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Michael Pilevsky is employed by the renowned real estate corporation Philips International in the capacity of a Managing Director. Michael Pilevsky executes the company’s mission: to advantageously acquire and utilize properties for retail, commercial, residential, and hotel opportunities.

Philips International, The American Architectural Renaissance. Real estate development is a severely misunderstood industry.

Philips International, The American Architectural Renaissance

When the average person pictures a real estate mogul or a large-scale real estate development firm, they typically conjure images of cheesy billboards, massive apartment complexes, or new shopping malls. They imagine executives that are solely focused on throwing up the most buildings they can in the shortest time possible. While there are some grains of truth to these assumptions, the reality is actually quite different. There are many development firms, especially the larger ones, who are not solely focused on making money.

Rather, they consider their role as urban and rural developers to be an important one in the communities in which they are building. At real estate developers Philips International, pioneering real estate solutions for mutual benefit has been a cornerstone of their business plan. Philip Pilevsky, What Real Estate Development Is Doing for American Culture. The concept of American culture is hard to pin down.

Philip Pilevsky, What Real Estate Development Is Doing for American Culture

As a nation comprised almost entire from immigrants, the American culture can easily be seen as a melting pot of every other nation’s favorite foods, music, holidays, religions, and ways of thinking. When we dig deeper into individual identities and into our nation’s past, we start to see that there are some shared characteristics between all people of the United States. For example, our country was founded on enterprise and ambition. The American dream is a reflection of this in a nebulous way, the idea that anyone can succeed in any endeavor as long as they put their mind to the task. In a more tangible sense, one can see the American enterprising and ambitious spirit in the physical landscape of the cities that we have built from coast to coast.

Seth Pilevsky, Boutique Hotels and American Architecture. The United States is a country that was founded on innovation.

Seth Pilevsky, Boutique Hotels and American Architecture

The American people love pushing boundaries of creation, industry, and technology, leading the entire world in terms of advancement and cultural growth. Despite being a relatively young country, one of the youngest in the world, the United States has quickly grown in power and prominence because of our preoccupation with modernization, improvement, and creativity. However, like all things, there is a cycle to creativity. Things that were once outdate or unfashionable quickly become vintage. We turn to old methods and industries, bringing modern techniques and perspectives to what was once underappreciated. Seth Pilevsky, Creative Real Estate Development. When the word “innovation” is mentioned, it is typically associated with novelty, modernization, and improvement.

Seth Pilevsky, Creative Real Estate Development

Of course, the words are traditionally all synonymous, but you would be surprised to find that much of what we consider innovative in our society is actually based on things that we brought with us from the past. No where is this truer than in the world of architecture. There is nothing innovative about a wall, but the Great Wall of China is singularly unique in its scale and design. There are pyramids scattered all over the world, but the Louvre Pyramid with it’s glass and metal design is appreciated nearly as much as the Great Pyramids of Egypt themselves.

Michael Pilevsky, Using Environment to Motivate Productivity. Michael Pilevsky, Using Environment to Motivate Productivity When one hears the phrase “real estate mogul”, they typically think of people such as Donald Trump or Donald Bren, millionaires who built their career by building cities, hotels, and other commercial and residential properties throughout the United States.

Michael Pilevsky, Using Environment to Motivate Productivity

Indeed, these individuals do not represent the best of American industry and enterprising spirit. While successful businessmen, they have been criticized for their questionable morals and desire for wealth and power. This is unfortunate, not because it is an undeserved reputation but rather because it has tainted the idea of real estate developers in general. One typically thinks of a Ebenezer Scrooge-like character when they think of professionals in the real estate industry, but there are a number of companies and executives who are from emulating that type of character.

Michael Pilevsky, What Real Estate Means to Americans. When it comes to iconic buildings in the United States, the first one that appears almost universally in everyone’s mind is the Empire States Building.

Michael Pilevsky, What Real Estate Means to Americans

This is due in no small part to the building’s size. It stood as the world’s tallest building for nearly 40 years after its completion in early 1931, until it was surpassed by the originally World Trade Center’s North Tower in late 1970. In 2007 it was ranked number one on the American Institute of Architects List of America’s Favorite Architecture because of its size, history, and what it represents to the American people. Even outside of the United States the building is famous. It generates more than $85 million annually with more than 3.6 million tourist visits each year. Philip Pilevsky, People and Partnership in Business. Business is all about knowing the right person for the right project.

Philip Pilevsky, People and Partnership in Business

Internally, executives must work hard to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their employees, utilizing them in key strategic ways in order to maximize efficiency and productivity. Externally, many businesses cooperate with contractors and other companies in order to accomplish larger projects and goals. Whatever the case, scope, or goal, learning how to build relationships and cooperate effectively is an integral part of being a success company in our modern market. Philips International, Why Office Design Spaces Matter.

In the United States, roughly half of working population goes to work everyday in a typical office environment.

Philips International, Why Office Design Spaces Matter

In addition, the average American spends nearly 2,000 hours working. In short, millions of people in the United States spend a large quantity of their lives in commercial office spaces. Because of this, it is important that businesses pay particular attention to the way that they design their office space. If employees are left working in gray, uniform cubicles with little or no social space, there will be a marked decrease in employee happiness, not to mention focus and productivity. At the same time, a truly open and integrated working environment might not be the best set up for a company that needs each of their employees to spend time working on separate tasks that demand sustained focus, rather that communication and cooperation.

One example of this is the Bryant Park Hotel. Philips International, Developing Hotels. The hotel industry is a big business.

Philips International, Developing Hotels

In the United States alone there are nearly 75,000 hotels which generated over $166 billion in revenue last year. When a real estate firm or a wealthy entrepreneur is interested in developing a hotel, there are a lot of things to consider. Compared to developing an office block, a hotel can cost four times as much per m2 and take three times as long to build. It takes complex strategic decision making to deal with the overlapping end-to-end process, and design is tailored to the brand operating the business. Seth Pilevsky, Looking Closely at The Real Estate Business. Over the course of four decades, an individual who dedicates themselves to one thing can become quite proficient and skilled in their work.

Seth Pilevsky, Looking Closely at The Real Estate Business

For Philip Pilevsky that work is real estate. He has been through a lot in the real estate business since his start in the late 1970s. Seth Pilevsky, Creating a Workspace to Reflect Your Business Culture. It can take years and years of hard work, dedication, and persistence to get your company to the top of its field. The constant change of technology affects some businesses more than others, but not wanting or being able to keep up with it can be a death sentence for a company.

The biggest companies in the world have competition, so it is important to keep up so you don’t fall behind. There will always be another company there ready and willing to take your place. Michael Pilevsky, Innovative Real Estate for Any Development. Innovation is an important aspect of any business. When a company comes up with a new method, idea, or product that can raise themselves above the competition, their competitors either need to jump on board and do something similar, or get left behind in the dust.

It takes a lot of creative thought, time, and chance-taking in order to develop something innovative for any industry of business. The Internet was innovative for everyone. Philip Pilevsky, The Leading Lights in the World of Real Estate. Every now and then a company comes along and re-imagines and industry and its potential. They bring in fresh ideas, innovative techniques and methods, and help light the way for other businesses to follow in their footsteps. In the world of real estate, one company who certainly fit this bill are Philips International. Started by the enigmatic Philip Pilevsky in the early 80s, they went on to innovate and drive forward the boutique hotel movement, re think the office condominium concept, and introduce some of America’s finest shopping malls.

Today, they continue to build on their reputation of innovation and excellence, and work to help bring mutually beneficial developments tot he forefront of the American built environment. If you’d like to find to more about the company and their corporate philosophy, then visit the follow in link here to Philips International, Real Estate is More Than About Just Money. Seth Pilevsky, An Important Contribution to International relations Literature. The world of international relations, and its history, continues to fascinate academics and and thinkers across the globe.

It is a subject rich in literature, and offers endless avenues of theory, analysis and evaluation that constantly re imagine our perceptions of the world as it is today. Philip Pilevsky is perhaps best known as being one of America’s most ambitious and innovative real estate gurus, but has also released two books utilizing his education in political science on international relations. Seth Pilevsky, New Yorker’s Pride and Joy.

Fewer buildings capture the national pride in America’s architectural past than the Empire State Building. When created, for a long time it remained the tallest building in the world- a symbol of America’s fast developing engineering and progressive might. While not the tallest building any more, it is recognized across the world of the earliest example of man’s great engineering and architectural achievements. Michael Pilevsky, Helping to Retain American Architectural Values. Real Estate companies in some of America’s largest urban centers are faced with the task of preserving America’s cultural legacy. Thankfully there are many national and state protective legislation in place to help preserve older and important architectural buildings, and it is the task of the real estate companies to cleverly work with these regulations to utilize old and prestigious buildings and help them back into private and public use.

Philips international are one such company who have excelled in helping maintain America’s architectural legacy and become renown for helping bring life back into some of New York’s most established buildings. Michael Pilevsky, The Brains Behind the Brand. Should yo have any insight into American real estate, then there’s a good chance that the name Philips International will pop up in your mind. Philips International, Deep Experience and Raising the Standards in Real Estate. Few who work in the American real estate industry today haven’t heard of Philips International. The are a company who have gone from strength to strength over their glittering thirty year career- led by the charismatic CEO Philip Pilevsky, and helmed by his tow sons Seth Pilevsky and Philip Pilevsky. Philip Pilevsky, Empire State Building a Prominent Landmark. Recently, the owner of the Empire State Building, Malkin Holdings, announced that it was seeking to incorporate the building into a real estate investment trust (REIT), called the Empire State Realty Trust.

Comprising of more than seventeen New York properties, the announcement of the Empire State Realty Trust created a massive uproar of excitement with New York’s real estate developers. In terms of business, the Empire State building offers not only a vast amount of office space, but also generates more than $85 million annually with over 3.6 million tourist visits to one of the buildings two observation decks. Still among the tallest buildings in New York, it remains an eternal fixture of the New York City skyline – a symbol, as the Co-President Michael Pilevsky Official Account on Vimeo illustrates, of the hope it gave those escaping from war-torn, ravaged Europe.

Philips International, Inspiration And Accomplishments. Philips International has long been established in the real estate industry for their diverse holdings and unique properties. Seth Pilevsky, Moving Beyond Land To Property Development. Seth Pilevsky, Partnerships And Benefits. Philips International, Supporting American Culture in More Ways than One. Philip Pilevsky, Experience and Wisdom in Real Estate Design. For over thirty years Philips International have remained at the forefront of American real estate innovation.

Their commitment to large ambitious projects, pioneering bravado, and un-wavering professionalism have made them one of the most reputable companies in the industry today, and they continue to thrive on their success. Managing directors Seth Pilevsky and Michael Pilevsky have been integral to the companies recent pushes to further establish their already vast network of business connections, and establish fruitful business relations. Philips International, Modern office Spaces for Company’s of Tomorrow. The world of real estate and architecture has witnessed something of a revolution over the last decade, especially in relation to modern office buildings. More and more, businesses are demanding working environments which better reflect their modern and forward-looking business practices, such as dynamism, ideas sharing and open work spaces where ideas flow and employees are motivated.

Rather than the cubicled and drab office designs of the 60s, which were nothing short of soul destroying, today, companies are demanding that property developers catch up to speed with the latest ideas. Companies like Philips International have always been renown for their innovation, design ambition and pioneering spirit, as some of their most recent projects have demonstrated. For managing director of Philips International Michael Pilevsky, Designing Office Spaces To Reflect Business Culture has been at the heart of the company’s most recent projects. Philips International, Experience In Managing Directorship for Real Estate. Seth Pilevsky, Building Mutually Beneficial Projects. Philips International:-Michael Pilevsky, Real Estate Expertise. Philips International, Forging Strong Business Relationships Through Family Values.

Seth Pilevsky, Playing a Part in Neighborhood Revival. Philip Pilevsky, Creating and Sustaining a Successful Business. Philips International, Budding Unique Boutique Hotels. Philips International, Innovative Real Estate. Philip Pilevsky, Rising High beyond the World of High-Rise Operations. Philips International, Rethinking the Modern Office Space. Philips International, Premier Leaders and Innovators in Real Estate. Michael Pilevsky, Luxury Development.

Michael Pilevsky – Maximizing Profits Through Innovation. Michael Pilevsky, Innovation in Tradition and History. Seth Pilevsky, Understanding History Through Architecture. Philip Pilevsky, The Heart of the Real Estate Industry. Philips International, The Real Estate Industry Is Only as Strong as Its Foundation. Philips International, Revival and Repurposing in Real Estate. Philips International Reveals the Exciting Opportunity to be Involved with One of America’s Greatest Landmarks. Philips International, A Variety of Real Estate Solutions for All Solutions. Seth Pilevsky, Weighing Up the Modern Working Space. Michael Pilevsky, Alternative Forms Of Stay. Philip Pilevsky, Diversification in Development. Philips International, Collaboration In Development. Philips International, Office Space And The Culture It Brings. Philips International, Growing Trend in Boutique Hotel Development. Michael Pilevsky And The Statue of Liberty.

Michael Pilevsky On Design and Business Influence. Philips International, Real Estate History Though Artchitecture. Michael Pilevsky and Philips International, Lead in Customer Oriented Design Practices. Philips International, Generations of Development and Architecture. Philip Pilevsky - Chairman and CEO Of Philips International. Philips International, A More Intimate Accommodation. Philip Pilevsky, It’s a Family Affair. Michael Pilevsky, Rising to Meet the Challenge. Michael Pilevsky, With a Little Help From My Friends. Seth Pilevsky, Leading the Way In Boutique Hotel Design And Comfort.

Michael Pilevsky, Discusses How Design Influences Business. Michael Pilevsky, Argues That Excellence In Hotel Development Necessitates Important Relationships. Michael Pilevsky, Demonstrate An Eye For Real Investment That Supports American Culture. Michael Pilevsky of Philips International, A Step Ahead. Michael Pilevsky, Official account On Vimeo Looks At Conceptualizing Office Space. Seth Pilevsky, Co-President of Philips International. Seth Pilevsky, Helping Steer the Future of American Property in the Right Direction. Philips International, Modern Working Environments of the New Age.

Philip, Seth, And Michael Pilevsky-Are Key Players in Neighborhood Revitalization And Business Culture. Michael Pilevsky, Of Philips International Illustrate How Design Influences Business And The Rise Of Boutique Hotels. Philip Pilevsky of Philips International Believe In Supporting American Culture Through Neighborhood Revival And Quality Architecture. Philips International, Using Leaders in Commerce to Help Shape the Future. Philips International, Leading the Way in Real Estate Innovation. Philips International, Designing and Developing Key Working Environments. Philips International, Development Excellence in Hotel Industry.

Philips International, Experience and Family Unity Defining Real Estate Vision for the Future. Philips International, Profile of the CEO of Innovative Real Estate Giants. Philips International, Building a reputation for Business Success and Intellectual Insight. Philips International, An Eye for Deal. Philips International, Real Estate Leader and Visionary. Philips International, How to Rebuild a Neighborhood. Philips International, Designing for People. Philips International, The Philosophy of Philips International.