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Great Debt Unwind: Bankruptcies by Consumers and Businesses Jump. The Debt Slaves are beginning to buckle under their loads.

Great Debt Unwind: Bankruptcies by Consumers and Businesses Jump

Consumer and business bankruptcies are rising again, after declining for years since the Financial Crisis. That’s not a propitious sign. For bankruptcy filings by businesses from large corporations to tiny sole proprietorships, the dance started in November 2015. At first it was the energy bust. But bankruptcies of energy companies have tapered off with new money surging into the oil & gas sector once again. So here we go again. And there’s another concern: Bankruptcy filings are highly seasonal. The data is not seasonally or otherwise adjusted but is a raw and unvarnished measure of how businesses are faring in this economy. Commercial bankruptcy filings ballooned during the Financial Crisis and peaked in March 2010 at 9,004. With consumer bankruptcy filings, a similar pattern played out. In February, consumer bankruptcy filings fell. Legendary Investor Jim Rogers Warns That The Worst Stock Market Crash In Your...

If Jim Rogers is right, the worst stock market crash that any of us has ever seen is right around the corner.

Legendary Investor Jim Rogers Warns That The Worst Stock Market Crash In Your...

For the past 15 years, Rogers has been a frequent guest analyst on CNBC, Fox News and elsewhere, and he is immensely respected for the depth of knowledge and experience that he brings to the table. So the fact that he is warning that we are about to see the worst stock market crash in any of our lifetimes is making a lot of waves in the financial community. And of course Rogers is far from alone. Previously, I have written about several other prominent experts that are warning that a new financial crisis is imminent, and I have also discussed how a number of big investors are quietly positioning themselves to make an enormous amount of money when the markets crash.

Could it be possible that all of these incredibly sharp minds could be wrong? I was actually quite stunned when I first learned what Jim Rogers had told Henry Blodget of Business Insider during a recent interview. Will You Get a Social Security Increase in 2018? Inflation is rising, and while that puts a strain on monthly budgets, it could mean that Social Security recipients get rewarded with an increase next year.

Will You Get a Social Security Increase in 2018?

Project Fedcoin Short Presentation Google CS. What Is Agenda 21. New Meeting of Influential Bilderberg Club Brings President Trump Into Focus. Origin of Yellowstone's magma discovered - it builds up from injections deep ... Scientists have discovered how supervolcanoes like Yellowstone, Toba and Campi Flegrei end up sitting on such enormous pools of magma.

Origin of Yellowstone's magma discovered - it builds up from injections deep ...

The volcanoes are fuelled by magma injections from the deep in the Earth's mantle up into the crust, according to a paper published in the journal Nature Geoscience. This process goes on for millions of years until the reservoir is big enough to create a 'super-eruption'. The mechanism that creates such large magma reservoirs involves a slow drip-feed process. Modelling experiments have shown that the pools in the crust effectively draw up magma from the hotter mantle below.

"Hot magma can be injected from the Earth's lower crust into colder surroundings near the surface," said study author Wim Degruyter of Cardiff University's School of Earth and Ocean Sciences in a statement. "At this point, the magma can either erupt or cool down to such a point that the magma solidifies and an eruption does not occur. " Which Are The Likeliest US Targets In A Russian Nuclear Attack?

Since the Cold War, the US and Russia have drawn up plans on how to best wage nuclear war against each other — but while large population centers with huge cultural impact may seem like obvious choices, a smarter nuclear attack would focus on countering the enemy’s nuclear forces.

Which Are The Likeliest US Targets In A Russian Nuclear Attack?

So while people in New York City or Los Angeles may see themselves as being in the center of the world, in terms of nuclear-target priorities, they’re not as important as places in states like North Dakota or Montana. Stephen Schwartz, the author of “Atomic Audit: The Costs and Consequences of US Nuclear Weapons Since 1940,” says that after the Cold War, the US and Russia shifted from targeting each other’s most populous cities to targeting each other’s nuclear stockpiles. This map shows the essential points Russia would have to attack to wipe out the US’s nuclear forces, according to Schwartz: 3 Reasons To Back Up The Truck On Bank Of America - Bank of America Corporati... The Next Stock Market Crash Will Be Blamed On Trump But It's The Fed's Fault. Authored by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog, A stock market crash is coming, and the Democrats and the mainstream media are going to blame Donald Trump for it even though it won’t be his fault.

The Next Stock Market Crash Will Be Blamed On Trump But It's The Fed's Fault

Trump Turmoil Sparks Biggest Market Crash In 9 Months. It's been a while since we used this one...

Trump Turmoil Sparks Biggest Market Crash In 9 Months

This happened... And appears to be the straw that broke the complacency camel's back.... Quite a day... S&P 500 biggest drop since Sept 2016 (broke below 50-dma)Small Caps biggest drop since Brexit June 2016 (broke below 50-, 100-dma)Nasdaq biggest drop since Brexit June 2016Dow Industrials biggest drop since Sept 2016 (broke below 50-dma)Dow Transports biggest drop since June 2016 (broke below 50-, 100-dma, and near 200-dma) - now negative year-to-date.

Experts Warning U.S. Citizens To Prepare For Economic Collapse : Big Cities A... Federal Reserve policy has literally set the country up for economic collapse, and though the central bank has been very creative in making the impossible work, and putting off financial meltdown, nothing can hold back the flood forever.

Experts Warning U.S. Citizens To Prepare For Economic Collapse : Big Cities A...

Experts say global economic collapse is imminent and stock market crash will happen within the next 18-20 months. Unfortunately, it looks like Donald Trump will be blamed for the next financial crisis that he didn’t cause. Just like everyone blamed Obama for the global financial meltdown in 2009, this time, Trump will unfairly get the blame for the imminent economic collapse. Global economic collapse is here. The second financial bubble is going to soon burst, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Miri Eisin. This Region Of The World Is Being Hit By The Worst Economic Collapse It Has Ever Experienced. Most of us living in the northern hemisphere don’t think that anything like this could happen to us any time soon, but the truth is that warning signs are already starting to erupt all around us:

This Region Of The World Is Being Hit By The Worst Economic Collapse It Has Ever Experienced

Dreams of ‘Winning’ Nuclear War on Russia – Consortiumnews. Exclusive: Official Washington’s anti-Russian hysteria has distorted U.S. politics while also escalating risks of a nuclear war as U.S. war planners dream of “winning” a first-strike attack on Russia, reports Jonathan Marshall.

Dreams of ‘Winning’ Nuclear War on Russia – Consortiumnews

By Jonathan Marshall In 1961, senior Pentagon consultants drafted a 33-page blueprint for initiating — and winning — a nuclear war against the Soviet Union. This Region Of The World Is Being Hit By The Worst Economic Collapse It Has Ever Experienced. The ninth largest economy in the entire world is currently experiencing “its longest and deepest recession in recorded history”, and in a country right next door people are being encouraged to label their trash so that the thousands upon thousands of desperately hungry people that are digging through trash bins on the streets can find discarded food more easily.

Of course the two nations that I am talking about are Brazil and Venezuela. The Brazilian economy was once the seventh largest on the globe, but after shrinking for eight consecutive quarters it has now fallen to ninth place. And in Venezuela the economic collapse has gotten so bad that more than 70 percent of the population lost weight last year due to a severe lack of food. U.S. border clampdown strands thousands of Haitian refugees in Mexico. How Many Days Before President Pence? This article first appeared on the History News Network site. The news of the forced resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, due to the scandal that he, as a private citizen, spoke to the Russian ambassador in December after President Barack Obama issued sanctions on Russia for their aggressive behavior, has rocked the Donald Trump Presidency.

Trump, already under fire by many conservatives and Republicans for his “bromance” with Russian President Vladimir Putin, is suspect as to his loyalty to traditional American foreign policy, as a result of him having hired Flynn in the first place. Try Newsweek for only $1.25 per week Critics had observed that Flynn seemed unreliable and had poor judgment. Former colleagues darkly joked that there were “Flynn facts,” a reference to his penchant for making up stuff.

His having a security meeting over the North Korean missile test in public space at dinner in full vision of other guests is a sign of his failure to act responsibly. How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump’s presidency. When former President Barack Obama said he was “heartened” by anti-Trump protests, he was sending a message of approval to his troops.

Troops? Yes, Obama has an army of agitators — numbering more than 30,000 — who will fight his Republican successor at every turn of his historic presidency. And Obama will command them from a bunker less than two miles from the White House. Trump, Globalism, and National Sovereignty. (Before It's News) By M. Smallback / Here Are The 7 Rules Bank Of America Uses To Decide When It Is Time To Sell The Market. Voices from the border: Opposing Trump's wall. The Economic Collapse Is Starting and Will Be Led by a Collapsed Housing Industry. The DOOMSDAY clock is two-and-a-half minutes from midnight. Donald Trump has caused a Doomsday Clock symbolising the threat of apocalypse to move closer to midnight. 'We're all on the Titanic', as old bear says get ready for ugly stock market crash — RT Business.

Swiss investor Marc Faber is known for his pessimistic view of stock markets, and says the S&P 500 index could soon lose more than half of its value. Billionaire Soros doubles bet against US stocks — RT Business. Gotcha! Proof of State Department lie in Iran deception. Bloomberg. We All Lose: Obama’s Legacy and What It Means for a Trump Presidency. "Globalist Are Pedophiles" - Practices and Beliefs.

(Before It's News) Anonymous - Message to the Citizens of the World VII 1/14/17 (Please Share) Will the CIA Assassinate Trump? “He’s Being Really Dumb For Questioning Russia Conclusions” It isn’t just that Donald Trump routinely thumbs his nose at the establishment, insults media figures he sees as unfair and bucks conventional wisdom. Ron Paul – United States Facing a Total Financial Collapse in This Generation – Final Prediction, Warning to Americans. A Minister Had an Alleged Prophecy About Donald Trump & Wrote About It. 1000 ... Ring of Power. The 3 City States that Control the Whole World.

Unconfirmed: Russian Embassy staff in London have all left for Russia – Rumou... David Wilkerson Economic Collapse then A Russian Invasion. Russia Threatens Nuclear War Against America. The Secret Worship of the Illuminati: The Statue of Liberty is Anunnaki Goddess Inanna. US Supreme Court Paves Way For National Gay Marriage – Christian Right Goes Into Meltdown. The shocking investing fact they don't want you to know - Wallet Hacks. Ukraine offers Trump Antonov aircraft as Air Force One. Russia to experience another economic collapse in 2017? 14 Signs That There Is A Plot To Steal The Presidency From Trump » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! Mike Pence Will Be the Most Powerful Christian Supremacist in U.S. History.

Communist Archives. Communist Goals Coming True In America. The Communist States of America. Take a Look Inside Trump's First-Class Presidential Jet. Iran Is Wrong: Trump Can Overturn the Nuclear Deal. Obama -The Biggest Criminal In American Political History. How to Survive an EMP: 12 Steps. Stock Market Crash Survival Guide. Did George Washington predict America's fall? America Rising. Is Donald Trump a Modern-Day Cyrus? Election and the Future of America. How the U.S. Nurtures Jihadists on Its Own Soil.

USA FALLING APART. Before the Next Crisis: Ex-Treasury Head Warns Banks "Risks Have Increased” Abu Gosh. Israel « Socio-Economics History Blog. Iblis: "I will cause them all to deviate"Quran 15. Sword At-The-Ready. The Population Control Holocaust. A SHORT HISTORY OF US GOVERNMENT RESPECT FOR HUMAN LIFE. Wake Up America By Robert Howard. The God of War. Judging America: A Series of Jarring Portrait GIFs that Alternate Between Judgement and Reality. Kotel. Report: George Soros Money Behind “FTP” and “Black Lives Matter” Agitation/Protests… Special Report: The New Clinton Chronicles 2015 » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! Obama Calls America ‘EVIL’ …Then This ONE Tweet Absolutely DESTROYS Him.

Livres audio téléchargeables en ligne. Suicide by job: Farmers, lumberjacks, fisherman top list. How to Write, Market, and Publish Your First Book [FREE Ticket Inside] 10 Most Famous Mafia Bosses Today. New Water Use Laws In California. Russian Sentiment Towards America Worsens: 59% Think America Is 'Real Threat' Mr. Conservative is the top website for news, political cartoons, breaking news, republican election news, conservative facts and commentary on political elections.

A letter from Vladimir Putin to Barack Hussein Obama. Putin: We will never let the USA control Russia. Street Democracy - where it should reach - Our Streets! Of dunce,diseased, depraved, deluded atheist secularists and intersectionality or why atheist secularists do not acknowledge that ISIS and other muslim terrorists are indeed muslim.

JPMorgan CEO Warns of Economic ‘Tragedy We Can See Coming’ in About 10 Years. Osama Bin Laden, Adolf Hitler both declared dead on May 1. Iran’s Supreme Leader Tweets Obama Committing Suicide. Countdown to the Economic Crash—Are You Prepared? Text: Ronald Reagan's Normandy speech - National Quotes. Abortion Alternative Alliance presents 911 Babies - A Passion for Life.


EXTRA. NUTRITION. Beautimous. RECIPES. Major Warning to America You Need to Hear! What Rick Wiles and John Shorey Sh... The Age of NGO's Rise to Power. Thy Mothers Feet. Israel News - Haaretz Israeli News source.