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Resource Based Economic Model

Crowdfunding is a new word for an old idea. The Oxford English dictionary defines it as: “the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet” Crowdfunding’s poster child, Kickstarter, launched in April 2009. It wasn’t the first online crowdfunding platform (ArtistShare launched in 2003), but it was the first to become widely known and scale. Top 40 Platforms for Crowdfunding Social Change Top 40 Platforms for Crowdfunding Social Change
CES Exchanges - Google Fusion Tables
Welcome to the Community Exchange System

Welcome to the Community Exchange System

Press Release World's Largest Free Community Resource Management Software to be Upgraded Community Exchange System (CES), a free software service that helps communities manage and exchange resources, is to be migrated to Drupal in 2014. The network currently consists of 700 more or less active communities in 62 countries and the software has so far been translated into 22 languages. Most of the software will be published open source, as a Drupal 8 distribution called Eserai, and several customised deployments are already planned. In the medium term, more resources will be sought to bring together these deployments into one decentralised network, and to build a free, open source phone application suitable for recording and mobilising community activities.
Windowfarms A Windowfarm™ is a vertical, indoor garden kit that allows for year-round growing in almost any window. It lets plants use natural window light, the climate control of your living space, and organic “liquid soil.” In a Windowfarm™, nutrient-spiked water is pumped up from a reservoir at the base of the system and trickles down from bottle to bottle, bathing the roots along the way. Water and nutrients that are not absorbed collect in the reservoir and will be pumped through again at the next interval. How does it work?


Self-Sustaining Aquaponic Greenhouse Coming to Vermont Park The Root Center, a pending non-profit, is building a solar-heated aquaponic greenhouse in Vermont Park. Dubbed “Garden of the Future,” the project will house a sustainable fish pond and aquaponic vegetables. The Root Center’s mission is to provide food, water, shelter, energy and community, and the food the greenhouse produces will supply local food banks and schools. The 45-foot domed greenhouse sits on half an acre of land leased from the National Gardening Association. Using only fish food and seedlings to start, the team will install a fish pond in the center of the self-sustaining dome. Bacteria will act as a pH regulator in the pond, and the water containing fish poo will be siphoned to the plants, providing not just water but also natural fertilizer. Self-Sustaining Aquaponic Greenhouse Coming to Vermont Park