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Citrus. Arquillian. Cross Browser. HttpUnit ServletUnit Overview. As a testing tool, HttpUnit is primarily designed for "black-box" testing of web sites.

HttpUnit ServletUnit Overview

In many cases that may be all you need; however, if you are developing complex servlets, you may wish to test smaller pieces of your code. Sometimes you can isolate them into simple tests using only JUnit. In other cases, you will want to test in a servlet environment. At this point you have two basic approaches available. You can test in a real servlet container, using a tool such as Apache Cactus, which has you deploy your tests into the container along with your servlets. Getting Started with ServletUnit To test a servlet in ServletUnit, you first instantiate a ServletRunner (the simulated container), and register your servlets: ServletRunner sr = new ServletRunner(); sr.registerServlet( "myServlet", StatefulServlet.class.getName() ); Testing Servlet Internals The above approach is still black-box testing.

You might want to test the individual methods one at a time. Testing Security.


Atunit - Easy Java unit tests with mocks (JMock or EasyMock) and dependency injection (Spring or Guice) Sahi. Mocking Tools. Selenium - Browser automation framework. Overview This is the site for developers of the Selenium browser automation framework.

selenium - Browser automation framework

If you're developing with the framework, please go to Selenium HQ. If you're a user of Selenium, and would like the latest documentation, please head over to Selenium HQ. If you'd like to report an issue, please click on the "Issues" tab above If you're a user of WebDriver, and would like to file some bugs, then please also click on the "Issues" tab above. The Selenium project hosts an implementation of the W3C WebDriver spec. User Documentation Related Projects The following projects are related to Selenium and you may find it interesting: Perl WebDriver bindings. Note the alternative language bindings are supported independently, and not by the selenium project. Developer Documentation Please consult the wiki or the project issue tracking for documentation relevant for working on the selenium framework itself.


Watir. Insanely fast, headless full-stack testing using Node.js. Terminus. Js-test-driver - Remote javascript console. Quick Navigation Release 1.3.4-a First Release of 2012, 1.3.4-a: Bugs and Fixes: fixed the reset on syntax error bug.

js-test-driver - Remote javascript console

Better error reporting when --preloadFiles is passed in. Fixed issue 302 : The parameter --dryRunFor TestCase name does not work properly Fixed issue 145 : assets are served with content type "text/plain" (may be missing your exact content type. Features: --basePath and base_path now accept multiple base paths. News: We'll be moving to Git on Google Code in the next two weeks. Release 1.3.3d Fixed issue 273 , Invalid JSON is being sent to the browser with Windows paths Improved queuing for simultaneous clients Release 1.3.3c Fixed issue 278 , Noisy output when using --captureConsole Fixed issue 276 , Absolute Paths on Windows fail Fixed issue 273 , Invalid JSON is being sent to the browser with Windows paths Release 1.3.3b Fixed issue 223 for the last time.

Release 1.3.3a Release 1.3.2 Proxy documentation! The goal of JsTestDriver is to build a JavaScript test runner which: