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DEBORAH MOSS ART - Welcome. Tim Hallinan (@tim_hallinan) The Art Spirit Gallery. L'art de la FIBRITE. Froebelsternchen. Froebelsternchen: Try it on Tuesday and Art Journal Journey .. ~*~ Mixed Media May ~*~ Jacqui Fehl ~*~ What does mixed media mean to you?

~*~ Mixed Media May ~*~ Jacqui Fehl ~*~

Freedom. Freedom to create, to play, to express myself using whatever inspires me. (or whatever I have on hand). I like that there are no rules and that I can use materials in creative or unintended ways. Mixed media appeals to my restless nature and my need to explore. How long have you been a mixed media artist? How has art impacted or enhanced your life?

Art connects me to myself, to my thoughts, my feelings and emotions. More importantly, art connects me to others. Blog - Flora Bowley. Blog - alena hennessy. Lately I have been reflecting on what can bring a feeling of healing to a human.

blog - alena hennessy

How can we go from a place of pain or brokenness to a feeling of wholeness, completeness, or in-the-moment-ness? How do we move from a place of feeling lost, confused, weak, or disenchanted to a feeling of a heart brimming with gratitude? If they say life is a journey and not a destination than certainly we have all moved from a place of despair to joy, back to despair within this human body temple. This morning I read this mind-blowing quote about the Universe: “The reason why the universe is eternal is that it does not live for itself; it gives life to others as it transforms.” ― Lao Tzu WOW. 1.

When I spent time in the natural world, something lifts within me and also expands. 2. I believe that what we focus on grows… so if we take time to focus on the light in our world and inside our world as well, the light will grow within us. 3. Jennifer Drummond Ferris - Portfolio of Works: Works in Process And Archived Works. Gratitude IV 6 x 6 $150.00 USD Anything's Possible | at Gregg Irby Gallery 24 x 24 $695.00 USD Blue Hydrangeas 6 x 6 $150.00 USD Magnolia Warbler 4 x 4 $150.00 USD White Crowned Sparrow 4 x 4 $150.00 USD Mountain Chickadee 4 x 4 $150.00 USD "Shake Things Up" - at Gregg Irby Gallery 30 x 30 $595.00 USD Honeycomb 36 x 48 $1,450.00 USD "On the Fence III" 40 x 30 $975.00 USD On the Fence II 40 x 30 $975.00 USD "On the Fence I" 40 x 30 $975.00 USD Magic Happens || at Burton Gallery 36 x 24 Letting Go 10 x 10 $195.00 USD Primary Abstract Taking In The View 10 x 8 Breaking All The Rules I 12 x 12.

Jennifer Drummond Ferris - Portfolio of Works: Works in Process And Archived Works

Whimsical Owls and Other Mixed Media Art From the Heart by Juliette Crane: NEW Mixed Media Painting - With This, Then. This painting was one that I did just for fun.

Whimsical Owls and Other Mixed Media Art From the Heart by Juliette Crane: NEW Mixed Media Painting - With This, Then

And those always seem to become my favorites. Alisaburke. Step by Step Mixed Media Painting Tutorial. About Lynnette Lynnette Shelley is a Pennsylvania artist specializing in contemporary mixed media paintings and illustrations.

Step by Step Mixed Media Painting Tutorial

Having a great love of animals, fairytales, and world mythology, Lynnette fuses these influences into her strikingly unique artworks. Her paintings strike a primal chord in many viewers, with almost Jungian associations to the colors and shapes. Her animal art and folklore-inspired creations are both primitive and sophisticated, and have been likened to images from an undiscovered ancient civilization or culture. “One of my primary interests has always been exploring legends and stories from around the world. Lynnette is represented by Countryside Gallery in Newtown, PA, and Nichols Berg Gallery in Philadelphia. In addition to her fine art pursuits, Lynnette is also the co-founder of The Red Masque, an original avant rock band which has played numerous shows and festivals since 2001.

Originally from Delaware, Lynnette currently lives and works out of Ambler, PA. Repeating Pattern tutorial. If you follow me on Instagram you know I’ve been pattern crazy lately.

Repeating Pattern tutorial

Since I started to post the patterns, a lot of folks have asked about my process and how I’m creating them. Design Seeds - For All Who Love Color. DIY Floating Frame Tutorial For $6! A floating frame around canvas art (whether you painted it yourself or purchased it) can bring a certain chic quality to the art.

DIY Floating Frame Tutorial For $6!

I love the effect it offers when surrounded by other framed artwork. Stunning! BARBARA GILHOOLY. Kathleen Taylor Studio Website. Original paintings and mixed media. Learn How to Monoprint at Home (With Tools You Already Own!) When you think of printmaking, you might imagine a studio full of large printing presses with the distinct smell of ink.

Learn How to Monoprint at Home (With Tools You Already Own!)

And, you’re not wrong — that’s one printing technique. But, did you know that you can experiment and have fun with a special printing technique in your own home? Essentially, monoprinting is a form of printmaking that creates images or lines that will be made only once. Dan Casado art. Art 2. Drawing with lines. A-pattern-a-day.tumblr. Fun techniques you can try to make watercolor and mixed media postcards. When you want to learn new techniques, it can be a good idea to try them on postcard sized watercolor paper.

Fun techniques you can try to make watercolor and mixed media postcards

It is quickly painted and makes a nice gift. Salt textures Paint a wash on the paper and sprinkle salt when the wash is still wet but just before the point where it will start loosing its shine. Once the wash had time to dry, brush off the salt, you should see the flower like texture made by the salt. Draw with black markers, add designs on top of the background. Lynne hoppe: how to. 'pink messenger #1' ~ watercolors, colored pencil, gouache, oil pastels, casein paint and graphite on old book page - approx. 5" x 7"paint faces using oil pastels, watercolors, and white gouache alrighty!

lynne hoppe: how to

I've been wanting to do this for a while... this is a more thorough way of answering the questions that i'm most often asked - how i get the skin to look the way it looks, and how i get watercolors to mix with oil pastels. L'art de la FIBRITE. Studio visits with West Coast artists. Creative Spotlight: Lisa Congdon — Embody Your Muse. How do you balance life and art effectively? Or, do you? I am forever searching for balance, but I am learning that it’s nearly impossible, and that’s because my life is my art. Sure, I have my marriage, which I treasure, but my mind never strays far from thinking about making things. It’s all consuming. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Cadres en papier, jolis écrins pour aquarelles. Light and Shadow - Creative By Nature Art. “I thought the most beautiful thing in the world must be shadow.” -Sylvia Plath The joy of making art with shadows. Drawing and painting with light and shadow is one of my absolute favourite types of art encounter.

How to frame a watercolor painting - Painting With Watercolors. This article will show you how to frame a watercolor painting. There may be different ways but this is how I do it. The first step is to ensure your watercolor painting is totally flat. As I do not pre-stretch my watercolor paper it cockles or buckles a little so I flatten it before framing. 5th Grade — Emily Jane Valenza. Lesson Title: Wayne Thiebaud Candy Compositions Concepts: Composition, Acrylic Painting, Color Theory Appropriate Grade Levels: 5th - High School Lesson Rationale/Overview: After a unit using shape and color to create successful compositions, students will create a small candy still-life on a rule of thirds grid to use as the subject for a large scale acrylic painting. Blog - Small Hands Big Art. News - Kirra Jamison. 9-27 June 2015 Sophie Gannon Gallery 2 Albert Street Richmond VIC 3121 Australia T +61 3 9421 0857 F +61 3 9421 0859 Tuesday–Saturday 11am–5pm or by appointment In July my Power Vinyasa, Slow Flow and Yin Yoga studio opens. 116 High Street, Northcote.

Jennifer Mercede. Marouflage. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. John Lovett - Watercolor Workshop. A faithful attempt: weaving.  It's no secret to my students that I love weaving projects. The Helpful Art Teacher: Looking at flowers through the eyes of Georgia O'Keeffe. Compare these paintings by the artist Georgia O'keeffe... From Book to Bid – Peter Doig’s Swamped. This season’s big post-war and contemporary art auctions are coming up at Sotheby’s, Christie’s and Philips in London and New York this week and next. ARTiful, painting demos by Sandrine Pelissier. Art journal peek. Alisaburke. Daily Painters Abstract Gallery. Mountain House Studios. 1st April 2016. Voici les Oeuvres contenant le mot henri, matisse. Blog — TERESA MCFAYDEN. 1. Moleskine 8.5x12 Sketchbook Journal. Black Hardcover. This is different from Moleskine Notebooks. The paper is thicker and that is the key ingredient for us as we will be painting on the pages. Whatever journal you go with, make sure the pages are thick. 2. 3. 3. 4.

Wie zu zeichnen – Tinte Finger, Fingerabdruck auf dem Papier . – vol 4097. 17 Diagrams That Will Help You Draw (Almost) Anything. Gwen. Mixed Media Dandelions. Three Cherries - Mary Fedden. Claude A Simard » OEUVRES RÉCENTES. Antique Dragonfly Image. The Technique Zone: Acrylic Paint Transfer. Upcycle Style: Braided T-shirt Rug. Back Home - colourliving colourliving. Sketchbook explorations with Lisa Congdon colourliving. 40 Projects Just For Fun: Woven Stool DIY - Smile And Wave. SAC — Service des activités culturelles. How to watercolor: Even More dandelions!! Large format 22"x30" How to watercolor: Even More dandelions!! Large format 22"x30"

How To: Dandelion watercolor painting using Alcohol droplets. Les 10 artisans à découvrir aux Puces Pop Printemps 2015.