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SVG Tutorial. DE:Osmarender – OpenStreetMap Wiki. Dies Seite ist eine Übersetzung aus den Englischen.

DE:Osmarender – OpenStreetMap Wiki

Es fehlen die Übersetzungen der verlinkten Seiten. Im Zweifel schaue dir das Original an: Osmarender. Mobile SVG Profiles: SVG Tiny and SVG Basic. Abstract This document defines two mobile profiles of SVG 1.1.

Mobile SVG Profiles: SVG Tiny and SVG Basic

The first profile, SVG Tiny, is defined to be suitable for cellphones; the second profile, SVG Basic, is suitable for PDAs. SVG & Mobile. It has always surprised me that the mobile industry has not made better use of SVG.

SVG & Mobile

On the face of it, SVG is perfectly suited to publishing rich content on mobile devices for a number of reasons: It is a compact way of representing vector graphicsSVG graphics (in keeping with the name) can be scaled to arbitrary sizes, removing some of issues with screen dimension proliferation on mobile devicesIt is an open standardDevice support is better than you might think (more on this later)Because SVG is based on XML, many existing XML tools can be used to generate content This article summarises the capabilities of SVG and how best to take advantage of it for mobile applications. I will not attempt to describe how to build SVG content since there are plenty of good tutorials elsewhere (see References & Links section below). SVG/ Einführung/ Kurze Einführung in XML. Vorwort Kurze Einführung in XML Vektorgrafik Software Kurze Einführung in XML[Bearbeiten] Soweit es von Belang ist, soll hier kurz auf die prinzipielle Sprachkonstruktion eines XML-Formates eingegangen werden (XML - erweiterbare Auszeichnungssprache, englisch: eXtensible Markup Language).

SVG/ Einführung/ Kurze Einführung in XML

Bereits vor der Jahrtausendwende hat sich am Beispiel von HTML (Versionen 1 bis 4, Hypertextauszeichnungssprache, englisch: HyperText Markup Language) gezeigt, dass diese auf SGML (englisch: Standard Generalized Markup Language) basierende Sprache derart komplex ist, dass es bis zum heutigen Tage kein Darstellungsprogramm geschafft hat, diese komplett zu interpretieren. Auch die offengelassene Fehlerbehandlung hat letztlich zusammen mit der unvollständigen oder fehlerhaften Interpretation der Darstellungsprogramme dazu geführt, dass dieses Format gewissermaßen korrumpiert ist, gleichzeitig aber durch die häufige Verwendung im Internet zu einem der wichtigsten Formate überhaupt geworden ist. Using SVG on Android 2.x (and Kendo UI DataViz) Indoor Navigation with SVG. SVG, positioning technologies, mobility, guiding system Christian SchmittResearcherFraunhofer FIT Schloss Birlinghoven Sankt-Augustin Germany

SVG.Open/ 2002, Zurich, 05_reichenbacher_adaptivevisualisation. Tumasch Reichenbacher Department of Cartography Technical University Munich Arcisstr. 21 München 80333 Germany e-mail: fax: ++49 89 280-9573 webpage: Keywords: mobile cartography; adaptive visualisation New technologies, such as telecommunication, mobile Internet, and handheld computing devices, offer new chances to the everyday use of geoinformation.

SVG.Open/ 2002, Zurich, 05_reichenbacher_adaptivevisualisation

The limited resources in a mobile environment, ranging from low CPU and memory to small screens and low network bandwidth, constitute a major problem. Hence, after a brief description of the characteristics of the mobile environment, we will sketch a general conceptual framework for geoinformation usage in a mobile environment based on an adaptive approach. Introduction The field of geoinformation technology and cartography have seen dramatic changes in the last twenty years. In this paper we will develop a vision for geospatial assistance during mobility with a strong focus on the visualisation part. The mobile environment. SVG.Open/ 2002, Zurich, 05_reichenbacher_adaptivevisualisation. Svg-android - SVG parsing and rendering for Android.

Vector Graphics Support for Android!

svg-android - SVG parsing and rendering for Android

Please note: the latest source code for this project is now on Github: This is a compact and straightforward library for parsing SVG files and rendering them in an Android Canvas. By using vector art, the pain of supporting various screen sizes and densities in Android can be reduced. This was the library used to render the artwork and the interface of Androidify. The project also includes a Live Wallpaper app extracted from Androidify.

Simple To Use. Pents90/svg-android. Indoor Navigation with SVG. SVG, positioning technologies, mobility, guiding system Christian SchmittResearcherFraunhofer FIT Schloss Birlinghoven Sankt-Augustin Germany Create A 3D Floor Plan Model From An Architectural Schematic In Blender. In this tutorial you'll learn how to create a 3D floor plan model from an 2D architectural drawing.

Create A 3D Floor Plan Model From An Architectural Schematic In Blender

Karan Shah will show you some simple, yet effective techniques for constructing the walls, windows and doors following a basic interior schematic in Blender. With the model complete we'll add materials and textures, and do a final render of the scene. HTML5 Interactive Map using SVG Path and Polygon. Download source - 191.1 KB Table of Contents Recently I was revisiting the article Silverlight - Creating Image Map with Hotspots that I wrote couple years ago using Silverlight and Expression Blend 3.0.

HTML5 Interactive Map using SVG Path and Polygon

I decided to redo it using HTML5. This brief tutorial demonstrates on how to implement the interactive map using HTML5, KineticJS and jQuery. Shown in figure 1 are the files in the sample project. Figure 1 You can use expression blend to create the SVG path, please refer to Silverlight - Creating Image Map with Hotspots for more information.

Interactive SVG map. I've been learning how to animate SVGs (I've written a couple of tutorials of what I have since learnt here and here) and have updated my map-drawing program to create interactive maps.

Interactive SVG map

Below is a map I made to show life expectancy (at birth, as of 2007) in Africa. You can mouse-over the map to see the name of a country and the life expectancy there. I'm impressed with how powerful SVGs can be, but slightly disappointed that transparency doesn't work in Chrome [update: it seems to work now - Horray!]. The map can look a bit grainy, but looks a lot smoother if you zoom in a bit. Life expectancy (2007) Note, Internet Explorer before IE9 can't render SVG and Firefox doesn't support mouse-over animation. The mouse-over effect works by adding a set element to each country's path with changes the opacity of the path as the mouse moves over it: The only country for which this appears not to work is Lesotho, the enclave in South Africa. For example, the Algeria text element contains: HTML5 Interactive Map using SVG Path and Polygon.