breakfast paradise. Best buttermilk pancakesGet your buttermilk pancake fix at Nosh Restaurant & Bar, where they’re served with cinnamon butter, cardamom-maple syrup, fresh fruit, and whipped cream ($14). Nosh Restaurant & Bar, 9 Rochester Park, Singapore 139220, p. 6779 4644. Jewel Cafe. Bukit Timah Food Guide - The 18 Best Gems in this Neighbourhood. The 8 BEST Churros in Singapore - Long, Brown Sticky Goodness awaits! Singapore's BEST Churros What's long, brown, sticky and has made the once-dilapidated Level 5 of Orchard Central the current go-to place after a long day of shopping?

The 8 BEST Churros in Singapore - Long, Brown Sticky Goodness awaits!

That's right - CHURROS! Churros, also known as Spanish doughnuts, are fried dough pastries that are coated generously with sugar and commonly consumed as a snack. The hot snack is capable of defrosting even the coldest of stomachs and hence is a popular food choice during winter in cold countries. 15 Best Breakfast Places in Singapore better than Brunch.

Your mother was right.

15 Best Breakfast Places in Singapore better than Brunch

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you deserve the best that Singapore has to offer. In this fast paced society of Singapore we live in, a hearty, wholesome breakfast really does wonders in both lifting your moods and providing you the energy to power through the day. Amidst the hype of all the fancy new brunch places popping up around the island, we thought to bring you a list of local places that open before 11am instead; Breakfast does come before brunch. Immanuel French Kitchen: Fine, affordable French hawker cuisine. Last week I received an email that excited me very much. Sent from the very humble (and very talented!) Chef Immanuel Tee, letting me know that he'd left his former residence at Keystone Restaurant and....drum roll....started his own fine french cuisine hawker stall in the logic-defying hawker centre that is 119 Jalan Bukit Merah Avenue 1.

How excited was I? Well, I received the email at 10am, and by 1pm I was merrily having lunch at 'Immanuel French Kitchen'. 15 Great Hipster Cafes Where You Don't Have To Pay for Service and GST. Singapore is never going to have a claim to fame when it comes to eating brunch. In fact, when did it suddenly become acceptable to wake up before 11am on a Saturday morning? Anyway, with some places defying the definition of “hipster” when it comes to pricing, The Smart Local shares 15 places that you can have a kickass brunch at AND not have to worry about service charge and GST! Note: if you do have a great experience, tips are generally a nice way of saying thanks: We’ve all experienced it before.

You happily go to a cafe and order your eggs benedict and artisan coffee. To save your wallets from eternal emptiness, we’ve come up with a list of 15 cafes that charge neither service tax or GST. 1. 14 Ulu Places you can take a road trip to in Singapore. Uncovering Singapore's Hidden Gems You may have seen one of those road trip movies where a bunch of friends go travelling and have the time of their lives. You probably wish you could do the same in Singapore. In this list, we show you that you can. We've scoured Singapore for 14 amazing places that have one thing in common - they are a pain-in-the-butt to get to. Tung Lok Seafood - Eat to Your Heart's Content at the Ala Carte Buffet. Do you know that Tung Lok Seafood has a wonderful ala carte buffet promotion at Orchard Central? The daily ala carte lunch and dinner buffets at Tung Lok Seafood restaurant offer 40 dishes available for repeat orders, including seafood, meats, Japanese cold cuts and sashimi, rice and noodles, and desserts.

During dinner, each buffet diner also gets a serving of chilli crab and shark’s fin soup (I am not sure if these are also available at lunch). Ala carte buffet (minimum 4 persons) Lunch on weekdays: Adult S$24.80++ / Child (below 12 years old) $14.80++ Lunch on weekends & PH: Adult S$26.80++ / Child $16.80++ Dinner daily: Adult S$38.80++ / Child $28.80++ Lunch menu | Dinner menu The price is pretty decent for the quality of the food served and the unlimited orders allowed.

18 Awesome Street Snacks From Singapore’s Past. Of course, these can still be found in places like Bugis Street, Chinatown, Pasar Malams, the occasional cart here and there, and in various parts of Malaysia, but it’s nice to relive these memories anyway. 1. 17 Most Delicious Restaurants under 15 dollars in Singapore. The 17 most affordable Restaurants in Singapore Views full images and map of "17 Most Delicious Restaurants under 15 dollars" how it was originally displayed on Singapore Beauty Food Lifestyle Blog: Teppanyaki Buffet Lunch at Shima Goodwood Park Hotel. Happy Saturday, all! Had a really busy week, what with rehearsals and concerts and work.. 15 Mouthwatering Burgers to die for under 15 dollars. Ban Heng Dim Sum Buffet at Harbourfront Centre (All You Can Eat!) If you enjoy a vast variety of delicious options for dim sum, Ban Heng Pavilion Restaurant is a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered.

Singapore. Singapore's 10 Best Waffles. Topped with fresh fruits, a scoop of ice cream, and a dollop of whipped cream, a good waffle is something that you can eat everyday. For those of you who prefer something simpler, waffle with maple syrup and butter is equally gratifying. There are many cafes and ice cream parlours that offer waffles on the menu, but only a few are exceptional.