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Orange Blossom and Rosewater Cupcakes. Having spent so much of the last few weeks in front of a computer, I am just itching to get back to the kitchen.

Orange Blossom and Rosewater Cupcakes

What odd is, where I formerly would focus mainly on cooking, I recently have had a pull towards baking. I think I have this blog to thank for that. My sweet tooth is a little under-active, so I've never really had too much cause to bake before (unless it's savory). Being able to share baking on Peas Love Carrots changes everything, however.

I always had an interest in cake decorating, and now I'm free to play with it! Finding myself with an actual free day yesterday, I decided to dive right in... and make fondant! For a large batch (you can refrigerate unused portions for months) you'll need... 1 16 ounce bag on mini marshmallows 2-4 tablespoons of water 2 pounds (one standard bag) of powdered sugar Vegetable shortening to coat hands and finished fondant Cornstarch for rolling Doesn't it sort of look like a little baby bird waiting to be fed? Tips for making blue tops... Mascarpone maison facile. Cookbook Challenge: Week 26, Green. Recipe: Pandan Cupcakes & Green tea cupcakesAdapted from: Primrose Bakery's Cupcakes Wow, it's week 26 of the Cookbook Challenge - and you know what that means, don't you?

Cookbook Challenge: Week 26, Green

We're half way through the challenge! The theme for this week is "green" and I really like these kind of themes because it's so open. This week I really wanted to make something with green tea - but unfortunately I couldn't find any recipes in any of my cookbooks. So I decided I would bake cupcakes and adapt a recipe for my purposes. For the cupcakes, I thought that using matcha powder would be best. For the pandan cupcakes, I followed a recipe for vanilla cupcakes, but substituted pandan extract for the vanilla extract. For the frosting, I made pandan flavoured buttercream, piping it on in a rose shape. Taste wise, I didn't think that much of the cupcakes. For the green tea cupcakes, since I couldn't find any matcha, I tried infusing milk with green tea. Oh well!

See previous Cookbook Challenge posts here. Le meilleur glaçage à la vanille Recettes.

Bon goût de vanille. Super à la poche à douille. Essayer de réduire le beurre. – miamdesbiscuits

Perfect Cupcake Frosting and Filling. I always hear people say “I’m not a frosting person”. And while part of me thinks that’s ridiculous, I can understand to a certain extent when so many frosting are sickeningly sweet. I love frosting that is more like whipped cream. I used to actually fold whipped cream into classic buttercream to get that lighter texture and not so rich taste. Then I realized that I could get that same result by making it like this- starting with a white sauce.

Perfect Cupcake Frosting and Filling 3 tablespoon Flour1/2 cup milk (whole milk is best, but I use non-fat when it’s all I have and it’s actually fine)1/2 cup real butter (I prefer salted, but you can use also unsalted and add salt to taste)1/2 cup sugar (that’s granulated sugar, not powdered sugar)1 teaspoon vanilla extract, or other flavor if you wish. Whisk together the flour and the milk. Keep cooking mixture until it resembles thick pudding, almost a paste-like consistency.

But you just wait. Frosts 12 cupcakes, lightly. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. How to make Italian meringue buttercream. Make-a-Cake Series: Making and Coloring Fondant. Have you seen the winner of the Lily Lane giveaway?

Make-a-Cake Series: Making and Coloring Fondant

Scroll down or click here. And have you seen my newest sponsor Thirty-One found here? You are going to quickly fall in love with all of their purses, bags, baskets, and more. And don’t worry, they have sassy, flirty, classy, and stunning….. A style for each of us. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I have had many requests to do a post on how to make fondant. I am happy to fill that request. I also added how to color your fondant. Homemade Marshmallow Fondant vs Traditional Fondant (found in stores): – Marshmallow fondant tastes better than store bought fondant. - Marshmallow fondant is cheaper: $4.00 a batch vs. $15-25 for traditional fondant.- Store bought is, however, a bit easier to work with. Here is the exact recipe I used. I added pictures below to show you the steps that I take.I hope this is helpful, but know that this is not my own information.

Supplies: (This recipe will make about 3 lbs of fondant.) How to make marshmallow fondant. Edible Clay, like fondant, gum paste, and marzipan, can be used to make beautiful, intricate, edible cake decorations OR, of course, gingerbread house decorations! Fondant and Gum Paste and Marzipan...

Edible Clay, like fondant, gum paste, and marzipan, can be used to make beautiful, intricate, edible cake decorations OR, of course, gingerbread house decorations!

Oh my! The various edible clay methods, like fondant, gum paste, marzipan, and pastillage, are all related but have critical differences. The subtle ingredient distinctions result in substantially different characteristics... how firm they become, how easy they are to shape and work with, and of course their taste! I've included the most common edible clay or sugar craft methods here. These are the sugarcraft methods typically used to make edible cake decorations. Click on these links to jump right down to the edible clay method you're interested in: Pastillage Gum Paste Fondant Sugar Paste Marzipan Molded and Dipped Chocolate Pulled Sugar, Blown Sugar, and Cast Sugar How edible is edible clay?

What is Pastillage? How to Make Pastillage What is Gum Paste? Gum Paste is basically pastillage with gum tragacanth added, allowing more time to work before the creation hardens. How to Make Gum Paste Photos of Fondant and Gum Paste Creations What is Fondant? Chocolate Royal Icing. Panda en fondant Tutorial.