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Exposure Fusion in Photomatix for ultra-natural photos. Article by Wojciech Toman A long time ago when no one had heard about HDR, photographers were still able to increase the dynamic range of their photos.

Exposure Fusion in Photomatix for ultra-natural photos

What they did, and many photographers still do, was to open several exposures in Photoshop and blend them using layer masks. When they blended the layers they had to decide which image to use for each region of the image. This way they could restore highlights using an underexposed photo and details in shadows using an overexposed one. Nowadays this technique is commonly referred to as manual blending. Exposure Fusion is based on that experience but it is an automatic process. Unfortunately not many HDR software offers exposure fusion. Before jumping into the details on processing, here are some of the benefits of using Exposure Fusion: And here are drawbacks of it: images lack local contrast compared to tone-mapped images.

Creating fused images in Photomatix Pro doesn’t differ much from regular tone-mapping workflow. A few notes here. Tutoriel : Simuler un effet HDR à partir d’une seule photo avec Lightroom. FAQ logiciel de photo HDR photo Photomatix - Tone Mapping, création d'images HDR et fusion d'expositions. Bracketing With Flash For Exposure Fusion and HDR – Revisited. I think it is time to revisit the subject of the hybrid flash/bracketing.

Bracketing With Flash For Exposure Fusion and HDR – Revisited

I’ve talked to people recently that seemed offended when I pointed out that adding a single manual flash to their bracket shooting could improve the quality of their results. We’ve talked about this several times on the blog since the summer of 2010 and in the flickr discussion group. I think there are some folks that missed out on that discussion. Iran Watson uses a variant of this technique and did a post about the way he uses it in April of 2011. But let’s start from the top. Also, adding a touch of fill flash to bracketed shots can be done without having to “climb to the top of the learning curve” for full blown multi-off camera flash technique. HDR Photography Tutorial. This is a detailed tutorial on HDR Photography for beginners and how you can create HDR images from single or multiple photographs using different exposures.

HDR Photography Tutorial

While I was driving through Rocky Mountains last year, I saw a beautiful sunset. It was so beautiful, that I stood there in awe for a moment, before taking out my camera and attempting to take a picture. I took one quick shot of the sunset and quickly realized that there was too much contrast between the sky and the mountains for my camera. The image came out horrible – the sky looked somewhat fine, but the mountains were pitch black. I only had my camera and my trusty tripod with me, so I knew that I did not have many options. While some people really like the above image, others just hate it. One thing that you should always keep in mind while taking pictures, is that your camera does not have the same capabilities as your eyes when it comes to seeing both bright and dark tones in a scene.

HDRI Handbook. The HDRI Handbook 2.0 is the most comprehensive guide to high dynamic range imaging (HDRI).

HDRI Handbook

HDR imaging takes photography to a whole new level. It opens the door to unprecedented creative freedom in digital post-processing by capturing everything from the darkest shadows to the brightest highlights. It represents a quantum leap in imaging technology, as revolutionary as the leap from black-and-white to color imaging. HDRI means truly lossless image editing, full exposure control, mastering any scene contrast without artificial lighting, and preserving all light from a scene so it can be digitally revisited anytime in the future. Tips & Tricks FAQ. What kind of camera will I need?

Tips & Tricks FAQ

A digital SLR camera with interchangeable lenses is the ideal solution, but almost any camera will work if you can lock the aperture, lock the focus, and lock the white balance. Ultimately, you get what you pay for. Digital SLRs generally have more options for white balance, mirror lockup, etc… the more choices, the better! If you want a camera with the most convenient HDR shooting setup, choose a camera that has an auto-bracketing (AEB) option. HDRI Community - HDRI capture App for Ricoh Theta 360 Camera. Hello Brad, Bought the Theta and your nifty app for the iPhone.

HDRI Community - HDRI capture App for Ricoh Theta 360 Camera

HDR Anything. Tuto 3: Bracketing pour la photo HDR. HDR then Panorama, or Panorama then HDR? - Photography Stack Exchange. Logiciel de traitement de photos à grande gamme dynamique (High Dynamic Range) FAQ logiciel de photo HDR photo Photomatix - Tone Mapping, création d'images HDR et fusion d'expositions. La photo HDR : tutoriel complet pour créer des images HDR avec Photomatix, Photoshop ou Gimp. HDR Bracketing Calculator.

Bracketing With Flash For Exposure Fusion and HDR. I’m amazed by the number of people I talk to that are mixing flash with the bracketing shots they are shooting for Exposure Fusion (Blending in Photomatix) and HDR.

Bracketing With Flash For Exposure Fusion and HDR

Plus I’ve gotten a number of questions asking how to to shoot brackets with flash. The first question is why? What’s the point of using flash when you are shooting brackets? You thought the reason you shot bracketed exposures was so you didn’t have to use flash, right. HDR and Real Estate Photography – Part 2. Part two in a series about HDR and Real Estate Photography by Joseph T.

HDR and Real Estate Photography – Part 2

Meirose IV You can see Part One here. There have been many discussions regarding the approach to the shoot with the property owners. Detailed map studies of the region have been completed. 3.19 – Produire des photos HDR réalistes et belles – Exclu française! Golden Sands. FAQ about HDR photography software Photomatix - Tone Mapping, HDR images creation and Exposure Fusion. My camera does not shoot RAWs.

FAQ about HDR photography software Photomatix - Tone Mapping, HDR images creation and Exposure Fusion

Can I still use your software with JPEG pictures? Definitely. La photo HDR : tutoriel complet pour créer des images HDR avec Photomatix, Photoshop ou Gimp. HDR One - The Internet's No 1 HDR Photography Magazine. Shooting Architectural Interiors – Processing with Nik HDR Efex Pro. In this post we are going to talk about shooting and processing Architectural Interiors.

Shooting Architectural Interiors – Processing with Nik HDR Efex Pro

The reason why Many of you have probably looked at ads for homes on real estate website or the books you pick up for free at the grocery store. The images are usually taken by the agent to save money or may be even taken by professionals…well that just don’t know any better. They all have the tell tale look. They were shot during the day with tons of light coming into the windows and you get one of two things because of the wide dynamic range present. Or, you get properly exposed windows and a room so dark you can’t tell if it is a bedroom or the kitchen. Now a good photographer could know better and shoot at night when you have more control over light, or they could bring in a huge amounts of artificial lights and get the scene to work.

Photomatix pro : Quel réglage choisir photos interieurs : Ressources. Bonjour à tous, Je suis nouveau sur ce forum et je suis également débutant dans l'utilisation des logiciels tels que photomatix ou photoshop. Liste des possibilités de bracketing des appareils photos : Ressources. Bracketing ciel. Optimisation de l'exposition des sujets difficiles La particularité des capteurs des APN est d'être particulièrement sensibles à la surexposition.

Qu'est-ce que la photographie HDR ? Qu'est-ce que la photographie HDR ? Ressources. Tutoriel Promote Control et PhotoEngine. Présentation Cela faisait un certain temps que nous voulions tester la télécommande Promote Control pour voir de quelle façon elle pouvait fonctionner avec PhotoEngine. C'est tout récemment que nous avons eu l'occasion de parler à l'équipe de la société Promote Systems et à cette occasion nous avons eu une idée toute simple : pourquoi ne pas organiser une sorte de « projet photographique intercontinental » ? En d'autres termes : vous prenez les photos aux Etats-Unis et nous les traitons en France ! L'équipe Promote Systems a accepté immédiatement et c'est de cette façon que ce tutoriel a vu le jour. Tutoriel photo HDR de référence pour un rendu réaliste TTHDR. Hdr Real Estate » Twilight – Nature’s HDR.

I’m often amused when I shoot the sunset and there are other photographers around. As soon as the sun dips below the horizon line, they fold their tripods and pack up their gear and head home. Sometimes it’s when I just start shooting. Twilight is a wonderful time…sometimes. It really can be seen and used well in the desert, especially the low desert that is surrounded by mountains. When you shoot around mountains, the twilight period is extended by 1/2 to a full hour because the sun will set behind the mountains, but still has not set below the horizon. It’s a time when the light gets soft and colorful but it also gets flatter and less contrasty.Sometimes this is good and you can use it to your advantage. Photomatix 5 Review - Travel Caffeine. Photomatix 5 is HDR photo editing software for fusing or tone-mapping multiple exposures into a single, high dynamic range photo.

This Photomatix review details the pros and cons of the latest version of Photomatix, with screenshots from the program and sample photos that I’ve edited using Photomatix. All of the photos here have been processed with a myriad of different Photomatix settings, from more restrained exposure fusion to extreme tonemapping. HDR Real Estate Photography Tutorial With Examples. We have already looked at a HDR real estate photography tutorial using the Enfuse method of blending brackets. When I first started my business it was one of two options. The other option for blending multiple exposures together was strict HDR software like Photomatix. At the time, Photomatix didn’t have an Enfuse option so the result was over-saturated, overly tone mapped images. How to Shoot and Post-Process Professional HDR Photos in One Day.

In this tutorial you will learn the simple secrets of crafting a shoot sequence for HDR and creating professional quality HDR images in both Photomatix and Photoshop (depending on your weapon of choice). Not only will you learn an efficient workflow, but you'll also learn the theory behind Dynamic Range. This lesson is taught by Peter Tellone, a professional photographer specializing in HDR landscapes.

When we refer to Dynamic Range we talk about the difference between extremes. As it relates to photography and exposure we talk about the difference between the lightest part of the scene and the darkest parts. Dynamic Range is expressed as a Ratio. So, in conventional photography, we have to make compromises. We could use a split Neutral Density filter, and half of the image would be one exposure and the other half would be 2 or 3 stops less depending on the filter.

20 HDR Photography Tutorials to Learn This Technique in One Day. Email Applied with care, High Dynamic Range technique (HDR) can create amazingly beautiful photos which blur our sense of difference between reality and illusion. The intention is to properly represent a wide range of intensity levels found on real scenes, ranging from deepest shadows to direct sunlights.

Traditionally, an HDR shot is achieved by taking multiple images with different exposures of the same scene and merging those photos together to get the best exposed parts of each on the final image. And the results can be really incredible. This post covers 20 extremely easy HDR video tutorials that are based on photographers experience from all over the world. Pinterest. HDR One - Online Photography Magazine. HDR Vs. Flash For Interiors And Real Estate Photography. 10 Best Apps for Exposure Bracketing (android) Photomatix Review – and many samples. Real Estate Photography Tips HDR with Photomatix and Lightroom. Quel objectif pour des photos d'intérieur en usage pro immobilier ? Promote Control la super télécommande toute marque. La photo HDR : tutoriel complet pour créer des images HDR avec Photomatix, Photoshop ou Gimp. Top 20 Best HDR Software Review 2014.