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Sentiment and Text Analytics Software. BibSonomy. Topsy. Social Scan. Twitter StreamGraphs. A StreamGraph is shown for the latest 1000 tweets which contain the search word.

Twitter StreamGraphs

The default search query is 'data visualization' but a new one can be typed into the text box at the top of the application. You can also enter a Twitter ID preceded by the '@' symbol to see the latest tweets from that user. A parameter to the URL can be used to specify the initial search word. WhosTalkin. Social Mention.

Samepoint Social Conversation Search. Omgili Forum Search - Find out what people are saying. Alerts Overview - Forum Discussion Search with - Realtime Search for the Realtime Web. Real-time Discovery Engine - YourVersion: Discover Your Version. Boardreader - Forum Search Engine. Social Page Evaluator. UberVU - Track conversations wherever they go on the Web and rep.

Sysomos. Social Media Newsroom.