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33 Blustery Bad Weather Images. 9 creative sidewalk chalk photos. Now that I know that you all are on board with sidewalk chalk, I’ve rounded up a bunch of super fun sidewalk chalk photos.

9 creative sidewalk chalk photos

I love all the creativity I’m seeing when it comes to sidewalk chalk photos. Super Hero to the rescue! 1. Super Hero chalk photo idea 2. Lovely Large Family Photography Ideas - 1 - Pelfind. The Neal and Verney Family. Click Group Family Photographer Of The Year. A photo of a family inside small boxes has helped a Nottingham photographer pick up his first national award.

Click Group Family Photographer Of The Year

Stuart McIntyre from Photo Nottingham worked with the Chester family to develop the image which led to him being named Click Group Family Photographer of the Year. Stuart said: "I’m chuffed to bits with this award as it’s my first national title. I wanted to enter something different, a photo that would really stand out from the crowd. The one of the Chester’s was ideal. The Chester family were very relaxed in front of the camera and clearly enjoyed spending time together. The family had their individual and group shots taken in just one box and Stuart combined the images to form the final shot after the shoot was complete.

The mother of the family, Dawn Chester, said: "We had a lot of fun having the photos taken and really enjoyed the session with Stuart. For more information please visit the Click Connection Corp website. Family Silhouette Inspiration. I love a good silhouette picture!

Family Silhouette Inspiration

They can be tricky, and I shared a post about how to shoot a great silhouette a while back, but I wanted to share some inspiration for Family Silhouettes. Feel free to pin the collage below, then hop on over to the sites of the images you like best. Sadly, some only link to pinterest because the original source wasn’t grabbed, but I liked them enough I wanted to share them. [pinit align=”center”] If you love the images below, click on the thumbnails to see more from that photographer. And the image below is #21 of my kids with a dolphin! Kristen Duke. Four Creative Ways to Photograph Your Christmas Lights. I am not a professional photographer, I just play one on my blog.

Four Creative Ways to Photograph Your Christmas Lights

Ha, ha. But seriously, I do love taking photos, and it's one of my favorite hobbies, even though I have totally outgrown my camera and have put a much nicer one on my Christmas wish list. We'll see what Santa has to say about that, though. Meanwhile, I enjoy taking fun Christmas pictures with my Canon Rebel XTi (I told you it was old!) And the two not-very-expensive lenses that I have.

I'm going to show you four fun ways to get some cool photos featuring your Christmas lights. 1. Sometimes, taking photos of the Christmas tree with the lights on can be really frustrating, because all of the normal rules of exposure don't totally apply. Make sure your scene is lit only by the Christmas tree by turning all other lights off. Next, choose the widest aperture you can. ) lens to take this photo. Finally, choose a slowish shutter speed, but not too slow.

Best camera settings for long-exposure landscapes. If you’re planning to capture the sunrise or sunset, you don’t want to waste any of your time on location messing around with camera settings.

Best camera settings for long-exposure landscapes

In the latest post in our series of pre-shoot checklists we suggest some of the best camera settings for long-exposure landscapes. Images and words by Chris Rutter The settings you need to shoot sunrises and sunsets are similar to those for other landscapes, but as the light can change quickly, pre-setting the key controls will help you get the best results. 8 pro tips for painting landscapes with light. Discover how to capture spectacular nighttime landscapes with these advanced tips for painting with light. 01 Pack spare batteries Before you leave home, make sure you’ve checked you have spare camera batteries, and that they’re charged.

8 pro tips for painting landscapes with light

They don’t last as long when it’s cold, and taking long exposures on Bulb mode eats them up too. You can easily get through four fully-charged camera batteries in a shoot. Store them in an inside pocket to keep them warm. 02 Invest in a head torch One thing many new nighttime landscape photographers haven’t taken on board before the shoot is how hard it is to see anything once it gets dark. Even if your camera features an LCD light, a small torch – or better still, a head torch – is essential for checking settings and finding your equipment. How to photograph reflections in puddles. Want to shoot an original image of a familiar landmark?

How to photograph reflections in puddles

Or perhaps a quirky portrait of a friend? In this tutorial we’ll show you how to photograph reflections in puddles to create pictures that look different than the norm. Here at Digital Camera World we try to avoid shooting in the historic city of Bath, England, not least because it’s right on our doorstep, which means we’ve done it to death. Recently, though, we set ourselves a challenge: could we, in the space of a lunch break, head out and a shoot a photograph of the city’s most famous landmark, Bath Abbey, that we wouldn’t be able to find on any of the postcards that you can buy around town?

The solution presented itself when a rain shower filled the paving slabs around the abbey with puddles. The key, as we discovered, was to wait until we had blue skies overhead, and the sun was bathing the Abbey in golden light. 7 Photography Project Ideas 2013. Each year we make goals for our photography.

7 Photography Project Ideas 2013

I’ll touch on that more later but let’s talk about some a possible photography project you could take on in 2013. By working on a photography project you can improve your photography for free. When I took on my first photography project in 2010, I would never have guessed that I would become obsessed love photography as much as I do. You can check out the photography project list from 2012. Read how to start a photography blog as a place to document your photography project Photography Project Ideas 1. 2. 3. 4. 14 Photography Project Ideas - Click it Up a Notch.