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Perfect Vanilla Bean Rice Pudding. Rice pudding is one of my favorite comfort foods.

Perfect Vanilla Bean Rice Pudding

Though there are a few gourmet rice pudding stores out there (very, very few), rice pudding remains something that is best made and eaten at home. A good rice pudding should feature a combination of smooth, rich custard and very tender rice. It should be sweet, without being too sweet, and the rice should really be the focal point – otherwise you may as well be eating any old pudding! This Perfect Vanilla Bean Rice Pudding is a delicious, simple dish to make when you’re in the mood for a classic, homestyle dessert.

For me, this rice pudding is just about perfect – hence the name! I like rice pudding both warm and cold. Perfect Vanilla Bean Rice Pudding 1/2 vanilla bean 1/2 cup (approximately) plain, cooked rice 2 cups milk (pref. low fat) 1/2 cup heavy cream 1 large egg 1/3 cup sugar Take a medium saucepan. Serves 4-6. Crèmes dessert au chocolat. Red velvet no-bake cheesecake - Jelly Toast. Red velvet no-bake cheesecake Red Velvet No-Bake Cheesecake is rich, creamy and the perfect flavorful and colorful dessert for your Valentine’s Day celebration.

red velvet no-bake cheesecake - Jelly Toast

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that has the tendency to bring out strong feelings. Some folks try to resist the holiday, wanting little to do with mushy lovey-dovey stuff, taking the stance that they show their loved ones love and affection everyday, so why is there a need to put aside a specific day to celebrate their feelings? I admit, that’s a valid point. Other people get completely wrapped up in making every single thing that they cook, make or wear either heart shaped or red. When it comes to my feelings about Valentine’s Day, I find myself somewhere in the middle of these extremes. Yet I can’t remember what I had for breakfast yesterday.

I prefer to think of it as endearing. Anyway, like most things, our Valentine’s Day ritual changed drastically after we had kids. Happy Monday! **This post is sponsored by McCormick. Directions. Crème dessert à l'orange et fleur d'oranger. La véritable panna cotta italienne. 400 ml de crème entière 4 blancs d’œufs 55g de sucre 1 gousse de vanille Brisures ou coulis de fruits La véritable panna cotta italienne est un dessert italien frais qui se fait sans gélatine, sans agar-agar avec une cuisson au four et oui c’est ça la vraie recette de la panna cotta!

La véritable panna cotta italienne

Il y a de nombreuses recettes de panna cotta, celle-ci est la plus traditionnelle, une recette que j’ai trouvé sur ce blog cuisine ici. Des petits pots de crème à l'orange pour le dessert. Spiced Apple Jellies With Yogurt Mousse. This dessert was inspired by a woman I knew in Japan, the wife of a retiree whom I tutored in English, if "tutoring" is the right word to describe being paid to spend two hours speaking in my native tongue while eating a spectacular home-cooked dinner once a week.

Spiced Apple Jellies With Yogurt Mousse

His wife made and served all the meals, and spoke a small amount of English. Combined with my small amount of Japanese, I was eventually able to get the rough recipe for my favorite dessert of hers, an agar-based grapefruit jelly topped with yogurt mousse. She always seemed flattered when I liked her cooking. Riz au lait au Toblerone® {Easy!} Creamy Fruit Mousse. I have always had a strong emotional connection to food, in the way that it ties family, traditions, and memories together.

{Easy!} Creamy Fruit Mousse

Since my Mom doesn’t remember a lot of things, due to some serious health challenges, my siblings and I really cling to the food-centered traditions and memories she created when we were growing up, and this is one of them. What’s funny is just like that ‘huge’ hill you used to bike down when you were a kid, that in reality is nothing more than a slight incline, so many of our food traditions were SO fancy and special and exciting as children, and now that I’m an adult, I’m surprised at how simple many of our favorites are. This fruity mousse, for example (which in my family will forever and always be called “Peach-Jello-Fluff” no matter what flavor we’re making it). When I dug up the recipe, and then texted my sister just to make sure I had it right, I was stunned at how easy it was. Thank you to COOL WHIP for sponsoring this post.

Banana Pudding Recipe at Epicurious. Photo by Ellen Silverman yield Serves 6 Funerals are a big deal in New Orleans and our family was no exception.

Banana Pudding Recipe at Epicurious

Though we didn't send our beloveds off with a jazz funeral and a brass band, we did put out quite a spread to keep the mourners sated. Perles du Japon au coulis de fraises. Riz au lait et fraises au caramel. Crème de coco au tapioca. Tapioca Pudding » CC Recipe. Pink Tapioca Tea Party. Risotto au chocolat et à l'orange. Savoureuse crème dessert au chocolat onctueuse sans beurre ni oeuf ni crème! (Vegan)

Maple Syrup Pot De Creme Recipe by Kurt Winner. If there’s a local flavor for the eastern townships of Quebec, it has to be Maple.

Maple Syrup Pot De Creme Recipe by Kurt Winner

The classically trained chef and owner Julie Demers treated Kurt Winner to this amazing and not too sweet dessert. By Kurt Winner If there’s a local flavor for the Eastern townships of Quebec, it has to be Maple. The classically trained chef and owner Julie Demers treated us to this amazing not too sweet dessert at her, a charming bed and breakfast.

This beautifully restored century old Victorian home has sweeping views of Mt. Riz au lait à la fève tonka.