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The Best Restaurants in Melbourne. Central Business District, Melbourne or Melbourne CBD – a hub of the commercial and services sectors, with thousands of professionals coming in every day to make their small but important contributions to the economy of the great city of Melbourne.

The Best Restaurants in Melbourne

Well, when these professionals get hungry, they have to eat too! Let them check out the best resturants in Melbourne. Best Seafood Restaurants. The Best Romantic Restaurants Melbourne - 10keythings. Melbourne, with it’s state of art architecture, pristine, cold lighting and modern cuts in wood and polycarbonate and glass.

The Best Romantic Restaurants Melbourne - 10keythings

Quite the paradise for the contemporary design student, but for the quiet candlelight dinner with your significant other, nah, you’d think, doesn’t quite fit the bill. But here is 10KeyThings with a brand new list of some of the sweetest places in Melbourne, abounding in delights for palette and sight alike. So work your way through these ten destinations (listed in no particular order); taste and try and share your experience. We’d be happiest to revise and modify this list after hearing where YOU spent your version of a perfect Tuscan sunset dinner! Best Italian Restaurants. The Italians have one of the richest cultures in the world and when it comes to food, there is nothing that can beat the good ol’ Italian chef.

Best Italian Restaurants

Be it the most ubiquitous pasta and pizza or the lesser known but equally tongue smacking scaloppine di Vitello, Italian food is always a foodie’s delight. Below we present to you the best Italian restaurants for you to try in the business heart of Melbourne a.k.a the Central Business District. So, if you are an Italian entrepreneur feeling homesick or trying to determine your next favorite ever cuisine, head over to one of these spots and have your hunger placated in the best way possible.

The list is in no particular order and any additional comments, suggestions are always welcome. 1. 11 Inch Pizza. Best French Restaurants. The City is a place of hustle and bustle, of busy people buzzing about town rushing to and from their jobs.

Best French Restaurants

The Central Business District is even more so, but all the zooming about does tend to make one hungry! Which is why our team of dedicated food researchers at 10KeyThings have come up with this list of 10 best French eateries in the CBD area. The best thing about this list is that it’s not fixed and will keep evolving! So do remember to give us reviews of these places and tell us about the ones you feel deserve a place in this list! Best Vegetarian Restaurants. Raising the health quotient without compromising on your palate.

Best Vegetarian Restaurants

Lip smacking delights for the recently converted or the religious vegetarian, the Central Business District of Melbourne offers a plethora of choices to cater to the needs of your taste buds. Recipes to bring an avalanche of flavours to your mouth, while promising good health, beautiful locations, and lovely company (which we hope you shall be bringing along to share a wholesome meal). With Melbourne becoming a culinary amalgam of sorts, combining distinct flavours from all around the globe, you will find yourself drawn to these places every so often.

Not having to burn a hole in your pockets is all the more an added bonus. We will be updating our list as you comment so don’t forget to subscribe and tell us about your dining experience. 1. Cuisine: Asian, Vegetarian, Vegan Supercharger packs super foods to the zenith in all meals. 2. 3. Cuisine: Vegetarian, Vegan Do you know what would be great? Melbourne CBD,Australia. Thai cuisine is popular all over the globe.

Melbourne CBD,Australia

The “Fifty Most Delicious Dishes of the World” feature seven Thai dishes – more than that of any country. Thai cooking places emphasis on lightly prepared dishes full of spices and having a strong aromatic component. The cuisine is known for its complex interplay of four-five fundamental taste senses. Sum rap Thai is how the entire world eats. The names – pad Thai, tom yam goong, som tam and Thai fried rice get mouths watering. 10 Best Thai Restaurants in Melbourne CBD 1. Cuisine: Thai, AsianOn Flinders Lane in the CBD, lies the hipster, laidback restaurant that has heads turning and feet shuffling towards it – Chin Chin.

Best Indian Restaurants. The Central Business District in the City is home to business, financial firms and basically a lot of commercial stuff which drives the world economy.

Best Indian Restaurants

Now people who work here need to be well fed once they’re done with the hard labour of running the world! Now, office goers in CBD know that the area is chock full of eateries with a food joint in every nook and cranny. Fear not, for our team at 10KeyThings is bringing you our top 10 picks of spice, tadka and chilli. The best thing about this list it that it’s not fixed and we will keep updating it based on your suggestions. So review all these restaurants and leave us comments about ones you think should make it here! 1. Cuisines: South Indian, North IndianHave hankering for the Indian basics? 2. Cuisine: North Indian, PunjabiIndian food is probably unique in its pursuit of vegetarian greatness. 3. Cuisine: North IndianLocated within walking distance of many major offices, Tadka Boom!

Best Japanese Restaurants. The Central Business District in the Melbourne City is home to the busiest professionals around.

Best Japanese Restaurants

But no work is done on an empty stomach! Japanese cuisine is a favourite for lunch, known for its delicate flavours and exquisite tastes. Best Chinese Restaurants. “The Chinese eat everything with four legs, except tables, and everything that flies, except airplanes.”— Anon.

Best Chinese Restaurants

China boasts one of the most delicious and varied cuisine in the world. Mastering one of the Eight Culinary Cuisines of China is an artform. You will find Chinese dishes all over the world. Really well-cooked Chinese food is said to be possess great appearance, taste and smell.