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Rise of the Preppers: America's New Survivalists - Newsweek and The Daily Beast. Lisa Bedford is what you'd imagine of a stereotypical soccer mom.

Rise of the Preppers: America's New Survivalists - Newsweek and The Daily Beast

She drives a white Tahoe SUV. An American flag flies outside her suburban Phoenix home. Survivalism Lite » Stand Like A Rock. Preppers By Jessica Bennett, December 28, 2009 Newsweek They call themselves ‘preppers.’

Survivalism Lite » Stand Like A Rock

They are regular people with homes and families. Doomsday Preppers. Doomsday Preppers. TV OD with Complete Ledge: Doomsday Preppers. The closest I've ever come to the end of the world is when the door got jammed in the disabled toilets of a Nando's in Cheltenham and trapped me and three colleagues inside.

TV OD with Complete Ledge: Doomsday Preppers

2012 Doomsday Preppers on National Geographic: Is the survivalist reality show exploitative? Photograph by Sharp Entertainment/National Geographic Channel Reality TV loves excess.

2012 Doomsday Preppers on National Geographic: Is the survivalist reality show exploitative?

Bravo has exposed the too-lavish lives of privileged housewives in nearly every zip code; A&E documents those who keep too much stuff; MTV shows 20-somethings partying and drinking too much on their way to an inevitable rehab stint. What it will really take to survive. 'Survivalist' Bear Grylls.

What it will really take to survive

Photograph: Sarah Lee for the Guardian. « Preppers », les casaniers de l’apocalypse, par Denis Duclos. Being prepared. Subculture of Americans prepares for civilization's collapse. Tous au bunker ! Marchand d’apocalypse, un métier d’avenir… Exploitant la crainte d’une catastrophe naturelle ou même de la fin du monde, de nombreux entrepreneurs exhortent les Américains à stocker des vivres et à s’initier à l’art de la survie.

Marchand d’apocalypse, un métier d’avenir…

Par un beau matin du mois de mai, Ron Douglas quitte sa maison, dans la banlieue de Denver, et se glisse dans son pick-up Toyota. Il se rend à une réunion d’affaires au Starbucks du coin. Cet homme barbu, au physique d’ours, commande un double chocolate chip Frappuccino – une vraie boisson de femmelette, fait-il remarquer – avant de s’asseoir pour discuter de l’avenir de son secteur économique, en plein boom.Ron Douglas, 38 ans, est le fondateur de l’un des plus importants salons consacrés à l’art de la survie, mais il ne ressemble pas aux autres preppers [littéralement, “ceux qui se préparent”].

Pour commencer, il n’aime pas le terme “survivaliste”. Pour lui, le mot est galvaudé, il évoque “les dingos qui vivent en ermite, là-haut dans les montagnes”. How to Survive Societal Collapse in Suburbia. Let's Put Hundreds of Things on Your Front Lawn, O.K.? Ces Américains qui se préparent au pire. Vivant dans la crainte d’un attentat, d’une catastrophe naturelle ou même de l’apocalypse, un nombre croissant de personnes stockent des vivres chez elles et apprennent l’autosuffisance. 18 février 2010 | Partager : Agée de 33 ans et mère de trois enfants, Tess Pennington vit dans la banlieue de Houston, au Texas.

Ces Américains qui se préparent au pire

Mais elle ne se laisse pas berner par la paisible sécurité de sa vie de banlieusarde. Americans stock up to be ready for end of the world. Tess Pennington, 33, is a mother of three children, and lives in the sprawling outskirts of Houston, Texas.

Americans stock up to be ready for end of the world

L'apocalypse : un concept chrétien, pas maya ! Grâce au tourisme du Jugement dernier, les hôtels [du pays maya] affichent "complet" le 21 décembre. Les esprits chagrins veulent être en première ligne pour se délecter du spectacle de la destruction du monde et ceux qui croient en la vie éternelle voient l'apocalypse comme une bonne occasion de recharger leurs batteries en espérant un meilleur avenir. Quel crédit accorder à la fin du monde ? En juin, lorsque j'ai arpenté la région pour y rencontrer des archéologues et des spécialistes de l'épigraphie dans le cadre de la série télévisée [Pierres qui parlent], aucun de ces scientifiques ne prenait au sérieux cette prédiction. Vivant dans un écosystème instable dû – pensaient-ils – à des divinités aux exigences capricieuses, les Mayas ont tenté de pacifier le cosmos en offrant des sacrifices. Les dieux avaient créé l'homme pour assurer leur pérennité et le sang versé nourrissait des êtres sacrés qui contrôlaient le mouvement des astres.

Is it time to join the 'preppers'? How to survive the climate-change apocalypse. We are getting close to what might be called The Noah Scenario.

Is it time to join the 'preppers'? How to survive the climate-change apocalypse

Last month was the wettest January in Britain since records began in 1767. So far this month has been no different, and the Met Office expects the wind and rain to continue until March. Climate change may be a gradual process, but people who live on the Somerset Levels or the banks of the Thames are getting a very sudden education in the value of arks. It's unlikely that these floods will be the last such catastrophe, or the worst. At Survivalists Expo, Items for Everything Short of the Zombie Apocalypse. Photo TULSA, Okla. — Disasters happen.

At Survivalists Expo, Items for Everything Short of the Zombie Apocalypse

It is a fact as certain as income taxes. Family Disaster Preparedness. Steve Hebert for The New York TimesAmy Alton, a former Army nurse and a purveyor of medical kits, is using Kickstarter to finance her board game, Doom and Bloom Survival. Eighty percent of the population would not survive the first 100 days of the apocalypse, Bob Gaskin, who served in the Marines and is the founder of the Black Dog Survival School, told an assembled crowd at the Third Annual National Preppers and Surivalist Expo in Tulsa, Okla. “If you don’t know now what you’re going to do then,” he said, “you aren’t going to make it.” Sure, some of the attendees and speakers at the Expo, like Mr. Gaskin, sound a little extreme, whether their fears come from the left (climate change) or the right (U.N. takeover of America). Survivalists in Utah prepare for doomsday - in pictures. 2013 Guns in the Wild: Training Survivalists in North Florida.

2012 Shelf Reliance, Survival Gourmet, and survivalism’s new, softer sell. Courtesy Shelf Reliance. My new favorite online cooking show looks a lot like your typical Food Network programming. It features a cheerful host, bright lights, and a huge, spotless kitchen set up in front of a studio audience. 2011 A Wired and Weird Millennium. For millions of apocalyptic believers around the world, the bleaker prophecies of disaster in the aftermath of Y2K computer failure have a thrillingly familiar ring to them: mass panic, government paralysis, food riots, planes crashing into skyscrapers.

For decades, Christian fundamentalists have been prophesying that just this sort of society-wide breakdown lies just around the corner. Now, to their astonishment, not only are these scenarios being taken seriously, but they are being circulated by the very people who used to ridicule them: computer programmers, business leaders and politicians. In the last year, the Millennium Bug has done more to raise the apocalyptic temperature than any number of biblical prophecies.

It has carried millennial fever across national and religious borders. And it has turned thoroughly secular individuals into unlikely millenarians. Many millennial scholars are worried that Y2K could lead to terrorism. It's not the end of the world when doomsday prophets get it wrong. In the wake of a failed prophecy, a leader can always deny that he made the prediction or it can conveniently be postponed to a later date. Photograph: Alamy On Saturday at 6pm, something cataclysmic is set to happen – the world is going to experience "Rapture". That, at least, is what Harold Camping, an evangelical broadcaster based in California, has been telling everyone. At the appointed hour, we're informed, all true Christians will be snatched away and rapturously transported to heaven. Mayan apocalypse: are there any facts behind this doomsday scenario? (No) People gather at dusk in Bugarath, where visitors are under the impression that the French village will be spared the coming so-called apocalypse.

Photograph: Patrick Aventurier/Getty Images The dawn of the Mayan apocalypse, when the end of the world is to descend upon us, supposedly according to ancient Latin American texts, is mere hours away. One group of people is converging on sites such as the remote village of Bugarach on the French side of the Pyrenees or in the picturesque Turkish village of Sirince facing the Aegean Sea. Those flocking to Bugarach seem to be under the impression that while the rest of the world would wither away on December 21, a comet or spaceship would appear in the village to transport them to safer planets or destinations.

The apocalypse is coming, how are you going to spend it? Survivors. 2012 There’s Money to Be Made in the 2012 Apocalypse. According to some interpretations of the Mayan calendar, the end of the world is scheduled for the winter solstice (December 21) of 2012. 2013 Upscale Armageddon: Sales of Swanky Underground Doomsday Homes Continue. “Buy now! Before it’s too late!” 2012 Why Not Spend the Apocalypse in a Luxury Condo? 2013 Survivalist Group Plans to Build ‘Citadel’ in Idaho. What I learned from my gun show tour. 2010 Is Gold Boom About to Bust? BBC World Service - The Documentary, Preparing for Disaster. Americans get set for disaster day. 2010 'Preppers' set for disaster.

Preppers - 2012 A Natural Order by Lucas Foglia. Canadian Freemen: Freeloaders on the land.