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Spring and Summer Fashion Trends 2016

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Not Dead Yet Style - How Not To Feel Invisible. New Spring Fashion 2016 - 10 Hot New Looks! What's Wrong With Kitten Heels for Women Over 40? What to Wear When You are 50 and Celebrating Your Birthday. Whoo Hoo, It’s your birthday.

What to Wear When You are 50 and Celebrating Your Birthday

The big one 50! Instead of running and hiding or playing down the whole thing, you need to celebrate! It only comes once so enjoy yourself. Go all out. Surround yourself with friends and family and soak in all that love and attention. Shop the look: Turn off your ad blocker to view content The Glam Cocktail Look If you are going to go all out for a special occasion like this, then do it with some drama. Pretty Out to Birthday Dinner Dress Perhaps your sweetheart is taking you out for a special birthday dinner at your favorite restaurant? Shop the look: Regal Celebration Is a big fancy party planned for the big 5-0? Welcome Spring in a Romantic Off the Shoulder Top.

If you read my recent post about the top 10 spring trends, then you might already be thinking about adding an off the shoulder top to your wardrobe. shop this look: Turn on your JavaScript to view content The idea of shoulders as the new erogenous zone began last year with cold shoulder tops (tops with cutouts at the shoulders).

Welcome Spring in a Romantic Off the Shoulder Top

Now the trend is in full swing, and we’re seeing tops that reveal even more skin – all of your shoulders and décolletage. Soft, romantic peasant style blouses and off the shoulder sweaters are at the top of fashion’s must-have list. Off the shoulder tops may feel a little bold at first, but once you get used to the idea, you will see that they really are the perfect blend of ease and elegance. Shop the look: Where would you wear an off the shoulder top?

Keep in mind the elastic can ride up, so you don’t want to be doing anything too active. No Old Lady Clothes for Haute Business! She may be past the age for crop tops and cutoffs, but she isn’t ready to ride into the sunset in elastic pants and a baggy sweater.

No Old Lady Clothes for Haute Business!

Meet Helen Grenwall, the creator of Haute Business. The 56- year- old certified CPA and financial planner from Arizona is also a fashion blogger, whose goal is to help women her age, who don’t want to dress like women her age. Helen’s invites her readers to discuss the challenges that come with finding clothes over 40 and inspires them with her weekly outfit posts that reveal her polished modern style. I recently had the chance to chat with Helen about fashion over 40 and her approach to dressing. Here’s my interview with this Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer. Deb: How would you describe your style? Helen: I’d say my style is sleek and somewhat tailored without being too structured. Deb: You’re in finance by day. Helen: I get some help from my location. Lace Up Flats - Spring's New IT Shoe. Spring’s newest “it” shoe is the lace-up flat, and boy is it catching on like wildfire!

Lace Up Flats - Spring's New IT Shoe

I think there are a few good reasons for this. Shop this look: Turn on your JavaScript to view content 1) Lace- Up Flats are so darn cute! – They’re feminine, dainty, and they feel like they’re a precious treasure. 2) They’re Practical – Heels will never be out of style, but they seem to be less important these days because we have such casual lifestyles, and because comfort is becoming more important. 3) Lace Up Flats Dress Up Casual Looks – When you are dressing more casually it’s easy to fall into a frumpy rut. 4) They Work with Spring’s Feminine Vibe –The mood this spring is feminine, soft and a bit Victorian.

How to Look Spot On in Polka Dots. How to Wear Dark Florals. Florals are an obvious choice come spring, and this spring designers continue to lead us down a very interesting garden path. Halfway between perfectly pretty and goth lies a type of bloom that’s dark, moody and mysterious. Some see dark floral prints as strong, rebellious, and edgy. Others think they’re romantic and pretty, like a garden at midnight. How do you wear dark florals to show them at their best? Here are a few ideas. shop this look with these links: Turn off your ad blocker to view content 1. These brooding botanicals command attention so let them lead by wearing them with solid colored neutrals. 2.

If you’re more of a creative dresser, then you might be more attracted to the idea of mixing two inky florals. White & purple dark floral, black & pink dark floral , black and blue dark floral 3. Do you like the idea of dark florals. but want a bit more life to your look? 4. 5. Bold jewelry works well with moody florals. 6. Here are a few dark florals in stores right now. 4 Classy Ways to Look Cute in Shorts.