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PMT120 is the top leading PEMF device that is used in clinics all around the world. It is extremely powerful with 1800 Gauss and peaks of 3800 Gauss.

GAPS Diet In Brief - Truly I never thought to admit this, but it’s now week 2 on chicken and bone broth and my gut feels like never before.

GAPS Diet In Brief - Truly

I have lost 4 KG and feel mega amazing. Sometimes I really wonder how much we get used to being in pain. Over the past 5 years I have done every diet that promised to help me loose weight. 3 weeks on green juices, 3 weeks water fasting, weeks of steak and salad, HCG diet and so on. All with big hopes and massive expectations but none with big success. The 3 weeks water fast was the worst. Then I stopped eating GLUTEN and DAIRY and ALMONDS and EGGS and lost 30KG in total over a period of about 7 months without eating less. Unfortunately does this not mean I am healed. For example did I drink a smoothy which had almond milk in it …… BANG. Fraud On Steroids! - Truly

Some things are really disturbing and make me mad.

Fraud On Steroids! - Truly

Especially if there is little one can do!!!! Last week I was asked to check out a CANCER FORUM where my clients sister received support and guidance. So I joined the Forum and started to browse through some of the posts. Immediately I was really put off when I saw that the moderator and super moderator advertised medications like warm milk. Every post was immediately answered by helpful people who are perfectly trained by pharmaceutical companies. One post was seriously disturbing where a 27 year old young girl asked about the side effects of Avastin.

Underneath her post were at least 8 comments all supporting the use of different drugs including high praise for Avastin. Seriously upset I thought not to stir the pot too much and only comment very friendly……. “How about if you Google the side effects of Avastin and then search for natural angiogenisis inhibitors which have no side effects?” Don’t Mess with TEXAS! - Truly Today I got an email from Richard McConnell .

Don’t Mess with TEXAS! - Truly

Have fun in Texas…..Like they say “Don’t Mess with TEXAS!” Now I understand what Richard meant. In Texas a holistic doctor pays a $500 fine if he or she promotes food as medicine to a client. For saying “FOOD is part of a CURE” they are prosecuted and fined. Patients sit in the infusion room eating candies just like in a conventional clinic and it’s not permitted to say anything against that. Pharmaceutical companies can promote toxic medicine that KILLS on TV and on billboards all around the country but a doctor is not allowed to tell his patients to stop eating all the MSG, aspartame, GMO, Gluten and so on. How I lost 10.5KG (23 pounds) in 24 days - Truly I Don’t Do GMO Whatever That is - Truly If You Want to Survive and THRIVE You Have to WAKE UP! - Truly

Paula Burchart – Petawawa, Ontario - Truly If You Want to Survive and THRIVE You Have to WAKE UP! - Truly If you want to survive and THRIVE you have to WAKE UP!

If You Want to Survive and THRIVE You Have to WAKE UP! - Truly

While traveling through USA I realized that it does not matter whether you are in Florida or New York or Chicago, it all looks the same. Huge car parks, huge shopping malls and everywhere the same stores. It’s a “COPY & PASTE” concept where everything is identical. Whether you walk into a Target in Florida or in Chicago it’s identically the same. I Don’t Do GMO Whatever That is - Truly What does GMO stand for and why do you avoid it in your diet?

I Don’t Do GMO Whatever That is - Truly

This is the question that a camera crew from Jimmy Kimmel Live! , a late night talk show that airs on NBC, asked self proclaimed anti GMO advocates shopping at a local farmer’s market. GMO is tooted as a popular buzzword and it appears that people are jumping on the bandwagon without having the foggiest idea what the letters GMO really mean. Although this made for hilarious television, the people questioned looked like a bunch of idiots. The clip starts with a hippie citing he avoids GMOs because of their “vibration” and he doesn’t want to put that in his body. How I Lost 10.5KG (23 pounds) in 24 Days - Truly

And now to the most important subjects of all.

How I Lost 10.5KG (23 pounds) in 24 Days - Truly

I guess you are aware that I have created the necessary pressure for myself by tell you all that I am doing a juice fast for 90- days. A lot of people follow my progress. Wherever we go everybody asks immediately “how is the juice fast going?”. By means of public announcement I have created the pressure that I obviously need. It’s already bad enough to speak about health while being obese and not being able to loose weight, but to break a fast and promise would be worse. How I lost 10.5KG (23 pounds) in 24 days. Paula Burchart - Petawawa, Ontario. Paula Burchart is a dedicated Truly Heal Coach who implemented the Truly Heal protocol into her own life and cured herself of chronic inflammation.

Paula Burchart - Petawawa, Ontario

A practitioner of biofield therapy (energy based approach with roots in ancient healing) she understands that health is a reflection not only of the self but is a collective response to lifestyle and habits. Her pursuit of knowledge comes from a place of compassion that has been activated through lived experiences of sickness within her own family and the witnessing of advanced methods of healing at holistic clinics that offer personalized therapy. Her goal is to enable people to reunite with their natural state of health and create a ripple effect in healing.

She is a straight-forward, clear communicator who uses narratives to share her experiences. To find out more on who she is, read her blog post here. I will work with people who are suffering, afraid, angry, losing hope, up for a challenge and who are prepared to address the real issue. The Truth About CANCER VACCINATION - Truly This should be The First Thing Your Doctor has to Check! - Truly TRANSDERMAL MAGNESIUM - Truly We are Finally APPROVED Training Providers - Truly TRANSDERMAL MAGNESIUM - Truly Magnesium deficiencies are one of the most common nutritional problems.


A low level of magnesium makes nearly every disease worse and if you are too low you die! But worse is that without adequate levels of magnesium you CAN NOT HEAL! See in the video below how easily you can replenish you magnesium levels in a very short time. There are 3 ways to absorb large amounts of Magnesium into your body. It is actually crucial for everyone to take a magnesium supplement. Another very good way to bring up the magnesium level is to use magnesium oil. Magnesium chloride is the first and most important item in any person’s cancer treatment strategy. While we visited all the different cancer clinics we learned that many of them fill up your depots with IV – Zink, Selenium & Magnesium and many vitamins but never really looked into the magnesium compound separately.

Magnesium deficiencies are one of the most common nutritional problems. This should be The First Thing Your Doctor has to Check! - Truly Almost every modern disease today is caused by hidden inflammation.

This should be The First Thing Your Doctor has to Check! - Truly

If your immune system and your ability to balance the inflammatory and anti- inflammatory mechanisms in your body are impaired, you’re heading towards illness and premature aging. Addressing inflammation and leading an anti-inflammatory lifestyle can not only in- crease your lifespan, slowing aging, but also decrease your risk of chronic disease. Everyone who has had a sore foot, a rash, hives or a cut knows about inflammation. Inflammation is a normal reaction of our defence system to infection and we need it to survive, it helps us distinguish friend from foe. The easiest measure of chronic hidden inflammation in the body is C reactive protein (CRP). A recent study showed that of a population of generally healthy elderly people, those with higher levels of CRP are more than 250% more likely to die in the next four years of chronic disease.

The Truth About CANCER VACCINATION - Truly Over the past few weeks I have been asked repeatedly what I think of cancer vaccination.

The Truth About CANCER VACCINATION - Truly

We also had a couple of clients report about their unsuccessful treatments in Mexico and their shocking experiences. SO I thought I share with you what I know and what I think of this treatment. 4 years ago I interviewed Dr. Rodrigues in Mexico and he showed me how they cultivate cancer stem cells from blood to be used and prepared for cancer vaccination. The concept of teaching your immune cells what to target when you inject these vaccines is not a bad idea.

The underlying thought behind this treatment is based on the understanding that cancer is not an invader. We are Finally APPROVED Training Providers - Truly Glutathione : MASTER OXIDANT - Truly Healing the GUT - Truly How PEMF Heals Your Body! - Truly How Sulforaphane Fights Cancer? - Truly How Sulforaphane Fights Cancer? - Truly Sulforaphane is a naturally occurring organosulphur compound that exists as a result of an enzymatic process, which occurs when cruciferous vegetable (broccoli, cauliflower, kale etc) cells are broken. Sulforaphane is quickly and easily absorbed by the body once ingested. The enzyme Myrosinase converts Glucoraphanin, a Glucosinolate, into Sulforaphane upon damage to the plant and the breaking of the cell wall (such as from chewing). Broccoli sprouts are particularly rich in Glucoraphanin which is the key ingredient to gain a high amount of Sulforaphane.

It is important to note that Sulforaphane is unstable and cannot be produced without Glucoraphanin and Myrosinase. Unfortunatedly cooking destroys the enzymes and therefore little or no sulphorane can be produced through our bacterial flora. Therefore the best yielding of Sulforaphane is achieved through the consumption of sprouted broccoli seeds. How PEMF Heals Your Body! - Truly Opening and closing of ion channels can induce a departure from the resting potential, called a depolarization if the interior voltage rises (say from -70 mV to -65 mV), or a hyper polarization if the interior voltage becomes more negative (for example, changing from -70 mV to -80 mV).

In excitable cells, a sufficiently large depolarization can evoke a short-lasting all-or-nothing event called an action potential, in which the TMP very rapidly undergoes a large change, often reversing its sign. Special types of voltage-dependent ion channels that generate action potentials but remain closed at the resting TMP can be induced to open by a small depolarization. Healing the GUT - Truly Your problems and your symptoms are the most important factor in picking the right diet for you. Nothing else is relevant.

Get away from ONE SIZE FITS ALL diet thinking. This is an approach only limited thinkers can promote. Diet in general should incorporate a bit of everything. Your food should be clean and natural, without toxins, hormones and poisons, and it should be fresh, seasonal and possibly locally grown. Well that’s not how 80% of our world population eats. All our TRULY HEAL QUALIFIED COACHES actually learn this as part of their training, but to give you a clue. Glutathione : MASTER OXIDANT - Truly Glutathione – MASTER OXIDANT Today I have some very good news. We have finally found a easily absorb-able source of the most important MASTER ANTIOXIDANT. It’s very affordable and most importantly works like a charm. With this new product the absorption of this master antioxidant is only seconded by IV. Therefore you can supplement often and easily, effectively keeping your levels up.

ZEOLITE DETOXIFICATION with Zeo Gold & ACZ Nano Spray - Truly Today there is a better understand of why Zeolite improves health, it’s because it is an effective detox and chelation agent. Mercury What makes Zeolite unique from other chelation agents is its crystalline molecule; Zeolite has a honeycomb structure with the ability to trap heavy metals like lead and mercury in its cavities. As Zeolite travels through blood, these “caves” on its surface, (plus the fact it has a rare negatively charged nucleus) attract and trap heavy metal toxins, this is a process referred to as Cation exchange. Research has shown that Zeolite has an ideal structure for mopping up and removing toxins such as aluminium, arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury and tin and what’s more it appears that Zeolite does not remove “positive” beneficial minerals such as zinc and potassium etc., which can be the case with other detox treatments.

PEMF to Truly Heal Cancer - Truly We not only need food, water, sunlight and air to live but also the natural magnetic signals of the earth. They are very important for the internal regulation of the body. The earth’s magnetic field has decreased over the last 400 years but additionally, the earth signals are very distorted by our technological lifestyle. Electrical appliances, mobile phones, satellite signals, power grids, broadcast stations, asphalt, drainage pipes…all are responsible for that.

ENERGY MEDICINE for CANCER - Truly I think the decision which PEMF device is more suitable for you depends in the first instance on your financial sutuation and secondary on the application you need it for. If you use the device commercially you want the biggest bang for your bucks and that’s definitely the PMT100. You have instant results and patients feel the difference immediately. It’s a device to get systems reactivated that were dormant or inactive for many reasons. In the clinic this device is used for recharge / activation of body functions, to destroy cancer tissue and to weaken a tumor.

It’s a device that allows you to target particular problems and extremities directly. DE – STRESS Exercises - Truly DE – STRESS Exercises - Truly ENERGY MEDICINE for CANCER - Truly PEMF to Truly Heal Cancer - Truly ZEOLITE DETOXIFICATION with Zeo Gold & ACZ Nano Spray - Truly Do you play Russian Roulette with 3 Bullets???????? - Truly TRULY HEAL from CANCER WORKSHOP - Truly InShare0 Are you looking for a congruent solution for cancer? Believe me I know what it's like. There's nothing worse than searching for a congruent solution because every time you find a promising treatment or remedy you are confronted with hundreds of conflicting messages, suggestions, opposing claims and acquisitions.

Every diet, treatment, supplement, protocol or medicine has plenty of pro's and contras as well as incongruent results that are confirmed by patients and doctors alike. In some cases treatments work, in other cases they simply fail. Learning the Hard Way Until now the only way to resolve this conflict was to study very intensely, read the latest developments, be open for breaking research, follow leading health educators, attend conferences and learn from experts what they discovered to work and what has failed. That's why today, we're thrilled to announce the "TRULY HEAL cancer prevention and treatment protocol for health professionals. Do you play Russian Roulette with 3 Bullets???????? - Truly

Do you play Russian Roulette with 3 Bullets???????? If you eat conventional food from a supermarket you play Russian Roulette with 3 bullets. Most foods are so toxic for our bodies that there is no way you can prevent any form of degenerative disease. To the contrary you set the stage for a huge health drama to unfold. Most people are not aware of the dangers that so called ‘normal / processed’ supermarket food holds for them. If you eat processed meat for example it’s like having a full on hormone and antibiotic treatment. BE MY MOVIE STAR - Truly I am filming a new documentary while traveling through the United States and need YOU to share your passion for life and your motivation to truly heal for the new movie: Let me tell you what motivates me to make this new movie: One of the most common sentences I hear from cancer patients is that they rather DIE than change their lifestyle and diet. 2014 TRULY HEAL Australia - Truly How I Learned to Love Myself - Truly

How To Out Run A Monster - Truly What Am I Going To Do? - Truly Which Mushrooms Are The Most Potent Cancer Fighters? - Truly Which Mushrooms Are The Most Potent Cancer Fighters? - Truly From time immemorial, mushrooms have been valued by humankind as a culinary wonder and folk medicine in Oriental practice. The last decade has witnessed the overwhelming interest of western research fraternity in pharmaceutical potential of mushrooms.

The chief medicinal uses of mushrooms discovered so far are as anti-oxidant, anti-diabetic, hypocholesterolemic, anti-tumor, anti-cancer, immunomodulatory, anti-allergic, nephroprotective, and anti-microbial agents. Here are six of the most well-researched anti-cancer mushrooms rich in polysaccharides and beta glucans, the primary active immune-enhancing constituents. What Am I Going To Do? - Truly “How is your sister doing?” How To Out Run A Monster - Truly How To Out Run A Monster. How I Learned to Love Myself - Truly ARCADIA Clinic Germany - Truly Lean on Me - Truly The Heat is On At Arcadia - Truly The Heat is On At Arcadia - Truly Nothing sends a parent into a state of panic like the threat of a fever. As soon as the thermometer registers 38 degrees Celsius, they spring into action. Acting on doctor’s orders, they strip down their children, put them in a tepid bath and administer Tylenol. Before my Father passed away from Multiple Sclerosis in 1975, he would regularly develop fevers.

Mom would give him the highest dosage of aspirin allowed and fill a bowl with ice cubes and rubbing alcohol. Lean on Me - Truly ARCADIA Clinic Germany - Truly Turn Around While You Still CAN. The ULTIMATE CANCER PROTOCOL. The BEST Cancer Diet Ever. Workshop Accommodation - Truly The TRULY HEAL APP - Truly PEMF Fantastic For Cancer Patients. Do You Want a TRULY HEAL Doctor in Your Area? The BriLin Centre in Timaru New Zealand - My Name is Rick Connolly - All You know vs All You Don’t - 10K Views on Youtube in Less Than 3 Weeks - Join us for the OFFICIAL LAUNCH of the TRULY HEAL APP. YOUR DENTIST can KILL YOU. The healing concept of targeted fever therapy. HYPE SCANDALS & CONSPIRACY About GcMAF. Are you STRESSED? Are You Smashing The Red Light?

TRULY HEAL Club - TRULY HEAL Club - A Big Reason to Celebrate! Becoming Part Of The Solution EWG’s Dirty Dozen Mould – The Silent Killer in Your Home! Truly RIFE – SUPER SPECIAL Solution to a Complex Disease The REAL Super Antioxidant – Cellular Glutathione ( The REAL Super Antioxidant – Cellular Glutathione ( Solution to a Complex Disease - EWG’s Dirty Dozen - Becoming Part Of The Solution - RIFE – SUPER SPECIAL -

Mould – The Silent Killer in Your Home! - A Big Reason to Celebrate! - Dangerous Experts - Turmeric / Curcumin – A Nutritionists Powdered Gold - The Hidden Pieces to The Puzzle - Truly Heal from Cancer and Degenerative Diseases. Truly Heal from Degenerative Disease. FAQ. FAQ. Truly Heal from Degenerative Disease. Truly Heal from Cancer and Degenerative Diseases. PMT120 – TOP PEMF DEVICE. PMT120 – TOP PEMF DEVICE.