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Your emotional mindset might not be same as your friend’s. Therefore, when you are seeking for solutions for problems with mind, body, and soul, you need an approach that is meant only for you. Contact Michelle Alva, as she addresses the individual belief systems and their emotional and energetic fields.

Holistic Physical Therapist in Miami, FL. Description Do you suffer from chronic pain on a daily basis?

Holistic Physical Therapist in Miami, FL

Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed out? Would you like to sleep better at night? For nearly two decades, Michelle Alva has worked as a holistic physical therapist in Miami, FL. She provides integrative medicine for a wide range of conditions including: -Anxiety -Cancer -Chronic fatigue -Depression -Headaches -Immune-related diseases -Infertility Her one-on-one, 60- to 90-minute sessions are also beneficial for the following: -Insomnia -Irritable bowel syndrome -Life transitions -Low-back pain -Neck and shoulder tension -Obesity -Post-traumatic birth experiences -Stress reduction Along with stress self-help, Michelle offers pregnancy physical therapy for women.

Specialties Including Massage in Miami, FL “This work is very effective because it literally works on all the aspects of the human energetic being. Michellealva’s Profile at DailyStrength. Vent Out Stress and Tensions Through Energy Healing Techniques. Quality Personal Protective Tools in Hampton, VA. Published If you need to purchase personal protective equipment in the Hampton, Virginia area, our company can be a great help to you.

Quality Personal Protective Tools in Hampton, VA

The focus at our company is on high-quality commercial cleaning products. A Highly Respected Company People who are looking for sturdy personal protective equipment can feel confident turning to our respected company. Our family business is headed by Cathy Russell, who also happens to be the person who established it back in 2001.

Products For Sale at Our Company If you're looking to buy personal protective equipment Hampton, VA area locals can depend on, you'll surely be wowed by the selection and quality available at our company. A Vast Selection of Clients School districts, nearby colleges, asphalt companies, crane contractors and military agencies have all depended on our well-known company for their city, federal and industrial equipment demands. Reasonable Prices A Standard of Fine Service Contact Our Company As Soon As Possible. Energy Medicine History And Treatment Guide. Energy Medicine History And Treatment Guide on 09/05/2015 - 07:25 am Energy medicine has been used in the United States for nearly two centuries.

Energy Medicine History And Treatment Guide

Interest increased dramatically in the 19th century. As a result, many consumers ordered electrotherapy gadgets by mail. Today, students learn about the history of electrotherapy by reading Dr. Although energy medicine Miami FL is popular, no one studied this field thoroughly until 1910. The Treatment Options Magnet-based therapy treatments involve direct-current fields or electrical fields.

In Japan, practitioners developed a healing method called Reiki. Doctors who use a therapeutic touch use unique techniques to repair a patient’s unbalanced bio-field. Background Information Practitioners who study energy medicine do not have formal training. People who seek a master’s degree in holistic nursing learn about energy medicine by taking various college courses.

To hire a holistic therapist in Miami, visit. Michelle Alva ’s Presentations on authorSTREAM. Your message has been sent to Michelle Alva .

Michelle Alva ’s Presentations on authorSTREAM

Like authorSTREAM? Give us a +1! Michelle Alva Miami, United States Write your message here (Enter the characters you see in the picture above) Close About: Spending 20 years in studying the requirements of an individual, Michelle Alva has developed expertise by gaining information on energy medicine and holistic healing. Joined: 18/08/2015 Website: Presentations: 0 Podcasts: 0 Favorite: 0 Subscribe to author's: Podcast Channels Yet to create a Channel Subscribed Channels Yet to subscribe to a Channel Following (0) Not following anyone yet Followers (0) The Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy. Published The term craniosacral or CRS refers to the complex array of tissues that surround and include the central nervous system, which is comprised of the brain and spinal column.

The Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy

Osteopathic practitioner John E. Upledger developed craniosacral therapy during the 1970s while serving as a researcher and biomechanics professor at Michigan State University. The gentle and non-invasive technique is designed to evaluate and improve physiological function using manual touch. Therapists report that cerebral spinal fluid fills and empties in the brain throughout the spinal column at a rate of five to 12 cycles per minute.

Craniosacral therapy Miami, FL can be used as a preventive treatment or in combination with conventional medical treatments to help alleviate dysfunction and pain associated with a number of common ailments that include: Based on personal experience, education and research, our licensed therapist has more than two decades of practical application experience in the field.