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Funeral of Iranian cleric Montazeri turns into political protest. Hundreds of thousands of opposition protesters openly challenged the authority of Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei yesterday by mourning the death of a dissident cleric who had questioned Khamenei's fitness to rule.

Funeral of Iranian cleric Montazeri turns into political protest

The mass turnout in Qom for the funeral of Grand Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri, who died on Sunday, aged 87, came just a day after Khamenei had dismissed him as a figure who had failed "a big test" and ordered a security clampdown to deter mourners from paying their respects. Instead, the event turned into the opposition Green Movement's biggest show of strength in months. Kevin Scott DC: Iran's Green movement prep... Deaths reported amid chaos and violence in Iran. Reporting from Tehran and Beirut — The months-long confrontation between Iran's budding opposition movement and a hard-line government determined to stamp it out escalated sharply over the weekend, as parts of the capital became engulfed in fiery political protest and demonstrations broke out across the country on the occasion of an important Shiite religious holiday.

Deaths reported amid chaos and violence in Iran

Opposition websites reported as many as nine people killed in Tehran and the western city of Tabriz on Sunday during Ashura, a commemoration of the 7th century martyrdom of Imam Hussein, a grandson of the prophet Muhammad. Officials put the death toll at five. Among those allegedly shot dead by government security forces or allied militias was Ali Habibi-Mousavi, described by websites as the nephew of opposition leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi. More demonstrations are expected with burial of Habibi-Mousavi, 38, today and on the religiously significant third, seventh and 40th-day grieving ceremonies for him. Death Toll Rises to 10 as Clashes in Iran Intensify - Iran protests leave nine dead, reports claim. Police motorcycles burn as Iranian opposition protesters attack security forces cornered during clashes in Tehran.

Iran protests leave nine dead, reports claim

Photograph: -/AFP/Getty Images The nephew of Iran's reformist opposition leader, Mir Hossein Mousavi, was reported to be among at least nine people killed after the streets of Tehran and other cities erupted in violent clashes between security forces and protesters. Ali Mousavi, 35 and a father of two, was reportedly shot through the heart after police opened fire during disturbances in Tehran's Enghelab Square. The authorities tonight tried to assert control over Tehran by reportedly declaring a 7pm curfew and outlawing all gatherings of more than three people, a source inside the capital told the Guardian. Iran protesters killed, including Mousavi's nephew. Government forces' motorbikes on fire in central Tehran At least four people have been killed and hundreds arrested amid violence between anti-government protesters and police in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

Iran protesters killed, including Mousavi's nephew

Opposition sources said the nephew of reformist leader Mir Hossein Mousavi was among those killed when police opened fire. Officials say three people died in accidents and one was shot dead but not by police, who they say were unarmed. Witnesses say clashes are continuing overnight in parts of the city. Opposition website Jaras said police were firing tear gas to disperse protesters, but more demonstrators had gathered near the state-run radio and television headquarters.

Other opposition websites have also reported four deaths in Tabriz, north-western Iran, however there is no confirmation of this. A report from the latest protests in Tehran. - This dispatch was written by a freelance journalist working undercover in Iran. TEHRAN, Iran—I'll be the first to admit that I didn't think Ashura would be the huge day of protests that it turned out to be. Early on Saturday afternoon—which was Tasua, the first of the two days of mourning for Imam Hussein's death—I decided to leave my apartment as the sounds of processions came closer. First I heard the chants of "Hussein, Hussein," accompanied by a loud drumbeat, then I spotted a young man bearing a cross, a conspicuous reminder of Shiism's adoption of some Catholic rituals. I joined the procession for a few blocks, and then I headed toward Fatemi Square, where the sparks of post-election protests were lit in June. The riot police, whom I now always half-expect to see there, were nowhere in sight.

Imam Hussein's food seems to be the forgotten element of the Muharram traditions. I mulled this over as I waited in line. At 10 a.m. White House condemns unjust actions in Iran. Stark Warnings to the Iranian Opposition - The Lede Blog - NYTim. MUST SEE27Decتسخیر ون پلیس وآزادی چندن نفر بازداشتی داخل آن. Exclusive: Iran 27 Dec 09 Tehran on People taking over a police. Ashura 88 - Zire pole Kalej. Iran 27 Dec 09 Tehran protestors burning basijis cloths.

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