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6 Content Curation Templates for Content Annotation. A fundamental part of content curation is adding annotation and commentary to third-party content you choose to share.

6 Content Curation Templates for Content Annotation

It’s easy for novice curators to simply focus on finding and sharing relevant content while overlooking the importance of annotating your content with your own perspective. Annotating your content is crucial for a few reasons: DifferentiationCurata’s Content Marketing Tactics & Technology Planner shows content curation continues to accelerate in popularity year over year. Given that, just like you there will be others curating the same content you are to their audience. To stand out from the rest, adding thoughtful commentary is important to demonstrate your expertise and unique point of view about a subject.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)With Google’s increased attention for duplicate content, curators must be particularly mindful of how much content they excerpt from a third-party article. Strategy 1: Abstracting Effort: LOW. SEO Value: LOW. Value Add: LOW. The 8 Habits of Personal Agility and Resilience that Fuel Optimal Functioning. Updated: April 29, 2014, July 17, 2014, December 2014, May 2015 Personal Agility is about having a sense of EASE with rolling with life’s curve balls – whatever the source.

The 8 Habits of Personal Agility and Resilience that Fuel Optimal Functioning

Personal Agility enables you to live in the Agile Zone of optimal functioning – feeling relatively in charge, secure and confident in your ability to ride the waves that come with living the unpredictable, uncontrollable creative life. The Agile Zone™ is what I call your sweet spot of optimal functioning – the place where you experience life without feeling overwhelmed or powerless – where you feel hopeful, capable, and able to get things done. It includes your high energy, peak performance and creative flow states, as well as your low energy states where you still can get things done. Your Agile Zone includes the full range of situations and internal cognitive – emotional states where you remain functional without falling into the “Red Zone” of dysfunction.

Comfort zone Alert Zone Alarm Zone What are the 8 Habits? 1. 2. Why work with us - Quantum LifeSkills. Why work with Coach & Counsellor Georgie?

Why work with us - Quantum LifeSkills

When you’re considering working with a coach, you want to feel a good connection and resonance with that person and to know they genuinely care about you, your dreams and your aspirations. You also want to know they are really well trained, qualified, and specialised in their area of expertise. Untitled. Address risks to mental health in the workplaces. Managing work based risks to mental health in the workplace is a responsibility under the Work Health Safety Act 2011.

Address risks to mental health in the workplaces

The majority of psychological injury claims are not the result of a major traumatic event. Most are due to the work environment and are classified as relating to work pressure or harassment and bullying. This covers a range of factors such as harm arising from work deadlines, organisational change, conflict with peers, performance management and poor communication. 8 areas of work that are central to managing psychosocial risks in the workplace are listed below. They are based on the United Kingdom Civic Service Health and Safety Executive (HSE) standards for work related stress and the People at Work Project.

The People at Work Project is a psychosocial risk assessment process. We all have a responsibility under the Work Health Safety Act 2011 to look after the physical and psychological health and safety of our workers. Untitled. Vancouver Website Design. Bulletproof People - trainiers and consultants. Change, Challenge and/or Chaos are common in business.

Bulletproof People - trainiers and consultants

They are a constant companion across industries and organisations. In such times, it is vital for leaders and their teams to have support and develop effective strategies to manage the change and challenge in their personal and professional lives. It’s rare to find an individual with the right qualifications, experience and skills, let alone a whole team. Your Bulletproof People team has made it a priority over the years to always deliver above and beyond the client’s expectations. Your Bulletproof People team is more than capable of helping any leader and their teams not only make sense of the change, but also sharpen the skills required to be resilient. Rhett is passionate about people making helpful choices during times of change and challenge.

Chip has vast experience in sales strategy, team training and professional high performance coaching.