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21 day fix

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Cinnamon Plum Baked Oatmeal with Toasted Almonds | Girl Versus Dough. Everyone in this house knows that Stephanie needs breakfast, and she needs it now (my parents, siblings and old college roommates know this about me, too). Hangry Steph is a very real side of me that I don’t like to let out often, but it happens every now and again. And oftentimes, that time is breakfast. A cup of coffee in hand will help keep this side of me at bay for a little while. But if I wait much longer than two hours past wake time, I get anxious and twitchy and my stomach begins to growl (or am I actually growling?

Hard to say). Suddenly, my mind is totally consumed with thoughts of food and getting that food into my belly as soon as possible. So that’s why, in this house, we prepare ahead. I went on a serious oatmeal-for-breakfast bender for a good two years just a few years ago, and then one day, I realized I had probably eaten no less than 800 bowls of oatmeal in the last 24 months and enough was enough. But this time, I intend for it to be different. Prep time: Cook time: 21 Day Fix Mexican Lasagna. Confession #67 – There’s something about snowstorms that make me hungry.

Oh – and they also make me drink a lot of wine. In other words, I might be slightly over my yellow count after this weekend’s blizzard. And that’s why recipes like this one are SO important. Cheesy, delicious comfort food that is only ONE yellow. In my current challenge group (which is totally amazing, by the way), this Mexican Lasagna recipe is all the rage. And what better time to try it than during a blizzard? Except when I looked at the recipe, the container count seemed off…and there was definitely more than ONE yellow there.

I thought about just recalculating the recipe and making it as is…but then I poured another glass of wine and realized I need to do something. So I fixed it. I also kept it to less than a full blue…because, really, this needs to be topped with avocado. 21 Day Fix Mexican Lasagna Ingredients toppings - cilantro 2/3 cup of diced avocado diced jalapeno cilantro lime yogurt sauce Instructions.