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Michael Williams

Michael Williams has 15 years of experience in the electronics and lighting industry, specifically in automotive, street, and consumer LED Lighting sales. He manages products sale through a broad channel of distributors, contractors, and consultants.

A Properly Designed Helicopter Landing Zone Lighting Kit Helps Save Lives. A Properly Designed Helicopter Landing Zone Lighting Kit Helps Save Lives A Landing Zone or LZ is setup to provide a safe landing area for the pilot to land a helicopter.

A Properly Designed Helicopter Landing Zone Lighting Kit Helps Save Lives

A permanent landing zone or helipad provides an area for pilots to land safely. Unfortunately, during emergency situations and when lives are on the line, helipads are generally not in the vicinity so a temporary landing zone must be set up to mark an area to safely land the helicopter. Temporary landing zones are often set up near situations that include emergency vehicles, flashing lights, power lines, bad weather, and other distractions that can make the safe landing of a helicopter difficult for even an experienced pilot.

This is where a well designed emergency landing zone lighting kit is an essential tool for the personnel on the ground assisting the pilot in landing the helicopter safely. Online LED Cockpit Lights for Sale. Home > Map & Console Lights Products 1-3 of 3 Show LEDLightsItem #: 8700- - Model 8700 Map/Cockpit Light is a SINGLE color light (typically white but other colors including infrared are available) used to illuminate gauges or other areas.

Online LED Cockpit Lights for Sale

Choose WHITE light for normal tasks, RED light to maintain night vision sensitivity, and CYAN light when the lighting device is to be used without affecting nearby night vision goggles. Buy Online Golf Cart LED Lights. Products 1-20 of 20 Show LEDLightsItem #: 4106- - Model 4106 BeastBar™ Light Bar [Flat Surface Mounted, 6 LEDs, 4-1/16'' Long] LEDLightsItem #: 4110- - Model 4110 BeastBar™ Light Bar [Flat Surface Mounted, 12 LEDs, 7-3/16'' Long] 321-690-2462 474 Barnes Blvd., Suite K Rockledge FL 32955 ...

Buy Online Golf Cart LED Lights

Spotlight! LED RV Lights. Products 1-18 of 18 Show LEDLightsItem #: 5050- - Model 5050 BeastBeam MT™ Multi-Task LED Flashlight with Side Strobe including Bezel Control, 120 Lumen White LED, Waterproof, Dual Intensity, Single or Dual Color Side Strobe and 3 ''AA'' Batteries. 321-690-2462 474 Barnes Blvd., Suite K Rockledge FL 32955 ...

LED RV Lights

LED Marine Lights Prevent Catastrophic Accidents. 6 Factors to Consider when Choosing LED Flashlights. 4.

6 Factors to Consider when Choosing LED Flashlights

Battery TypesFlashlights can be designed to utilize many different types of batteries ranging in size to different compositions. Common battery types are AA, AAA, C, D, CR123, and other custom battery packs. Alkaline - Standard alkaline batteries are available in a variety of sizes and are used in many types of LED flashlights. They are more economical but don’t have the same capacity as lithium batteries. One major advantage for Alkaline batteries is that there are no air travel restrictions on them.Lithium - Lithium batteries are superior to alkaline batteries since they last longer and are more powerful.

Emergency Vehicle Led Lights. BEASTBEAM™ Vehicle Lights are powerful LED-based electronic lighting systems based on our successful military versions.

Emergency Vehicle Led Lights

There are lights that look similar but they DO NOT compare with the BeastBeam™ in efficiency and intensity! Four powerful LEDs emit a single or dual color directional light beam. These lights are low profile and produce very intense light. Some lights are designed for Interior use on FLAT or SLOPED Windows, while others are designed for Exterior use such as behind the grille or on a crash bar, allowing unmarked law enforcement vehicles to blend in easily with other traffic. Each light includes circuitry which allows you to select any of the built in 8 flash patterns and for combining a group of BeastBeam™ lights to flash in synchronization or to alternate.

Online Led Traffic Wand for Sale. LED Road Flares. Ledlights™ manufactures a variety of LED Road Flares so that you can get one with features that best suits your needs.

LED Road Flares

All products are high-quality, American made, electronic led road flares which will do an excellent job protecting your people. MightyFlare® disc lights operate using 3 standard sized ''AA'' batteries. The MightyFlare® is a powerful safety device and should not be confused with imported toy flares. They are available in varying colors and can have a basic steady beam or advanced flashing beam. The Advanced circuit has 5 selectable flash patterns and 4 intensity setting which make it a more efficient design. MightyFlare Stick™ kits are available in various configurations to suit your department's needs. ThriftyFlare™ is an economic, non-toxic LED Road Flare! LED Flashlights from LEDLights are Brighter & Reliable. Advances in LED technology have opened the door to flashlights which are brighter and more reliable than anything that existed, even three years ago.

LED Flashlights from LEDLights are Brighter & Reliable

BeastBeam™ Flashlights are very bright, however the user can adjust the intensity between a low or high setting which increases battery life and maintains the nighttime sensitivity of the users eyes. BeastBeam™ Flashlights offers an economical bezel intensity control whereby the flashlight is activated by rotating the bezel or a thumb-switch control for easy one handed activation. The BeastBeam™ series of lights are manufactured in the USA, waterproof, design tested over 10 years, and found in the rucksack of over 250,000 US soldiers.

Models are available in a standard Black housing or you can get colorful and purchase your BeastBeam™ Flashlight in Hot Pink, Bold Blue, Neon Green, Safety Yellow, or a Transparent housing. Buy Standard Led Lights Online from LEDLights.