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New Internationalist Magazine Digital Edition. Australia's Trade at a Glance. TK Maxx in Australia: Kmart, Target and Big W under threat from new department store. International Fashion Stylist, Courtney Smith believes that individuality is important and this couldn?

TK Maxx in Australia: Kmart, Target and Big W under threat from new department store

T be easier to achieve than by shopping at TK Maxx. American department store chain TK Maxx is about to shake up Australia’s retail market. AUSTRALIA’S department store bosses should be very afraid. After years of divvying up the $19.5 billion market into clearly defined segments — with Kmart and Big W battling for the discount shopper, David Jones and Myer at the premium end and Target in the middle — the titans of traditional retail are about to get a rude awakening. A global discount chain is about to disrupt our department store sector, with plans to open 35 stores in April under a business model unlike anything we’ve seen. While shopping at local department stores is a fairly predictable affair, TK Maxx will bring its fast-changing product offering Down Under, in an approach that has been compared to H&M, Zara and Top Shop.

Underpaying Staff, Migrant Workers & Franchisees' Advertisement When profits are tight, franchisees look for different ways to flout the system.

Underpaying Staff, Migrant Workers & Franchisees'

When he was working as a delivery driver and cook, Rob Goodwin remembers being told by a franchiser to scrimp on core ingredients like flour. “You can only make 42 bases out of a bag of flour but we were making upwards of 50 - they were getting around 10 more pizzas out of each bag then they were supposed to,” he says. Former Queensland franchisee Rohit Malhotra said he was aware of some franchisees using raw ingredients that fell off unbaked pizzas.

“They put it into a container and put it back into the cold room to reuse them. Malhotra lost four stores following an audit that found underpayment of wages. Goodwin claims there are many franchisees “doing dodgy stuff”. The Balance - Make Money Personal. New Internationalist Magazine Digital Edition. Business Studies. The iPhone Case Study - Liven up Business Studies with this exciting case study on Apple’s leading product, the iPhone.

The iPhone Case Study -

The iPhone Case Study is a excellent resource to capture the interest of students and comprehensively cover all four topics of the new HSC Business Studies syllabus. Over 100 pages in full colour, providing an in-depth case study on the world's most profitable company! Other great features include... The Balance - Make Money Personal. Marketing Flashcards. Human Resources Flashcards. Finance Key Terms Flashcards. Operations Key Terms Flashcards Flashcards. How can we help?

Operations Key Terms Flashcards Flashcards

You can also find more resources in our Help Center. 94 terms Beau_Berman Operations Key Terms Flashcards Flashcards Learn Spell. Writing a Business Report: Structure & Examples. Planning Process by sam soter on Prezi. Copy of Topic 3: Business Planning by William Burbidge on Prezi. Money Stuff - Home. Business studies teacher resources organised by curriculum topic. The Australian Financial Review - Business Case Studies - Edition 7.

A level Business Studies - Some great lessons : Teaching & Resources : EBEA - Economics, Business and Enterprise Association. A level Business Studies - Some great lessons At the end of the year, it is interesting to ask the students which lessons they still remember.

A level Business Studies - Some great lessons : Teaching & Resources : EBEA - Economics, Business and Enterprise Association

The answer, of course, is the 'special lessons' that appealed to their emotions and sense of personal identity. In The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell (2000) explains the idea of 'stickiness' – the distinctive ingredient in a message that makes it 'stick' to its recipients. Teachers can give concepts that 'emotional velcro' through simulations, role play and games, making sure that what is learned does not dissolve – or disappear into the teenage 'trash-can' of unwanted information! Meanwhile, working through a challenge as a group and using intellect and emotions together in uncovering a concept, can lead to much deeper understanding with a far greater sense of ownership. The documents for download comprise engaging lesson ideas, teacher guidance and resources to cover the follow: Contributed by Stephen Barnes Resources.

McDonald’s Education. A Level Business Studies Revision. Accounting, Business Studies and Economics Dictionary and Glossary. Accounting, Business Studies and Economics Dictionary Choose the initial letter of the term you wish to visit and click on it.

Accounting, Business Studies and Economics Dictionary and Glossary

Welcome to ITS Tutorial School's comprehensive source of definitions for commerce related terms: Accounting dictionary / glossaryBusiness studies dictionary / glossaryEconomics dictionary / glossary Over 3000 terms defined and cross referenced via live links. Business Case Studies - Teaching business studies by example. BP in Business. Daily Telegraph. To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser. To enable cookies, follow the instructions for your browser below. Facebook App: Open links in External Browser There is a specific issue with the Facebook in-app browser intermittently making requests to websites without cookies that had previously been set.

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Daily Telegraph. Mobile, marketing and business trends: Predictions for 2016. The future looks business-y.

Mobile, marketing and business trends: Predictions for 2016

WHAT do business owners, professionals and experts expect 2016 to hold for small business? Business News Daily got in touch to find out, and, overall, the consensus is that it will be a year ripe with opportunity, yet also teeming with new obstacles to overcome. From public policies and regulation to harnessing the newest technologies, the responses run the gamut of everything small business owners should be aware of before the ball drops in Times Square.

Here are 44 key ideas, trends and predictions to keep in mind in order to make the most of 2016 for both your business and the people it serves. • Small business growth will continue into the new year “Small businesses are investing in the future by buying new equipment and real estate, hiring new employees, and increasing inventory, as well as refinancing debt to get lower payments.” – Evan Singer, general manager, SmartBiz. The ugly story of Dick Smith, from float to failure. Early last month, the Senate announced an inquiry with terms of reference that cover the collapse of Dick Smith Electronics.

The ugly story of Dick Smith, from float to failure

There is a lot for senators to pore over in the float and failure of Dick Smith. In economic theory, the failure of this Australian retailer is consistent with a dynamic economy. Businesses that do not utilise economic resources as efficiently as competitors fall by the wayside. Unfortunately, the failure is also associated with a series of ugly looking events that are inconsistent with an efficient market. BUSS1.