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15 Premiere Pro Tutorials Every Video Editor Should Watch. Create Your Own Star Wars Movie With These After Effects Tutorials! Star Wars undoubtedly features some of the most iconic visual effects in cinematic history, and while they were groundbreaking initially, many of them have become easier to replicate than you might think.

Create Your Own Star Wars Movie With These After Effects Tutorials!

How to Create Blockbuster Superhero VFX in After Effects. It’s a bird!

How to Create Blockbuster Superhero VFX in After Effects

Design Tips From the Legendary Saul Bass - RocketStock. The legendary Saul Bass is considered one of the all-time greatest designers.

Design Tips From the Legendary Saul Bass - RocketStock

His worked spanned several mediums — creating world-famous opening titles for films, classic movie posters, and iconic corporate logos. He began his career in Hollywood in the 1940s, where he designed print advertisements for films like Champion, Death of a Salesman, and Otto Preminger’s The Moon Is Blue. I began as a graphic designer. As part of my work, I created film symbols for ad campaigns. A Brief (Yet Comprehensive!) Guide to Mobile Learning. By Yan Sun Anytime, anywhere mobile learning can dramatically improve teaching and engagement, bringing more inclusive and consistent education to students.

A Brief (Yet Comprehensive!) Guide to Mobile Learning

How to Create a Tech-based Curriculum Using the SAMR Model. By Jacqui Murray This is a question I get often from teachers: How do I teach my state/national/international curriculum using technology?

How to Create a Tech-based Curriculum Using the SAMR Model

When I first addressed this issue, about fifteen years ago, there weren’t any tools to make it happen. In fact, I ended up writing my own project-based technology curriculum (now in its fifth edition). I wanted a curriculum that scaffolded learning year-to-year, blended into the school academic program, could be re-formed to apply to any academic topic, differentiated for varied student learning style, and was age-appropriate for the needs of the digital natives populating my classroom. Everything I found through traditional sources was skills-based, undifferentiated, and relied on programs that have simply always been around rather than ones that incited student passion. 32 Digital Citizenship Resources for Every Teacher.

By Learn2Earn Blog Team The term digital citizenship covers a broad array of topics, including: security, cyberbullying, online research, plagiarism, collaboration and communication, to mention a few.

32 Digital Citizenship Resources for Every Teacher

The many ways that students interact online, both in and out of school, is just one reason why teaching digital citizenship in your classroom is so important. Unfortunately, too many students aren’t getting the information they need to stay safe and make smart decisions online. Oliver Schinkten, a high school teacher, had students Google themselves: List of Digital Leaders You Must Follow on Twitter. About ETR Community EdTechReview (ETR) is a community of and for everyone involved in education technology to connect and collaborate both online and offline to discover, learn, utilize and share about the best ways technology can improve learning, teaching, and leading in the 21st century.

List of Digital Leaders You Must Follow on Twitter

EdTechReview spreads awareness on education technology and its role in 21st century education through best research and practices of using technology in education, and by facilitating events, training, professional development, and consultation in its adoption and implementation. 30 Innovative Ways To Use Google In Education. 30 Innovative Ways To Use Google In Education by TeachThought Staff As the search engine that’s become its own verb, Google’s success is difficult to frame.

30 Innovative Ways To Use Google In Education

One of the most telling examples of their gravity in search is how few legitimate competitors they have. (Some would say they have none.) But cataloguing and indexing humanity’s digital wares isn’t easy, especially with an entire cottage industry trying to sabotage the integrity of a search for their own personal gain (among these trends, nefarious Search Engine Optimization). The Storyteller's Secret by Carmine Gallo on Prezi. Are We Getting Smarter about Ed Tech? "Will teachers be replaced by robots?

Are We Getting Smarter about Ed Tech?

" That was the provocative question asked by Scott McLeod (@mcleod), a leading voice in educational technology, at an international conference earlier this year. I remember the growing discomfort among participants at my table as he shared example after example of what machines are smart enough to do already. Most of us agreed that computers have the edge when it comes to processing tasks and work that can be automated. But how about computers that can produce original artwork? Check. Does Design Thinking Work For Students? Over the last couple of years there has been an explosion of teachers talking about Design Thinking.

Does Design Thinking Work For Students?

Previously unheard of, it is now fairly commonplace to hear the term used in online conversations and at education conferences. For my eFellowship research this year, I investigated whether the student experience of Design Thinking matched up to why teachers were implementing this approach in their classes. Over the last 2 years I have read about Design Thinking, applied it to creating structures for our new school and then used a teaching approach within my classes. It has felt like a more powerful version of inquiry through it’s focus on developing empathy, students iterating their understanding and then having to use their knowledge rather than just remembering information. 3D Slicer Settings for Beginners - 8 Things You Need to Know.

Proper 3D slicer settings can mean the difference between a successful print, and a failed print. That’s why it’s so important to know how slicers work and how each different setting will affect your results. We understand that the many settings on slicing software can be intimidating, especially for beginner makers. 3D Printing Filament Types - Pinshape Blog. Need a guide or a cheat sheet for 3D filaments in the market? 3D Supply Guys is here to share their tests of 3D printing filaments with the Pinshape community!

Video Lesson Tools. Questioning. Salads. Colouring. OneTab shared tabs. Pinterest. Hello Ruby. 10 Fun-Filled Formative Assessment Ideas. The Best Apps and Services for Learning to Code. Coding is a critical skill these days—whether you're building a personal website, assembling a professional portfolio, or striving for a promotion at work. Learning to code can be a lonely, confusing, and tedious process, but online learning programs have sprung up to make coding education accessible to everyone, even those with absolutely no coding experience or knowledge. Here's how to find the best online coding class for you. We've even reviewed got some apps for kids, too, because it's never too early to start coding.

Look at the Price Tag Price is always a concern, no matter what you're buying. There are subscription-based programs such as Treehouse, Infinite Skills, CodeHS, Code School, and Learnable, which offer access to all classes in the course catalog for a monthly or annual fee. The à la carte model, such as that offered by Code Avengers, makes sense if you would rather just pay per course. Cinematography 101: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a DP. Cinematography is an all-encompassing branch of filmmaking. It can be incredibly complex and confusing for beginners, which is why we have created this manual to help you tackle all things related to shooting a motion picture. Cinematography is defined as the art or science of motion picture photography. It is a derivative of the Greek word kinema, meaning movement. Much like a language, cinematography must be learned well before you can really communicate. A great director of photography will define light and space to create the ultimate image.

Director of Photography. Contacting vendors of school management systems. To hell with the predictions, it’s time to “get real” about the Internet of Things. ​Too much tech? Top 4 ways to make sound business investments - Reseller News. Microsoft Education. Education special: the internet in schools - PC World New Zealand. Google Apps Learning Center – All the training you need, in one place.

Code snippets for beginning ActionScript 3 programmers and designers. The cult of productivity is preventing you from being productive. Minecraft Hour of Code. The Sunny 16 Rule. How an episode of The Simpsons is made. Add-ons - New Visions CloudLab.   Google Developers. Three Techniques for Teaching Digital Literacy. What If Everything You Knew About Disciplining Kids Was Wrong? Tool Kit for Innovative Teaching and Learner Success.

LCN Report WFRC Findings 2012-13. Sewing, cooking, woodwork... IT? Why Government must urgently fix the curriculum to get kids into computing. WineHQ - Wine Application Database. MLE Reference Group. Techies for schools. Who is a 3D designer? (Infographic) - Pinshape Blog. FAQ(01): Solving SDM general connection problems. Pixar in a Box. Mobincube the best APP BUILDER DIY for Android iPhone/iPAD Windows Phone. Graphics Drivers — Intel® Graphics Driver Report. Graphics Drivers — Intel® Graphics Driver Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Graphics Drivers — Display Resolutions Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Graphics Drivers — Intel® Graphics Driver Report. Ulearn 14 – Post-conference reflections from around the web.

HP Windows 10 Support - For HP Computers and with HP Printers. Photoshop Tutorial: Creating a Comic style image. Aeroplane Shooting Game Tutorial – Player Movement. How to Make your own Flash Game. Adobe Edge Animate proves HTML5 is no substitute for Flash. HP Labs - Downloads: Mediascape. Manipulating Windows 10's Start Menu. Flash keyboard shortcuts. Quick and Forgotten Tips For 50mm Lens Users. Google SketchUp New Users 2: Drawing Shapes. Sketchup Final Projects 7/8. Quickly remove USB devices without using Safe Removal. Windows 7: The Top 10 Hidden Features - Slide 7. Video in the Classroom. Video in the Classroom. The Video Editing App for Your Classroom. How to move movies and music to an iPhone without Airdrop video. Your guide to Windows 10. Downloads and tools for Windows. The free and easy way to back up your iPhone photos.


Random. BYOD. eLearning. More PD. The best apps, games, websites, and digital curricula rated for learning. The Mind Lab – School Groups. 3D Printing. Music. Posing. DIY. Photoshop. Photography. Project ideas. 23 GIFs That Will Teach You A Damn Thing For Once In Your Life. Pinterest. Teaching Readings. TubeChop - Chop YouTube Videos. This is Dragontape. Latest News on Content Marketing - CMA - SEVEN STEPS TO THE PERFECT STORY. Quote Posters -

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