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Fondant - glaçage

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Le meilleur glaçage à la vanille Recettes. Perfect Cupcake Frosting and Filling. I always hear people say “I’m not a frosting person”. And while part of me thinks that’s ridiculous, I can understand to a certain extent when so many frosting are sickeningly sweet. I love frosting that is more like whipped cream. I used to actually fold whipped cream into classic buttercream to get that lighter texture and not so rich taste.

Then I realized that I could get that same result by making it like this- starting with a white sauce. How to make Italian meringue buttercream. Make-a-Cake Series: Making and Coloring Fondant. Have you seen the winner of the Lily Lane giveaway?

Make-a-Cake Series: Making and Coloring Fondant

Scroll down or click here. And have you seen my newest sponsor Thirty-One found here? How to make marshmallow fondant. Chocolate Royal Icing.